My first serious Tarot reading - help?

  • Hi everyone,

    Last week I bought my first tarot deck. I'm really excited! I've been doing one card pulls to get a feel for the deck for the last few days. This afternoon I decided to do a more comprehensive reading on my career.

    I've been struggling with trying to figure out how my personal history ties into my vocation. I'm a college student and I know that I need to do something that has deep emotional and spiritual meaning for my life work. I asked the divine spirit what I should focus on as I search for the profession that appeals to my personal history. The Hermit and Temperance were drawn at the same time.

    It would seem that my deck was trying to tell me that I needed to do some soul searching and have patience... but it almost seemed as if the question the deck answered was not the one I asked, and that I merely drew these cards for something similar to the self position in traditional spreads.

    What insight can you offer me on this matter? How should these cards be read as they pertain to career, or I would need someone else to conduct a reading that means to much to me? Perhaps I'm mis reading my cards? Or I don't want to see what they have to say...

  • Hey there Electrum! πŸ™‚

    I felt so compelled to respond to you. I feel so similar to you! haha.

    I am also a college student, and I am also worried that I'm not going to make my dream come true (I'm a nursing major!). I also started reading tarot cards not too long ago, in September, when I was surprised by my sister on our birthday (we're twins) with a tarot deck.

    I like you, attempted to do readings for myself. But I felt like they weren't right. I thought they were really off on my personality and everything.

    I personally think now that I cannot do readings for myself. I find them to be rather inaccurate, and I find myself biased into thinking "oh no, these cards aren't right! I deserve happy cards!" and refuse to acknowledge the reality of the cards I have pulled. Does this make sense?

    I think you should have someone else do this reading for you. I would be more than wiling to do it for you myself if you would allow me. I don't think you can get the proper results if you read for yourself.

    Hope I helped a little bit! Good luck with everything.


    Dani Bo ❀

  • Hello Electrum,

    Perhaps I can help shed some light on your cards...

    The Hermit:

    This card can reflect where you are right now - in school, gaining an education and wisdom. It is also about introspection, thoughtfulness, temperance and personal experience. I believe this card is not only pointing to you getting your education but of giving yourself the time to reflect and get to know yourself and what you want in life - to allow yourself to learn through experience and trial and error all the while trusting that you are being guided.


    Yes, this card is patience, balance and moderation. But notice how she is mixing the water from the two cups? This is about alchemy - mixing old with new, blending ideas, trying to find the right "mix" or combination of things for the best possible outcome. Once again, this speaks to trial and may take many attempts to get this balance right but each attempt is a learning process with knowledge and wisdom being gained and new ground being covered each time. So once again, you are being told to just take it easy and take the time to experiment with life and consider all your options. There's really no rush!



  • Dani!

    This sounds great. I'd really appreciate it if you could do a career/vocation reading for me. I am most concerned because I don't feel that anything has clicked yet. I have some natural skills and I have really passionate desires. But none of my skills seem to match up with my path emotionally. I tend to excel across more cerebral, almost cold fields; but that's not where my heart's at (literally!). Any insight on how to incorporate both sides of me, or any hint to what type of profession I'm meant for is what I'm trying to discover.

    In terms of you being a nurse - you seem really helpful and genuine. I can't see you ever being unable to make your dreams come true. A great deal of empathy and integrity and responsibility comes through in your writing, all great and common traits of those in the nursing field. I feel that your desire to be a nurse with your natural affinity for helping others makes you unstoppable as you pursue your degree. Good Luck!

    If you need any additional information to assist with the reading please let me know.

  • Watergirl,

    I didn't see your post prior to my last response, my apologies. Thank you for this insight. I think that I'm just going to have to continue to search and keep my eyes open. Thank you again.

  • Try not to place judgments or time lines on yourself. Approach this with a sense of fun and adventure. Take some classes that sound interesting and see what happens - you may discover something you really like doing or enjoy learning about. Even after college, just take the path that opens up in front of you and enjoy the experiences as they come along. If you find yourself in a job you don't like, then chalk it up to experience and be glad that you are another step closer to discovering what you do like. We all came to earth to just EXPERIENCE new things, to have fun and to feel good so try not to get so serious!

  • Electrum,

    I will have your reading no later than tomorrow night, but I will try my best to do it ASAP. thanks for being patient with me!


    Dani Bo ❀

  • "I'd really appreciate it if you could do a career/vocation reading for me. I am most concerned because I don't feel that anything has clicked yet.”

    It was hard finding a spread for this, so I mixed a few together! Let me know if you have any questions, etc. : ) I found it somewhat odd that most of all the cards came out reversed!

    Cards 1-3: What strengths and skills you have

    1. FOUR OF WANDS REVERSED - No matter the circumstance, whether it be going through a difficult time, or lack of harmony in your life, you are able to always to try and put that in the back of your mind when you are really dedicated to do something, or want so much to be successful on something. You are good at putting your emotions to the side when times call for them.

    2. EIGHT OF SWORDS REVERSED - You are willing to accept change, and always avoid to be considered the victim in any situation. You do your best to take accountability for your actions.

    3. SEVEN OF CUPS REVERSED – When you have to make a decision, but seem unclear about it, you always make your best effort to find out the answers to your questions and do whatever you need to do to find out the facts to make the right decision. You try your very hardest not to have clouded judgment, or allow for unrealistic ideas to consume you. You are a realist! (for the most part).

    Cards 4-6: Career type that suits these skills

    4. THE EMPRESS – You are a team player, you are supportive, creative, and accepting. Anything where you aren’t always working by yourself is a good job. A social job (like the medical field or business field perhaps?)

    5. THE ACE OF PENTACLES - You need a job that makes you proud to go to work everyday, that inspires you, and brings you a good income. Not sure which career might fit here. Maybe a laywer of some kind that defends people who are ill represented? That has good income, and can be quite rewarding.

    6. JUSTICE – You are structured, rational, observant, and systematic. You need to work in a place with set rules and regulations. You need to have framework. A big company is probably your best bet here.

    Card 7: Preparation you need to make

    EIGHT OF PENTACLES REVERSED – Often, the reversed Eight of Pentacles reversed suggests that you are working very hard on something but it is not leading to the desired outcome, leading to frustration and disappointment with the lack of success and progress. Sometimes, we can focus in on improving a part of ourselves or trying to fix something, only to find that all that effort is just going on the wrong things. You may be honing in on minute details that are not important to the overall workings of your life. Instead, you need to look at the bigger picture and ask yourself whether this is the right direction for you at this time. How can you bring your attention out of the detail and to the overall picture here? Are you working on the right things, or is there a major part that you are missing?

    Let me know how I did : ) hope I helped even just a little bit.


    Dani Bo ❀

  • Thank you so much Dani!

    You did a great job. Especially cards 4-6. I have a lot to think about. I'm very grateful you took the time out to do this reading for me. Thank you again.

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