AstraAngel, If you have time:)

  • Hey Astra,

    Really sorry for the late reply, was visiting my sister for a few days. What a heart felt reading that was and Awww Astra, it made you cry!! it was really nice of you to still continue with the reading even though it brought back some old memories and emotions for you, Thank you and lots of Hugs for you!!! Hope you are feeling better now.

    She must have been one lucky lady Astra, for you to feel such a deep connection with her and I cant imagine either how painfully it must have been for you to let her go. I don't know why heaven puts us in a place where we have no option but to let the people we love the most walk out of our lives, I can only pray that you he blesses you with someone so special that when you look back you always have a smile on your face and love in your heart!!:))

    As for Me, Mike and Kevin, things seem to be all over the place for now. I miss Mike a lot at times, and i still fantasize about a future with him in spite of everything that has taken place between us, but fantasy and reality are two different worlds and the minute I snap out of my fantasy world there is only pain and yet I never stop fantasizing!! Matters of the heart are indeed very complicated!!

    Kevin seems to be busy with some work related stuff, my interactions with him have reduced, though he still insists that he will visit me soon, 16th day seems more like when a meeting might happen, so we will wait and see how that unfolds, on the positive side, at least I have something to look forward to, so that seems to be a nice thing. I am also beginning to realize that just cos your last relation was difficult doesn't mean the next one is going to be any easier, every relationship requires work, your past experiences prepare you and make you emotionally stronger for the next one.

    About Mike re-entering my life, you reading was so right as far as i am concerned. You are right i still feel connected to him and that worries me cos this connection may not necessarily translate into a commitment and I might just be waiting for him all my life. Phew!!

    "And he replies with an 8 of cups which is his heart open to you, and also reflects the Universe card at the beginning (an 8 place card with cups in the corners)." - This stood out for me in the reading and the day Mike open his heart to me, I will surely be in heaven!! LOL!!

    Okay Astra, I will keep you posted if anything changes, I still have couple of questions floating in my head, lol, I will wait to see if anything changes between Me, Mike and Kevin before i ask you for a reading.

    Thank you once again for so selflessly offering your talents to all of us on this forum, we surely are blessed to have you around.

    And yeah Astra, I do believe you can be a millionaire someday, I alone would owe you couple of grands, lol, considering the tons of readings you have given me, maybe you can do something online like Paypal or something, Give it some thought!!

    Lots of Hugs and Love,


  • Hey Astra,

    How are you? I need your insights again Astra, when i wrote my last post i didnt really expect to ask u for a reading again so quick. I am an emotional wreck right now, if you have some time then do look at this post, i can for sure use some friendly advice!!

    Mike contacted me on Friday Astra, So we were right, I was picking up on his energies. He got his divorce Astra, so he messaged me telling me about how it all went, my feeling is he was feeling lonely and needed some emotional support and thats why he contacted me. No wonder i kept thinking about him the past few weeks, he was trying to reach out to me in spirits and that is what i was picking on all this while!!

    He had made an attempt to contcat me in April as well, but I had decided to ignore at that time since i strongly flet that it was the right thing to do, but i couldnt stop myself from responding this time, I tried a lot to ignore his message but I just couldnt, some invisible force kept pushimg me to respond, I could feel his desperation, his cry for help, he told me that I am the first person he has contacted after his divorce, he said he felt compelled to let me know that his case is over though he doesnt understand the reasons for doing so, he just felt i should know. Honestly Astra, after our last meeting i never expected him to contact or reach out to me, I am in a state of shock right now tha he actually reached out to me, It took me two days to pull my self together and write to you. i feel so confused and lost right now:((

    I was actually thinking about him when i got his message, for a few seconds i thought i am hallucinating, lol..... so moving on Astra, he wants me to do a reading for him, he feels lost right now, kind of like left out in the cold and he needs some assurance that thing will get better for him, I have given him readings in the past and well i have been right so far so he is seeking help from me, I stopped reading for him couple of months ago, when i realised how this was emotionally screwing me up so honestly when he asked me for a reading again i wanted to SLAP him!! But i knew in my heart that i cant turn my back on him, he was asking for my help,how could i refuse, the desire to help him, console him, make him feel better, tell him that it will all be well was so so strong that i forgot my own pain!! I could actually feel his pain, i wanted to hug him amd make it all go away, and i am feeling all this thorugh the messages that we were exchanging, he is not even physically present, And then it hit me I still LOVE this man!!! OMG, what am I gonna do Astra, i am still in LOve with him, I never stopped loving him and never will, I cant understand y this is happening, its not like he is offering me his love in return, this thing between us has no future, where is this going???

    During our conversation he mentioned that when he is in the city again this time, he will take me out for dinner to the same restraunt we used to frequent when we were dating!! He REMEMBERS!!, this was 5 years ago and he still remembers, he remebers everything, he said he still cares deeply for me and he knows how much i love, he is aware of my feelings and that i have always been there for him, he wants me to know that he will always be there for me too and wants us to be Friends!! I cant do this , I cant be a friend to him, I Love him and i cant pretend to just be his friend, its toooooo painful....... I want more from him, i want a home with him, a family.......tried to explain it to him and I poured my heart out, everything I said came from my heart, i am not sure if i did the right thing or no all i know is I followed my heart, I begged him to not contact me again since I cant give him the friendship he is seeking from him and he cant give me the love I seek from him........ what a mess!!!UGH!!

    In the end i did promise to read for him one last time, I cant say no to him, I know it will sound stupid to lot of people but I couldnt have refused him, I can do anything for him, no matter what!! If this isnt love, than i dont know what is, there have been times when i used to doubt my love for him, i felt that myabe i am just obsessed with him and if i try hard enough i will get over him...... Now i know for sure, i will never ever stop loving him and its just sad that he cant open his heart to me, I so so want him to, i dont understand what stops him, its clear that he does have some deep emotions/feelings me, maybe he loves me at some level and just doesnt know it yet or maybe i am plain crazy!! I dont know what to beleive anymore, If there is a logical explanation to any of this, it sure seems alien to me rite now!!

    Okay Astra, so this is where i need yoru help, i am too emotionally spent to do a reading for him, I will give it an attempt for sure but i am scared of projecting myslef into it, so i am asking you for help, Will you read for him on my behlaf?? Please!

    If you are not comfortable reading on my behalf then i will absloutely understand, No hard feelings, I promise:) Incase you feel upto it then his question as i understood was, If he will get his life back on track over the next year or so? he mentioned that he is in debt because of the case and he would like to know if he will manage to get it off by the end of the year? His DOB is 11th Sep 1977.

    And ofcourse Astra,after this recent communication with him I would like to know if he will come bakl to me? will we reunite?? IS there hope for this relationship? Do we have a future together??

    I know this is a lot to ask out of you, and i am so sorry if i am overwhelming you with my troubles, but i just dont know whom to turn to at this point, I do feel some hope for me and mike. and i also know that there is a very strong possibility that nothing will come out of it, he probbaly just sees me as a friend who can help him andi in the end I am the one who stands to loose the most, Wat the heck, I am willing to take the risk!! My heart is already shattered, doubt it can break any further, haha!!

    Okay Astra, even though i have quite possibly ruined your sunday, still wishing you a fabulous Sunday ahead!!

    Lots of hugs and love,


  • Aquastar82

    Hey I am doing fine... and don't apologize for anything, I am happy to read for your friend, and you... I get a kick out of doing this... I keep hoping it will help...

    Thanks for sharing all that about him, and your path in that relationship, I am certain you have deep feelings for him, love, connection whatever that is... I feel that you are so in tune with him, I'll bet that is why he loves you to read for him.

    I laid out 18 cars, like 18 months just to try and see if we can see a progression of change in his life... anyway, here is what I get...

    June 2012 - the Moon - inner guidance. This month he is focused mostly on hearing his heart, he is listening ...

    July - The Ace of Wands - a new identity. What he is really trying to establish is his true, unique identity, once that develops the financial part will open out I think...

    Aug - 9 of swords - so his thoughts and philosophy of life comes into a stronger form this month, He is receiving messages on how to break down the life puzzle into smaller pieces. His mind is sharp.

    Sept - Page of Cups - So a risk in something emotional here turns up... hmm...

    Oct - Page of Wands - so another page, so there is some strong "risking" energies going on sept-oct tied into his self-image - I think it is aimed at something financial, job interviews, he is placing himself at some kind of risk so that sounds like seeking interviews, meetings

    Nov - Then something changes for him financially here, November. The 5 of Pentacles is a change in his security, finances start to turn around here... just in time to buy Christmas gifts for everyone πŸ™‚

    Dec - Three of Swords, more thinking, planning his life out in some way. Something changed financially for him and now he is thinking about new things... plans and goals...

    Jan 2013 - The Tower - the change of some basic belief. I think his philosophical life is important to him, and he has been skirting around some issues for a while now, and he keeps coming back to them. Jan 2013 represents a major change, a letting go of something he believed and he lets it fall and he moves on...

    Feb - 4 of swords - more intellectual energies... he is acting on what he thinks now. It is like he finally gets it, letting go of whatever the tower represents opens up some fresh thinking for him.

    Mar - The Star - Boundless resources. Well what ever began back in Nov financially has now opened out much more, could even be a new job? setting, something is a big change in the overall picture that takes him from trying to patch flats to shopping for the car (life) he really wants...

    April - Knight of Wands - and that seems to carry him forward with his sense of new self-identity. April is him really enjoying a new passage, phase, something has dramatically changed for the better and it is nice for him!

    May - King of Swords - now all of that intellectual focus is finally relaxed, so there is something happening in the background by this point which takes his mind away from his mind, and now he could be chasing more butterflies...

    June - The 5 of cups - a change in something emotional, a feeling, could be a change in a relationship. The king has a new focus for his life...

    July - Whatever that 5 cups was now is working nicely, there are even some plans connected to that, three of pentacles

    Aug - 2 of wands - and a new sense of saying yes to this new "me" he started all the way back in July 2012. So he is on a new path...

    Sept - Temperance - blending parts to make something new... he has connected with someone back at the 5 and that is working for him, opens up some new ways of sharing back and forth with this person and that creates...

    Oct - Ace of Pentacles - some new start financially or home situation. This could be a new home situation for him. It is a significant beginning anyway...

    November - 8 of swords. Organizing intellectual energies again... he must be a real thinker, imagination guy, plotter, schemer, planner haha... the swords always show at key points in his life...

    Overall the sense I have is his life has never really been "off track"... he is changing is all. The Wands here were all very concerned with the beginning and affirmation of his self-image (life roles, the ace and 2) and the Page and Knight of Wands all speak to risking and focusing in that area. So he really, really wants to find himself (his authentic new self) right now... hence his request for a reading from you... and he is willing to be quiet to do that... so June could be a peaceful month for him while he takes walks in the woods and considers his life... it is really all about him finding his song, then the material things will all fall into place. Sometimes it takes a while to find that ... all he need do is keep reaching.. and listen...

    It does look like November will be a significant month for him... maybe he is able to pay off his debts by then, it is a good change... and by Mar 2013 he seems to be pretty happy about everything (the Star) so I think he is looking at a process here that begins with his introspection and seeking his inner guide, and ends with the Star. Some bumps along the way, the Tower can be a little fun... depending on how you define fun haha...

    Um, let's see...

    "he will come bakl to me?"

    The Sun - looks like a bright possibility!

    "will we reunite??"

    Knight of Cups, looks like the focus is in the right place on love. And the Four of wands which is always a victory, celebration... these are nice cards to this question

    "IS there hope for this relationship?" King of Swords and the Queen of Pentacles - We saw that K sword back in May '13 with him... the queen is YOU... so I say there is hope! A king and a queen together sounds like a very nice way of showing yes to that!

    Do we have a future together?? The Devil... and the Tower... sounds very exciting to me! The devil is fun and the tower is where it all changes... a future? Sounds like a wonderful movie to me... πŸ™‚

    You and Mike share something special, I know whatever it is he is working through, and this relationship is going to turn out really sweet. A match made in heaven... very close... intimate... encounters... of a lovely kind.

    " And then it hit me I still LOVE this man!!! OMG, what am I gonna do Astra, i am still in LOve with him, I never stopped loving him and never will, I cant understand y this is happening, its not like he is offering me his love in return, this thing between us has no future, where is this going???"

    Okay, I am sure you are connected to him.. with not a lot going on, and you are hoping for a reconciliation, your heart is knit to his... once you have that connection there is not a lot you can do, it sorta is in the hands of the Universe then... whatever you feel for him when you are alone is the truth. When you think about him and smile, then you know you are in love... regardless of what is happening...

    I hope that give you a little something on this Sunday Aquastar82 ....! blessings....


  • Hey Astra,

    Thank you so much for reading for Mike, you are a darling!!! I

    Its been an emotional roller coaster ever since I heard from him, But i am trying to stay calm and focused on me since there is not a lot that I can do πŸ™‚ And i agree, its all in the hands of the heaven!!

    Your reading on him was very interesting expect for a few jitters he seems to be doing pretty okay. I will share your reading with him and let you know if he has any queries . Well, I did a reading for him as well and this is how it goes, I did a 7 card horseshoe spread -

    Past - MOON

    Present - Ten of Swords

    Immediate Future - Tower - I pulled out two more cards to see what the tower leads to and i got Eight of Swords and Star

    Answer - Nine of Wands

    Surrounding Energy - Queen of Cups

    Hopes/Fear - Seven of Swords

    Outcome - Fool and Ace of Wands

    Hey Astra, did you notice that MOON is the first card in both our readings :)) Followed by Tower, Star and the Ace of Wands which are there in your reading as well. So i guess we are both picking on the change and transformation energies that he is feeling at the moment which will eventually see him leaving the worst behind and exploring new horizons (FOOL) Fool is urging him to TRUST that all will be well and take the leap of faith.

    This is for the first time when i have read for him and there are no pentacles to be seen, funny, lol, I guess the focus rite now is more on him finding himself and his life path. And also that Queen of Cups in the background is intriguing, she seemed to be mellowing down the tower effect and infusing nice calm love energies. :))

    Big Thank You once again Astra for answering my questions as well, you always offer hope!! This phase is confusing for me as well, Its difficult to not hope for a future with him, i am so tuned into him, hopefully heaven will guide us both to whatever they feel is best for us!!

    After reading for Mike, I went a step ahead and tried a reading for us to see what is the long term potential of this relationship, this is what i got -

    Present - Three of Wands - Something has been set in motion and the relationship is kind of in a waiting phase trying to decide which direction to sail to or probably sail away from.

    My Feelings and Influences - Tower - Emotionally i do feel like i am falling apart.

    His feelings and Influence - Ten of Wands - he is feeling overwhelmed, lost and is searching for his path

    Advice - Nine of Cups - Not sure what nine of cups as advice would mean - keep hoping and dreaming, lol or maybe the advice is to stay positive and happy as it will all be well.

    Obstacles/Challenges - Chariot - hmmm, chariot to me is Victory but how does that become an obstacle maybe the obstacle is too much focus on making this relationship work, what do u think Astra?

    Next Step - Seven of Cups - I think that's me dreaming of a future with him, building castles in the air, lol

    Long Term Potential - Ace of Pentacles - those dreams in the seven of cup manifesting into reality!!!

    I thought that reading was very positive but when you read for yourself one tends to see only what they want to see, anyways i am just sharing what i felt maybe you will have some more points to add.

    Okay Astra, writing all this out is already making me feel relaxed, thank you for always being there to hear me ramble on about Mike or Kevin or whoever else to come..... Hope you have enjoyed your weeked and wishing you fabulous week ahead!!

    Hugs and Love,


  • Hey Astra,

    How are you? Just dropped in to say hello, hope all is well at your end!!


  • Bump πŸ™‚

  • Hey aquastar,

    I am doing well thanks... hope all is going smoothly with you too?

    I was looking over your message and you are right the Moon showing up like that is pretty cool... those little consistencies really say something... and the other cards too the tower, ace wands... I sometimes seem to see this in readings. Where the same cards will appear in subsequent readings, they move around.

    I wanted to look over your reading, and let you know about anything that might popup...

    "Present - Three of Wands - Something has been set in motion and the relationship is kind of in a waiting phase trying to decide which direction to sail to or probably sail away from."

    Sounds good, 3's are planning and so this energy is a part of your relationship. Wands can be seen as indicating roles, identities... in which case establishing (planning toward) a solid (4) identity is a call on the relationship I think.

    "My Feelings and Influences - Tower - Emotionally i do feel like i am falling apart."

    The Tower is an interesting card, I mean in a relationship it can also indicate some real drama! Look out below! I mean it could be good too... passionate, even s exually it can point to some real excitement. I am kinda feeling this almost like a desire... does that make sense? Like you would really like to see the exceitement, thrills and surprises in the relationship? You can think on that one haha...

    "His feelings and Influence - Ten of Wands - he is feeling overwhelmed, lost and is searching for his path"

    Yes, I can see that... 10's are cards I still puzzle over, I tend to think lately that they point to a crossroads in a way, as a new path appears, in this case connected to the identity of the relationship. We saw that 3 earlier. now we are at a 10. So it seems something new emerges about the two of you even as the original pattern is completed. So his feelings I think are saying I want to look at something new (for us) without disturbing what we had. Does that ring any bells for you? Like he wants to finish one phase and start a new one... maybe...

    "Advice - Nine of Cups - Not sure what nine of cups as advice would mean - keep hoping and dreaming, lol or maybe the advice is to stay positive and happy as it will all be well."

    Yes everything you said. What I am getting is visualize what you desire, in the relationship, really dream and fantasize about the perfection of love, I mean everything as wonderful as possible! The 9 is really where the suits emotional nergy is working really nice. So yeah, hoping and dreaming exactly. The dream of love really being nice is so important, I don't believe we should ever give up on that wonderful "quality love" arising

    "Obstacles/Challenges - Chariot - hmmm, chariot to me is Victory but how does that become an obstacle maybe the obstacle is too much focus on making this relationship work, what do u think Astra?"

    Chariot I always think rapid change - so changing (roles, identities, understanding, communication styles...) could be a challenge? I think the key here is exactly what you said... let it develop in its own pace and schedule?

    "Next Step - Seven of Cups - I think that's me dreaming of a future with him, building castles in the air, lol"

    Yes, so you are right this is dreamy love... looking at possibilities in the relationship, what it could be, where, how it is expressed (maybe in a new phase?). So this ties back to the 9 cups advice.... dream dream dream of the love life YOU see as incredible! THAT is yours and the Universe will bring that too you...

    "Long Term Potential - Ace of Pentacles - those dreams in the seven of cup manifesting into reality!!!"

    Yes that sounds great! Ace of Pentacles is the "manifesting" of that 7 cups relationship dreams... so it becomes physical and solid, and then it grows from there - so this all sounds very positive to me. The Tower is a dramatic card, can be melodramatic... maybe its a theatre backdrop you know? hahaha....

    I can draw some more cards for you depending on what area you want to look at more... or you can draw some cards and we can compare notes... that is cool that you are using the Tarot like that in your own life/relationships and sharing what you see here, that shows a really great path for you, your heart is really in it. and I am sure you are seeing wonderful insights! Yay.. sounds like fun!

    Have a wonderful weekend!


  • Hey Astra,

    I am doing good too and yes things are smooth....

    Thank you for going through my reading and sharing your insights with me, which adds deeper dimensions to that entire reading, Very nice!!

    "Next Step - Seven of Cups - I think that's me dreaming of a future with him, building castles in the air, lol"

    Yes, so you are right this is dreamy love... looking at possibilities in the relationship, what it could be, where, how it is expressed (maybe in a new phase?). So this ties back to the 9 cups advice.... dream dream dream of the love life YOU see as incredible! THAT is yours and the Universe will bring that too you... "

    This is exactly where I am right now, dreaming of relationship possibilities with him , This really stood out for me in the reading. and seeing that Ace of Pentacles in the end was really very nice. pentacles are slow energies so i feel things might take a lil longer to sort out....

    It was really nice of you to offer pulling out a few more cards. I did share our readings with him and he agrees with most of it, he did promised to call me after the reading and when that call did come i missed it. I tried calling him back but it reached his voice mail. So i am really wondering what does he really want? His intentions?

    I have tried a few reading and i am getting some positive cards Six of Cups/Four of Wands/Knight of cups but not sure if i am just projecting my wishful thinking into the cards since there is nothing really moving between us. Its like everything is standstill, kind of like that Three of Wands we saw above.

    Can you pull out a few cards and see if there is a possibility of us meeting this month? My intuition says we will but again culd just be wishful thinking. If yes than what will a meeting lead to? I have also been wondering, if he really wants to build a future with me or this recent contact with him was just some coincidence?

    You can take your time replying, i understand you have other reading requests too, so whenevr you have time:)

    Wishing you a fun weekend as well.



  • Hi aquastar

    OKay, well as to your question...

    "So i am really wondering what does he really want? His intentions?"

    Knight of Pentacles. Physical focus. And the Wheel of Fortune. I think he wants to get you alone and play spin the bottle haha...

    "Can you pull out a few cards and see if there is a possibility of us meeting this month?"

    Hey I got the 3 of wands, the Hermit and 4 of wands. Perhaps toward the latter part of the month looks positive after a period of being apart.

    "...what will a meeting lead to?"

    ten of cups. Oh wow... that is pretty intense. And the Devil, holy smokes... at this point it looks like a meeting will lead to the bedroom catching on fire. Just kidding haha... it looks like a meeting will bring with it a very strong emotional connection and... the devil can be boundaries, so you are sharing about your emotions a lot and also setting some expectations, or lines in the relationship? What do you think those two cards together are strong.

    "I have also been wondering, if he really wants to build a future with me or this recent contact with him was just some coincidence?"

    Queen and King of Pentacles. In that order.

    Looks like a future to me. πŸ™‚

  • Wow Astra, Queen and King of Pentacles that sounds like a match made in heaven!! LOL.

    I agree with you on Ten of Cups and Devil together, its a strong combination. Ten of Cups is such an ideal card, it has this nice warm feeling to it, and with the Devil it gets really very HOT!! Hahaha

    3 of Wands/Hermit/4 of wands - four of wands took a while to arrive so i guess there is some waiting period first followed by some soul searching and then the 4 of wands, I generally read wands as week so 4 of wands would be 4 weeks which is more like end june or early July.... we will have to WAIT and see... hmmmm... i am getting a lil frustrated with this waiting bit... 😞

    Overall Astra, it looks like a future with him but there is definitely some waiting involved. Also, pentacles are slow and we have Knight, Queen and King of Pentacles all here so thing will move really slow....

    "SLOW" seems to be a theme for this month. Things between Me and Kevin have also slowed down a lot. Well i dont blame him entirely for that, ever since Mikes contact I am finding it difficult to keep hope alive for Me and Kevin. He seems like a nice man but at times i really find him to be cold and aloof or probably my emotional requirements are very high. I dont think he is planning to come and meet me anytime soon and I am left wondering where is this relationship headed? Astra, can u look at this for me, please.

    My heart is definitely with Mike, but at times like these when there isnt anything happening between us i find myself at crossroads, whether to give another relationship a chance or to wait for things to sort out between Me and Mike......

    Anyways Astra,hope you have a nice shiny Monday!!



  • Hi Aquastar

    Okay, I hear you on the waiting bit ...

    Hey I drew 3 cards on your question " I am left wondering where is this relationship headed?"

    (and this is about Kevin right? I could be wrong haha...) anyway


    Knight of Wands

    Queen of Cups

    So this all to me still looks like a nice future for the relationship. Things right now seem to be in this nurturing mode which is sort of a caring and kind energy. So I think even though you have questions about the relationship it still looks like there is sincere caring for one another back and forth.

    THe Knight wands is focused on the identity, so this could be him sort of focused on his own life path (role, purpose, passion) and that could tend to pull him away...

    However it all resolved into the Queen of Cups which is very mature and flowing love, so this seems to still show a nice future with him after some side roads.

    I drew some cards for you and Mike right now and that is the

    King wands

    9 of pentacles

    Wheel of Fortune

    So this sounds like there is something being released in the relationship as to the identity. Roles are being relaxed perhaps. Not so serious? Relaxing...

    THe 9 of pentacles is a very strong and successful material / financial and home energy, so that is very interesting that this shows up as an aspect of the relationship. Sounds good to me, like super successful (on some tangible level) so this bodes well for you two...

    And the Wheel seems to be a sense of risk taking, like lets spin it and see what happens, so it sounds like you and him are wanting to step out of the boat a little.. not sure you can step out of a boat "a little" though haha....

    blessings Aqua! Hope you are having a good week so far!


  • Hey Astra,

    How are you? My week has been a bit of rollercoaster..... hope your week is coming along well:)

    Thank you for pulling out a few cards for me and kevin. Its good to know that there are good things in store. You are right astra, we both do care about each other a lot and would not wish to hurt each other intentionally. I can so relate to the Empress above, there have bene times when i have felt like a mother figure in the relationship, lol, i think thats cos emotionally i find myself to be more matured and better able to handle realtionship challenges and find him lacking maturuty in this area. Over the past two days i find him going out of his ways and ensuring that i get attenation, so I like the fact that he acknowledges my needs. He will probbaly be here by next month so lets see how things unfold...

    On Mike, i would definitely like to see him spinning that wheel and taking a few risks with me. I just cant understand why he is so apprehensive of being with me. He himself admits that I have always been there for him and he cares a lot about me too, so y does he keep running away from me???

    Mike messaged me last nite asking if I am free this weekend and also to inform me that he had been bust travelling. Like always his communication leaves a lot to be desired, he just never talks straight, I don’t know y he plays these mind games. I had been waiting to hear from him so bad and when he did messages instead of being nice I was outright RUDE! I don’t know what came over me, I guess was just pissed and frustrated with the way things are dragging and hanging between us. Last we spoke he insisted on us being friends and I have explained to him multiple times Y its not a good idea. He know i want a commited relationship so Y cant he just say it in as many words!! Part of me wants to belive that he will come around while the other part feels that FRIENDS is just an excuse for S.E.X and Thats one this I will never accept. I am tired of moving in circles with him:((

    What do u think Astra?? I know i could handled things in a more matured manner and not been so rude. Oh Astra, I am so confused, I find myself torn between wanting to be with him and protecting my heart! I doubt he is still interested in meeting me. I pulled out 2 cards to see if a meeting this weekend is possible and i got FOOL and the Page of Cups, so this looks like a yes to me but I haven’t heard from since my rude message so he is probably hurt or something. In any case there is no guarantee that a meeting will lead to a desired result for me, I will probably come back crying like in the past...... i am just rambling here, Sorry!!

    We have already done so many readings and covered every possible question to figure out the future, so i am not going to ask u for a reading this time, it just seems silly to keep having you pull out cards every time mike contacts me. I just wanted to share my thoughts and feelings with you, i know you will understand the emotional turmoil that I am going through. Hopefully writing all this out will help me relax:)

    Anyways Astra, how are things t your end? Hope you are still chasing your dream lady..... you are so talented Astra, I wish i could also do paintings and write blogs like you..... it just seems like a better thing to do then sit and worry about your ex!!!!

    Weekend will be here soon, hope you have a happy and peaceful one

    Love and Blessings!!


  • Hi Astra,

    Hope you had a nice weekend. Wanted to check if you have some time to do a quick reading for me and mike? I know i said in my previous post that I do not need a reading but i am feeling quite confused and lost rite now and hoping that a reading might help calm me down.

    Since the past few days i can sense him withdrawing, I am not sure y I have this feeling, its like earlier i could pick up on his energies and now I am picking up on him withdrawing from me. I just don’t understand y he keeps coming back to me in bits and pieces so I am asking for your help to try and figure this out πŸ™‚

    Okay, here are my questions –

    1. Do u see us meeting this week or say by next week?

    2. If yes, then what does it lead to? I tried this question myself and got Ace of Wands/Ten of Cups/Eight of Cups. Eight of cups is really confusing to me specially after the first two cards. I tried a clarifier and got three of swords. I think my emotions are getting in the way and hence I thought of asking you.

    3. If the above two look good and also if you are not too pressed for time  then would like to get an insight into the overall future with him.

    Sorry to keep bugging you with reading requests like this and thank you for always patiently hearing me out

    Wishing you a happy Monday, Astra! Have a great Week ahead!

    Love and Happiness,


  • Bump

  • Hey Astra,

    Its so good to see you again :)... I haven't been here in a really long time. How are you doing?

    Nothing much has changed at my end, I am still trying to figure out if Love is in my destiny, lol!! Hope things are better at your end.

    Take care Astra and have a good day ahead.

    Love Aquastar82

  • Hi Aquastar82, nice to see you there...

    I am doing okay I think... trying to paint more and stay consistent with it...

    love destiny, I like that. You know, I think it absolutely is for you. (Its a well kept secret, that those children who believe, in magic and miracles, and love that is so beautiful... see it happen πŸ™‚

    hey I'll do a quick reading for you... hope that's okay?

    Something is developing for you in your path. Unexpected probably. Much needed. It is something you've been really thinking about, a transforming of one thing into another.

    There is a loss "back there" of something that held a lot of value at one time. Leads to your present place of some deep soul searching, "was the risk appropriate?".

    You love to take risks. Step out of the boat, the mainstream... you like to throw yourself to the wind and see where your little leaf lands. Dreams of love... overshadow you like puffy clouds on a bright fall day... brisk. You never take your eyes off of those clouds.

    Your willingness to trust, to speak and share from your heart, is your life style. You are a child at heart, innocent and like to see life as a place of wonder and almost storybook like. Your path seems to be "the fairy tale dreamer" whose stories turn out to be true.

    You have some beautiful doors opening for you... a door that leads to midnight, a secret love you've cherished is entertained. (That is the 6 of swords to me). This seems to be a divine balance you have hoped for. Other see you moving into something very ethereal in love, romantic to them, to you it is how you've always lived.

    Your "setting" that is developing seems very nice to me, 9 of pentacles... whatever you have experienced thus far, develops into an experience that is lovely, developed, abundant in all of the nice things you love about life. You will enter a time soon where the scales are balanced in your favor, and that which was absent becomes that which is love you've lived by.

    That one little card, the 7 of Cups which is overshadowing you always... important for you really... Dreams of love. In your case, it doesn't matter what comes... life's little ups and downs... you dreamed love dreams... and that was all that heaven needed to bring you gifts.

    Wishes... you love to imagine... wishes always come true...

    I felt really wonderful things for you in this... there were some challenging cards here however it is that heart of dreamy love that carries you through life, smiling and skipping along... even though your present situation may not feel like a picnic at all times.

    Your cards today are the 7 of cups and the 6 of swords, those are beautiful love energies for you..... πŸ™‚

    Hope that offered something for you Aquastar82...

  • Hey Astra,

    Nice to hear form you again and thank you so much for the reading. As always your words are beautiful and you have captured the overall reading very well.

    I can relate to everything that you have said so far.... "Your willingness to trust, to speak and share from your heart, is your life style. You are a child at heart, innocent and like to see life as a place of wonder and almost storybook like. Your path seems to be "the fairy tale dreamer" whose stories turn out to be true. " ....... you are so right about this i believe in fairy tale love and maybe that been my doing, who know, lol!!

    7 of cups and 6 swords... i like that. You know Astra i have spent years agonizing over Mike but off late I find myself at peace. I don't think i have stopped loving him but i don't hold onto him anymore, you know what I mean... It doesn't matter anymore whether we end up together or no!! πŸ™‚

    Hey Astra, its really good that you are painting.... are u still using the new deck that you created?/ I thought that was really brilliant, really liked your new deck!!

    Astra, I was wondering if you have some time to do a general love reading for me, see what the next couple of months have in store for my love life. I think i am ready to meet someone new. No rush though, I can wait a while., I am just curious about the future ... Lol!

    okay Astra, I gotta rush.... I will cya around. Till then have a fantastic weekend!

    Lots of Hugs


  • Aquastar,

    You are so welcome for the 'readings' my pleasure... they are fun!

    I think having that fairy tale innocence is the only way to go. Keeps your heart like a little child, ready to play at a moment's notice, trusting, believing in possibilities that may defy logic. Like true love!

    Staying at peace in our relationships no matter what happens is important. Flowers and Trees and I are kinda going round on that topic right now... I think you are so perfectly on track there, loving your friend even though 'nothing visible' is going on. That keeps your heart clear and bright and ready for ANYthing to happen in love! Him... someone else... who cares! You are in a love flow and all of those 'details' can be handled from on high.

    Yes, I am still painting, doing these little landscape studies. Would like to get back to portraiture. I've attached a little self-portrait of myself from yesterday.

    And yes I still use this new deck, I have really grown accustomed to it, though I still use other decks occasionally. I like the stark symbols. I have also been playing with layering the cards on glass (which you can see in the pic below). Setting the major arcana cards above seems to make sense.

    Hey, here is a general love reading for you!

    Ace of Wands > 3 of Wands - this seems to be your life right now, everything pretty balanced and nice, your path is settled and confident. A sense of taking life step by step without too much stress or strain, relaxed.

    Then a Page of Swords. So something significant appears after a time, something, a message or meet up with someone, this is very innocent and forthright communication. Casual and nice, you don't think too much of it... at first.

    Then... it all changes. The Moon comes out and emotions are stirred. Something is happening connected to this Page and you... so some fantasies, dreams start up. Maybe this Page could turn out to be more than "just an acquaintance".

    Then ...the Queen of Cups! Holy cow this must be you being swept of your feet... love has definitely come knocking on your door. The dreams of the Moon find expression from your heart, toward this Page I am surmising.

    Then the Knight of Swords, that must be the Page of Swords now all grown up. So you two at this point are an item, like a relationship "kit" with both of your names on it. (So the "Page Swords - Moon - Queen Cups - Knight of Swords" seems to sum up this relationship at this point. Very innocent and very communicative, with some Moon mystery woven in there too... nice.)

    Then the 2 of Wands, says your paths are shared and seems to dovetail back into the Ace - 3 wand path we saw earlier with you. So the idea here is that a new love does enter, (a Page/Knight Swords) and that folds into your life nicely. Nothing dramatic, no big major moves or anything, it is nice and "fits in" with your existing life path.

    Then the Magician 'crowns' the 2 of Wands which I can only conclude as describing how magical your life is at this point. It can only mean wonderful things! Magic and those fairy tale story books come to life for you here. Beautiful.

    I got really good feelings about you in this Aquastar, I think you do have something nice coming to you in love, something that is really open and communicative and magic in a relationship. You have a very mature heart about love so you are ready.

    Like I said, I don't like to attach "timelines" to everything. I say it could happen today! Or next week! You never know. I think we should live expectantly, that surprises and nice things can pop out of nowhere. Life is magic and magic knows no boundaries or rules or clocks and calendars. πŸ™‚

    What do you see in this? Does it spark your own ideas? Maybe your friend Mike is indicated here - is he sort of a sword type person, a thinker type?


  • Here is that little self portrait...

  • Wow Astra, that is an amazing self potratit. Very very nice!! And i finally have face for Astra angel :))

    You should definately paint more.. you have a real talent here.

    Hope you enjoy painting as much as i enjoyed readung your tarot reading. So you feel there is something nice shaping up, YAY!! All those cards look really goos there and you know Astra what else is good in that reading, NO Pentacles, Hahah!! Isn't that nice. I think this would be my very first non pentacle reading in a long long time.... hmmm, interesting.

    Well, I dont think Mike is the Knight of Swords. Mike would mre likely be Knight/king of pentacles. And in any case I havent heard from Mike in months and I do not see that changing. So if it isnt Mike then its either someone i am yet to meet or its probbaly Kevin. I always thought of him as a Knight of Sword. Things are really cold between kevin and me at the moment, so I am just guessing here.

    Of all the knights, Knight of swords is my least fav, he just seems to be in too much of a rush and his sword is a lil scary. Though your version of KOS isnt very scary, it looks pretty nice actually specially with the Magician further down the reading. πŸ™‚

    Yeah agree with you on the timeline bit. In my expereince Tarot best near future outcomes.... and things can change anytime, thats the best part in tarot, nothing is permanent, everytime you pull put a card you read something new:)

    What about you Astra, any lady love in the near future for you? Maybe you can charm your lady love by doing a self potrairt for her some day.

    Thanks you for reading Astra, It really made my day:) Hope you have a good monday ahead!

    Love and hugs,


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