AstraAngel, If you have time:)

  • Hey AstraAngel,

    Its so good to see you on the forum again:) Hope you have had a wonderful New Year and enjoyed your time away!!

    I have another question for you, only if you have time. I can see that you are already flooded with so many reading request so you can take your time replying:)

    Well, i did hear from my ex since our last reading. In his first communication he did say that he has been missing me lately and would be visiting my city in both Jan and Feb and he implied that we should probably catch up. The reason i say implied is cos he didn't really say that we meet in so many words, it was more like FYI.... and it pissed me off; cos its always likes this - he Vists, we have fun for a few days and then when he goes back he forgets all about me. I feel i am just a convenient option for him. He starts missing me only when he is here. I remember asking him how this visit will be any different for me than his previous one but somehow i never really got an answer to that since he got onto a another call and we eventually decided to talk the next day.

    I never really heard from him the next day or days after that. I decided to wait since i am really tired of initiating things with him and being taken for granted later. This time i wanted him to make an effort to reach out to me in the real sense. So i didn't hear from him untill New Years eve. he wished me happy new year and then asked if i could do a reading for him and see if theres' another marriage on the cards for him and if yes then will that work. (I had done a few readings for him when he was going through his divorce and he felt i was pretty accurate)

    I was so heart broken when i realized what he is asking me to do. he knows how i feel about him, how could he be so insensitive? One thing is clear that he wants to settle down again, so y cant he do it with me? Y cant he see how much i Love him? I mean one day he is missing me and the next day he is thinking of a future with someone else, i am just so frustrated, hurt, angry, guilty cos i know when he reached out to me he wanted some sort of comfort and i just couldn't offer him since i am hurting myself. I eventually suggested that he seek a professional tarot reader since my feeling for him would get in the way of the reading. I havent heard from him since then 😞

    Astra, you had given me a a wonderful reading last time. Could you please do another one and see where is this relationship going? will we reunite and the possibility of a long term future with him.

    I tried doing a reading myself to see what is stopping him from being with me and got Knight of Pentacles, UGH!! There's just no motion in this card, its like the knight is stuck and I am stuck with him. My sense is that he is waiting and will not move anytime soon until he has weighed out all his options. Wat do you see?

    I confided in a friend of mine and according to her he is manipulating me to suit his need and i am letting him do it by hanging onto this relationship. I should simple let go. SIGH!!!

    Astra, do u feel the same way? should i just let go? Every time i think of letting go, my heart just doesnt let me, its like i have some sort of karmic connection with him, i can sense him even when we are not speaking, there are days when i can sense his worries, i can sense when he is happy - how do i let all this?

    Wow, i didnt really intend to write so much. Sorry if i have rambled on:) would really appreciate any insights you have to offer.

    Wishing you a joyous year ahead!!



  • Just bumping up the thread πŸ™‚

  • Hi aquastar

    Sure thing, let's take a look at this again. I also find it rather insensitive for him to ask you for a reading knowing you have feelings for him. That is really weird. It wasn't a joke was it? I probably would have told him "Ten of Swords - chances of you every getting married again, around zero percent." - that wouldn't have been nice though ha ha....

    okay, let's start with you... you will be the Queen of Cups in this reading and we'll wing it as we go.

    "where is this relationship going? will we reunite and the possibility of a long term future with him."

    Let's ask, Where is the relationship right now?

    The Hierophant. Hmm... not a whole lot better than that Knight Pentacles you saw. Does he like to read? This sounds like the relationship is trying to make sense of the relationship.

    Cool, calm and detached is what I am getting.

    Strength. I think the 'relationship' is sort of holding its own in some way, almost like a stale mate right now. He has energies that he is holding in check, so do you because of that. So it is a peculiar kind of equilibrium established. Not moving a lot... the Hierophant is sitting still and listening, and Strength is focused on holding something at bay.

    Eight of Pentacles - the apprentice card, so I think you are both learning something important about the other, studying reactions is what I get. Like, he might be playing a little game with you (maybe not aware of it), like "hmm... I think I will ask aqua to give me a reading about possible future marriage for me... tee hee... let's see how she reacts and I will add that as an entry in the book I am writing about my love life!" - that sense of careful study about love.... those energies are around the two of you.

    Knight of Pentacles! Oh no! There he is... ha ha...I think he is on a pack mule with a big collection of Hierophant books and knowledge, the results of all of his 'experiments' in dialog with you.

    Okay... let's let that rest for a moment... returning all cards back to the deck... leaving the Queen Cups and the Hierophant up there as significators for the two of you.

    Let's ask, what the future holds... based on the present trends, and aware that we can shift and change outcomes based on our actions, thoughts and words... let's say 3 time spans, very near term, middle and very long term...

    Very near term outlook (I want to say like the next few weeks or so) - Nine of Wands - okay, This card says to me you have weathered something that has left you standing and waiting still, wounded and yet the offering of love is still there to him. You are expectant and hopeful however you are also smart enough not to be dragged down into something that has your heart broken. You have already had enough of that.

    Medium term future (Let's say more like several months to a year out) - The King of Pentacles ! The Knight has grown up! He took all those Hierophant books he has collected on love and took them to the local used bookstore, traded them in for some cash, and walked across the street and bought himself a robe and a king crown to show the world he has arrived. This guy needs to have his heart broken. Has he been broken before in love? Has he shed a lot of tears over anyone?

    Pentacle court cards are mostly about owning their own dominion attaining strength and power and not very emotional at all. Maybe he is focused on career issues or something, or which stock to swap out.

    Long term - the Six of Pentacles - and the Pentacle train continues with him! This is a card of sharing though so it seems that as long as you have the patience and can wait it out, he should 'eventually' begin to open up to you and share more...

    HIM: "Aquastar.... I feel the time is right to finally open my heart to you..."

    YOU: "Yes?"

    HIM: "I have been doing a lot of soul searching and I feel like I can finally bare some of my deeper desires to you..."

    YOU: "Yes?"

    HIM: "And what I would like to ask you is..."

    YOU: "Yes?"

    HIM: " you think I should trade in my IBM stock for more Microsoft stock?"

    ...bang! ... that's the sounds of your tarot card deck landing at great speed on the side of his head.

    Seriously, he sounds like he is really on a materially focused path in this present reality. It seems like he may eventually melt however you could be waiting and wondering for quite a while. I don't think you want to wait around with not much to look forward to do you? I didn't think so.

    Okay, let's now focus on YOU... what is your best advice and strategy right now... I mean, the above results are based on not much changing... you can change some things to help steer this more in the direction that YOU want, so we'll look at that now... all cards back except the Queen of Cups...

    Queen of Wands - a change of appearance perhaps. Do you see him that often? When is the last time you changed something about yourself? This guy needs to have the rug pulled out from under him. I bet if you dyed your hair blonde (unless you are a blonde now in which case you will become a redhead), and started wearing a lot of black... you could get him thinking things like "What in the world is going on with Aquastar?" She is really getting weird ... changed her hair... and is wearing a lot of block... and that big silver cross.... what in the world..." So he starts thinking about you in a NEW way, that untethers him from all the past stuff about you.... and starts a new reality! That is what you want and is the basis of all magick.

    Now, lets ask the Tarot the near future outcome for the relationship with THAT change...

    Judgment - Hmm... people are rising from the dead! This might be a possibility...

    What is you give him more readings... and indulge his fantasies about future marriage with another woman.. let's look at that..

    Four of Pentacles and two of wands... hmm, not where we want to go, okay forget that, You are doing the right thing to refrain from that, I am just trying things right now...

    What about... writing him letters, real letters, love letters, with a pressed rose in it?

    Four of Pentacles again... no, that isn't thawing him out.... what else?

    Send him provocative photos of you?

    Page of Pentacles. Nope. Hey, just experimenting... trying stuff... I know this was a sleazy tact I was just curious...

    Okay... what if you.... shared some books on investing, and stock options and financial success with him....

    Death. Oh well, I am trying anything I can think of.

    Okay Tarot, what else can she try?

    Knight of Swords - Hmm... this is a guy racing off and intellectually strong... a lot of words, communications... what else?

    Ace of Swords - Hmm... so there is something about the swords that is a key with him. Ace of Swords and that Knight all share a strong charging ahead with something, like a mission, the Ace gets it started and the knight keeps galloping with it... what is it? More communicating with him? Emails, txts, what?

    Chariot - Hmm... this is a racing off too... more like matters get provoked by the Swords and then they take on a life of their own and things then get going... oops...

    The Devil. Uh oh! Now we are getting somewhere! The swords... plus the devil.... hmm... what in the heck? You are talking to him more about physical pleasures?

    Three of Cups! Yay! Finally we find where this Pentacle iron horse lives! He has a secret devil life or something... there is a key here....

    Six of Cups... okay! We hit a vein aquastar! Let's mine this sucker!

    Now, exactly what are you going to start doing? Talking to him about... what... s e x ual things? Needs? Desires? Fantasies? Five of Pentacles. No, it isn't talking... the swords are mental though... what are you doing with the swords? That Ace and the Knight?

    Arguments. Is it arguments with him about something? The Empress... no, it is something nurturing and motherly, earth minded, resources, caring and kind and tender...

    King of Wands - Hmm... something about a King of Wands.... you find another guy? Two of Cups - THAT'S IT!

    Here is the strategy! You need a guy to have a relationship with that is strictly understood to be for the purpose of making your Pentacle guy jealous. And you start asking him questions about your new relationship! DIVINE JUSTICE! It will look something like this...

    ring ring...


    "Oh hey Robert, Aqua here. Whatcha up to?"

    "Oh hey Aqua not much. I was just checking on my Microsoft stock to see how it's doing..."

    "Say Robert, I was wondering if you could help me with something?"

    "Yeah, what about?"

    "Um, I have a guy problem I wondered if you could advise me on."

    "Oh really... what do you mean?"

    "Well, I met this guy online and we are really hitting it off, trading emails like crazy and things are really heating up... he is really pushing me toward a more physical thing and I am not sure I am ready to go there... I wanted to ask your advice?"

    "Oh, gee, I don't know... you want my advice? "

    "Yes, because we used to have something... and I trust you... do you think I should go ahead and have s e x with him? That's what he's asking... I really like him... it's just... I don't know... do you think it's too soon?"

    "What? What do you mean? How long have you known him?"

    "About two weeks."

    "Gosh aqua.... that's pretty fast... you really want to go to bed with him?"

    "Yes! He really turns me on... in some ways I have never experienced before! I used to feel that with you... sort of... but now this guy has really hit my hot button!"

    "Oh, jeepers... you want my advice? I would say go slow... this is really something aqua I didn't know you were, you know... that kind of girl!"

    "Oh you didn't? I guess we never got to that point... can you think about it and give me your advice? Please? Pretty please?"

    "...uh... sure... I guess... what is this guy's name? Do I know him?"

    "Oh, I can't tell you too much more Robert... he's Italian.... Oh shoot I have to run, I am getting a txt from him now.... promise me you'll think about it cause I really want to move forward with him... but I guess I still wonder about us sometime... anyway, have to scoot, bye!"

    So you see, you get him thinking some NEW thoughts, and seeing, envisioning some NEW things about you... and you start a new reality with him, and jump tracks and get out of this pentacle molasses... and then you have a shot at sparking something again with him.

    hey, I know it sounds wild! But desperate times require desperate measures and I guess it all comes down to how bad do you want something to happen with your man? Bad enough to try anything? Bad enough to get tangled up with another guy to make this guy start seeing you in a new light? Bad enough to make him question his own virility and s e x appeal cause now he is LOSING you to another guy, and an Italian guy at that!

    You want to get a guy turned around make him feel second rate. ALL of these relationship issues with these dumb guys can be turned around by simply making them aware that they are now SECOND FIDDLE to someone else, and - POP! - goes their ego!

    Then... he will come crawling to you... begging you to try again... you'll have him eating out of your hand and he will be under your powers! Abra ca-dabra!

    This is the answer.... now the only question is getting you hooked up with another guy!

    And I know another guy right now you can start a relationship with - ME!

    It will be fun...I will start polishing my Italian accent.... I have already started learning that language!~

    Ciao! πŸ˜‰

  • Oh, Astra you are a sweetheart!! You have me laughing and crying at the same time, Big Hug coming your way - u better watch out !! HAHA!!

    Ten of Swords - for his marriage prospects, seems like a perfect card. LOL!! Hierophant in our present does not really surprise me. I have been seeing a lot of this card myself along with 7/8/6 of Pents. So no surprises there. I have not known him to be much of a reader, though i agree with your interpretation - cool, calm & detached - that's HIM; at least this is how he is with me.

    I think this whole situation with him is turning out to be a major learning experience. I keep going back to the way we meet and how thing are now and couldn't help but wonder how different my life would have been if i hadn't met him. I wouldn't for sure be this strong independent girl that I am now - so i guess i owe that to him. Though i really could have done without all this heartache, no pain no gain i guess - life really is a BITCH!!

    How did he become so important to me and i just don't mean anything to him? i know questions like these don't really have an answer. I am huge believer of Karma and maybe this is some past life Karma and i need to see it through in this life. SIGH!!

    OK enough of me boring you , back to the reading - whats with him and all these Pents1!!! UGH!! But i think they describe him to the T - he is a Virgo - all earthy and practical and i am a dreamer - Match made in Heave? I doubt LOL!!

    OMG Astra, I kept getting Six of Pentacles yesterday no matter what i asked. once it even fell out of the deck while i was shuffling - i think my deck is also frustrated with me and has started dealing out the cards even before i ask them a question, Haha!!

    i don,t know Astra, if i have the patience - i have been patient for 4 years and i don,t think i want to wait 4 more years. UGH!! i hate this rut that i am in and a lot of it has been my doing - Y cant i just walk away, I should rite? thats wat all these cards are telling me? I know one has to fight for true love, thats what i had been doing all these years trying to stay strong, fighting it out alone and hoping that one day he will open his eyes and love me the way i love him - Not happening anytime soon, I guess!! :((

    By the way, I did change my hair to Black - Haha!! Maybe i should click a pick and put it up for him to see, and no i dont see him often - we are different countries 😞

    Do u like women with Black hair? πŸ˜‰ I might just take you up on your offer, haha!! I loved the dialogue that you have written between him and me and trust me i have thought about doing it myself just never found that second guy but now i got you, so i might as well give it a short before you change your mind;) LOL!! Wat Say??

    I got three of swords yesterday as advice for our relationship - My first thought was that i need to break his heart or someone needs to (He has been married and i think he has been hurt but i dont know how deep he has felt that pain cos he is always so composed and calm whenever we have met so its diff to judge) second thought was that i should tell him how heart broken i feel with his behavior since swords are all about communication. But i guess u already covered that in your reading telling him wouldnt really help me much.

    After this reading i am not sure what approach i should take with him - i have some real serious thinking to do!!

    Lets do this - can we try a reading focusing on me and wat this year has in store for my love life? i guess i am just tired of having my life revolve around him - what is he thinking/wat does he want/ why is he doing this/ why is he doing that/ who is he with/ is there another women, UGH!!! Really frustrated!!! he is not waiting for me. I am sure he is out there living his life, i have tried some readings on my own and they are just way too positive. I would love your opinion whether there really is a knight waiting for me?

    And Astra, i love Italian food;) haha



    (Thanks for everything Astra, you have really been an Angel looking out for me!!!)

  • Bump πŸ™‚

  • Hi Astra,

    Haven't heard from you since the last few day. Hope you are doing fine?

  • Hi aquastar82

    Thanks for hanging in there with me, I am dealing with a move and some personal life changes so that has forced me to focus more on my own issues for a while... I try to get on here as much as I can though. Hopefully by next week i will be in calmer waters and life will be just a little bit more relaxed.

    After I gave you that last reading I thought it might be a little much! I go off the deep end sometimes with my relationship love advice and wacky seven swords strategies ha ha! It is all fun though don't you think? We need to laugh more... play like little kids again in the midst of these love dramas! So I love to envision plans and fun stuff because it makes me smile - and who knows maybe some of our love ideas can be just what the doctor ordered! We can't get into trouble... can we? πŸ˜‰

    Okay, let's see about some of your comments and questions....

    first thing that jumped out at me was this statement you made:

    "How did he become so important to me and i just don't mean anything to him? i know questions like these don't really have an answer. I am huge believer of Karma and maybe this is some past life Karma and i need to see it through in this life. SIGH!!"

    Okay, keep in mind that we never really know for sure what we mean to someone else. So I bet you mean a lot more to him than you think!

    ACE of Pentacles - ha ha! Another pentacle regarding you and him lol... Spirit does have a sense of humor... I do believe this is a YES from above though to remember to stay focused on you, and not speculate too much about him. The love you have is your gift to him, he is important to you and that is all you really have to go on right now. So keep your love for him strong regardless... like you said, we are thrust into these situations to learn something important. And a major theme I am picking up lately for all of us is, LOVE one another and don't let how they respond change that. He is really important to you, GOOD! Channel that in positive ways, think lovely wishes his way, pray for him, embrace him in your heart... you can't go wrong... then you keep the doors open for new things to happen... surprises... the unexpected... yay!

    To me, the Six of Pentacles can also mean compassion and sharing so that could be a sign of a new development for you... finding yourself where you can share more with him, him with you... keep that idea in the back of your mind. Yes, the deck will talk to us, and play with us too. That is Spirit, the Universe having a little fun to remind you everything will work out.

    "By the way, I did change my hair to Black - Haha!! Maybe i should click a pick and put it up for him to see, and no i dont see him often - we are different countries...."

    So black hair hmm? That is wonderful! Perfect! He is in a different country doesn't matter, you and him can fly back and forth for a while as matters progress!

    I think black hair is beautiful, all colors are beautiful! Black is so mysterious though... ravens and the moon and all that dark midnight magic... very nice. Now as for you and I actually trying this strategy I will let Spirit guide us. I am open to anything lately as long as it is positive and helpful and fun! So we can play it by ear... hey I am all about results and if something works to bring you and your guy together then why not. As long as it is a little tongue in cheek and playful I see no harm. Hey we are all writing the script for our lives as we go... all of life is really a drama that is supposed to be fun and happy! Why not play a little, try things, experiment. So I am game, we just need to let the good Lord above guide it! He likes to have fun too.... πŸ˜‰

    That Three of Swords... let me draw a card with yours and see what I get...

    I shuffled and these cards turned over while I was shuffling... you know how that happens you are shuffling and all of a sudden a group of cards show up?

    So these are companion cards to expand that Three Swords you got...

    Nine of Swords (ouch), The Lovers (rev), Seven of Wands (a block) and DEATH (rev)

    Whew! What does all that mean!

    Well let's see how we can make some sense of that... so the context is ADVICE as that was what you were looking for....

    Nine of Wands says to me don't worry about it. Whatever is happening with him/has happened is not worth worrying about, let it rest as you have been doing. Can be hard.

    The LOVERS says SOMETHING BEAUTIFUL OUT THERE for you in love, Spirit wants you to know you are not forgotten... no matter what has transpired... keep following your heart. I usully don't watch the reversals too much... maybe you have some thoughts on that.

    So far we have "don't worry" and "LOVE coming for you" is what I have.

    Then the Seven of Wands and I always think being blocked about something. So there is an opposing energy here that is holding matters in check.

    Then, DEATH which is the front door (entrance) for transformation, with Judgment being the back door (exit). So this card is always nice to see as it is confirmation that we are in the midst of something transformative... the caterpillar becoming the butterfly. Ascension, consciousness... and sometimes this can mean something goes bye-bye in our lives that was a part of us...

    So all together I get "Don't worry, LOVE is coming even though you feel like nothing is happening and sometimes you want to die because of the heartbreak (three of swords that you got)". I think this is your advice Aquastar. HANG IN THERE is it in a nutshell ha ha... What do you think?

    I think again your best course is to stay quiet with him for now... Seven of Cups... keep dreaming and imagining where you would like your life to go... imagine beautiful surprises with him, while at the same time remaining open to whatever Spirit has for you... that seems to be the general wisdom I get lately for many of us! KEEP loving in some way while staying open to Heavenly surprises is what I get! Yippee!

    Okay now we come to your question about what the year holds in store for your love life... let's take a look!

    I will use twelve cards to paint out the year. See what you think!

    (I am going to interpret the reversals for fun in this way... reversed = INNER journey and upright represent OUTER events unfolding, people and change in circumstances. So we'll see.)

    Jan - FIVE of Pentacles (rev) - UGH! Just kidding ha ha... this seems to pick up on all of that other Pentacle power you are getting in your readings. This says to me to keep doing as you are, buckle under, and let the pentacles come. They are foundational and very earthy energies that are a great foundation. Solid and immovable. Well anchored in Spirit AND Earth. So this month expect your inner self to keep hitting some walls one in a while, sort of like being trained... it's all good, no worries. You are growing by leaps and bounds. Also, a word here - LOOK FOR DOORS and opportunities in material matters, work, ideas that sort of thing.

    Feb - Three of Wands (rev) another inner journey card, this time the shift moves to magic and possibilities out there. You are dreaming and something is happening in your life that has you looking "out there" for your world of love and life, rather than so much in the Earth and physical things. You are more mystical here and learning to spread your wings more. Hey, this is fun!


    March - PAGE of CUPS! Finally! Something nice arrives and it seems to be messages of love/emotional nature... after your dreams, then comes a dove... and you are really soaring here... so some really pretty and nice developments in the sharing and communication and connections of love. This is upright so this involved another person(s) for sure.

    April - FOUR of Swords (rev)- And... you take a break. A rest. perhaps the thrill of that march page has brought you to place of recognition of something in you that you overlooked as regards how you comprehend love. You are telling your beloved "I need to take a break and reflect and he says fine! I will be here", and you lie down and sink into Spirit even deeper. Very nice for you!

    May - THE FOOL! Yay! You hit pay dirt in love, SOMETHING new develops in love that replaces all of the past hurt and disappointment. It is youthful and daring, bold and adventurous and you are not taking no for an answer. May seems to be your epiphany in some way where the heavens open up and the gift of a new life opens out for you!

    June - The TWO of Wands - this leads right away into opportunities and they are again more within than without, The FOOL must be opening some new doors for you, like choices are now being made. It is a mysterious month again, as the paths before you look wonderful and you are taking your time choosing the best one. I drew a couple of cards to clarify and that is the Queen Pentacles and the Chariot - so whatever this choice of direction is has you aware that it will in turn sweep you up into something grand.

    July - The HANGED MAN - Oh boy. Either a change of perspective or marriage is solidified! Wow, I am wondering could that fool be your guy who finally comes around after all these years? Hmm... lately every time I see the Hanged Man I think a guy who proposes! (King of Pentacles - hmmmm again... I wonder... is your Pentacle Virgo on his knees here?!) Well, in any case, July is very significant and this card is upright so it DOES involve a life changing situation. Either a deep love commitment or you take a trip down under ha ha....

    August - Two of Swords - Hot August Nights. Two of Swords can be an agreement or truce and this is upright so another "external" influences developing. And coming after the Hanged Man.. could be you saying YES! After about a month to ponder it? Get a good pre nup! Or, you are still waiting. Maybe you get several offers! Hey why not! You deserve it. You have your swords drawn to either sign a pre nup or you are choosing between two lovers...

    Sept - DEATH (rev) Yay! I have a private interpretation of what death means in this context of love that is a little different. I see this as some personal happiness that is much deserved and it requires the abandonment of whatever thinking has kept deep pleasure away from you. This is reversed so again this seems to be a very personal sweetness that is meant for you and you alone. Death can be a "little death" which in love means that moment of divine pleasure that is the gift of Heaven. Hey, I didn't design the human body... someone else did who knew what they wer doing's something we all like though!

    Oct - SIX of SWORDS (rev) and this is a continuation of Death. Inner journey to nicer shores and you are really, really enjoying the ride. Very sweet and life is carrying you along without lifting a finger. Doesn't that sound nice? The full Moon shining through the window, the breezes of night. October has you more and more into your own sense of divine happiness as this calm and lovely shoreline appears for you. The SIX of Swords is another card that to me can spell intimacy and tenderness... something really romantic about that little boat on the water.

    November - FOUR of Pentacles (rev) Oh no, the Pentacles are back! I say pull them all out of the deck in November and hide them where you can't draw another one! Actually I see this as another poetic card of embrace in some way. Usually viewed as the Miser card, it shows someone clutching someone close and in this case I want to say it is your guy holding you close and not letting go, you are deepening also in your love for him. Understanding that no matter what he is close to you and not letting go.

    December - The HIGH PRIESTESS - and this card is upright and so there is a development here in December that seems to be a hint of what 2013 has in store. I want to say these experiences of 2012 (*and your whole life actually) has prepared you to enter your role as a HIGH Priestess and you step into this mystical realm of highest love with a very mysterious smile on your face... very lovely and quiet and composed and now... life is working for you so wonderfully. Your inner work prepared you for a heavenward love, and now your inner world matches up with your outer world. And you are quite happy and successful here... you have come into your own, and your own is deepest love, deepest happiness and a calm and deep spirituality that is very becoming.

    I think it is a beautiful year for you. Really lovely from what I can see. You have a very beautiful heart and very searching... you will find greatest happiness this year and by March it seems to light the boosters of love. So you are doing great.... I know I am always looking for love in a reading so you pray about whatever I give you... I would rather dream of highest love and come up a little short, than look for the close out rack on a ho-hum relationship and attain that... you know? I do know that you have been waiting a long time for something real and sweet and Heaven has not forgotten you. 2012 is your year!

    How does that sound aquastar82?

    Italian does sound nice... We must fan the flames of jealousy with your man! He will come to his senses once he finds out about you and... ANGELO!

    Aquastar... ti ammiro... ho un debole per te... mi hai incantato.

    voglio, Angelo

  • Oh and here is the spread!

    ...mi sento attratto...

    love, astra angelo |:-)>

  • Hi AstraAngel,

    Come Stai? πŸ™‚

    I am in an absolute awe of your reading skills. Thank you so much for taking the time to read for me with so much happening in your personal life. I didn't realize you were planning a move (haven't been on the forum much), was just curious about the reading and didn't intend to pressure you into a reading :). I understand how overwhelming it can be - with so many reading requests and trying to balance your personal issues. So matters of the heart bothering you too?? πŸ™‚

    And I agree that we need to have little fun and enjoy our lives while we can. Your reading was absolutely what the doctor ordered πŸ™‚ It gave me a fresh perspective so u can continue to go off the deep end. LOL!

    Ace of Pentacles for what I mean to him - Not bad, I would say. Pentacles are not really my favorites in a love reading but somehow with him it is always pentacles. I have a feeling that this is cos his view of a relationship is very earthy/practical/physical. And i try not to speculate too much about him but at times it is just so difficult not to wonder whether he is sitting and thinking about me too just the way I am πŸ™‚ Guess was really frustrated when I wrote that post, had been waiting to hear from him and when he did communicate I was dissapointed. Though that doesn't change how I feel about him, I probably will always love him, no matter how things turn out. So I am going to continue to stay optimistic for us no matter how many pentacles come in our way, HAHA!!

    I have done some thinking about the second guy strategy - and have realized that getting him to commit to me because of another guy would only give me temporary satisfaction. If we are right for each other and meant to be together I am sure angels above will work it out for us.... I have weathered 4 years with him; so there's some invisible force that is connecting him to me and me to him.... breaking up is never easy but something has kept me connected to him all these years, I always felt if I tried hard I will eventually move on, everybody does, somehow it never happened and my feelings for him have grown stronger with time, Maybe one day I will figure out. In the meanwhile I am going to work towards staying positive!! πŸ™‚

    Now you and I can still work on our strategy, I think it will be fun, but then this just my perspective so i let you decide for yourself πŸ™‚ Wow, Astra I am really feeling positive today, wonder what is making me feel this way? Oh, I hear angels whisper ITALIAN in my years πŸ˜‰ Haha!!

    Okay, so about reversal, well I used to read reversals in a reading however I would just end up confusing myself and then I joined this forum and stumbled upon your posts on reversals  whatever you said about it being statistical sounded pretty rational to me and since I was getting nowhere with the reversals I decided to keep my cards upright till I get a hang of them. So at the moment I am not reading reversals

    Now to the love reading I had requested. YAY!! I actually had to read through it couple of times to grasp everything. LOL!!

    January – Five of Pentacles (Rev) – I think you are pretty right on with Jan . There isn’t much having on the love front this month at the moment though my work is getting busier by the day  and I agree this cards is about spiritual journey which is how I feel at the moment.

    February – Three of Wands (Rev) – I love this month, it’s my birthday month so it’s always extra special. It would be nice to finally have something nice to look forward too!! YAY!!

    March – Page of Cups – Wow!! Messages of Love - I wonder now who this person is. Is it the one I am hoping it to be πŸ™‚

    April – Four of Swords (Rev) – β€œYou are telling your beloved "I need to take a break and reflect and he says fine! I will be here", and you lie down and sink into Spirit even deeper. Very nice for you!” That definitely sounds like me, not the type to rush into things.

    May – The Fool – Awww, love this card. β€œSOMETHING new develops in love that replaces all of the past hurt and disappointment. It is youthful and daring, bold and adventurous and you are not taking no for an answer. May seems to be your epiphany in some way where the heavens open up and the gift of a new life opens out for you!” - This is awesome, I can’t wait to get to May, I wish there was a fast forward button, LOL!!

    June – Two of Wands – β€œI drew a couple of cards to clarify and that is the Queen Pentacles and the Chariot - so whatever this choice of direction is has you aware that it will in turn sweep you up into something grand.” – Again, I am amazed. This year is turning out to be better with every passing month!!

    July – The Hanged Man – This is one card I have difficulty reading. Not because I see this as a negative card but cos I just don’t get the normal sacrifice meaning from this card. β€œEither a change of perspective or marriage is solidified” Wow!! I had never known it to indicate marriage – thats quite interesting and if you think about it, sound pretty logical as well – Isn’t that how every guy feels on his wedding day, LOl!! I know one Knight of pents who would for sure feel like this, Haha!!

    August – Two Swords – Another Two, interesting. I like the idea of multiple offers πŸ˜‰ Will have to wait and see though. This card I feel is also about a conflict mind (swords) and Heart (Water in the background).

    Sept – Death (Rev) – and yet again Astra you have blown me with your interpretation. Loved your private interpretation of this card. I wish I could be as skilled as you.

    Oct – Six of Swords (Rev) β€“β€œand this is a continuation of Death. Inner journey to nicer shores and you are really, really enjoying the ride. Very sweet and life is carrying you along without lifting a finger. Doesn't that sound nice?” – It sounds really very nice, It all sounds like a fairytale!!

    Nov – Four Of Pentacles (Rev) – Haha!! How could the pents stay away!! Astra you are so creative with the way you read your cards. β€œin this case I want to say it is your guy holding you close and not letting go, you are deepening also in your love for him. Understanding that no matter what he is close to you and not letting go.” You make everything sound so perfect and magical!!

    Dec – The High Priestess – β€œI want to say these experiences of 2012 (*and your whole life actually) has prepared you to enter your role as a HIGH Priestess and you step into this mystical realm of highest love with a very mysterious smile on your face... very lovely and quiet and composed and now... life is working for you so wonderfully.” - What a perfect card to end the year, very intriguing and mysterious!! Makes me wish for a 2013 reading as well, LOL!!

    I couldn’t thank you enough for this wonderful reading. I know it must have taken a lot of effort to put this together!! I wish I could really do something in return for everything you have done for me. I would love to do a reading for you, I am not very good at reading for someone I haven’t met but I would love to give it a try. So feel free to ask away!!

    Grazie per l'immagine. Molto carina!



  • Hey Astra,

    How are you? Hope you have settled into your new place and enjoying the surroundings.:) Are you busy painting??

    I just wanted to share an update with you. I think my ex is here in the country (he had mentioned in our last communication that he might visit) though the hasn't contacted me yet and that had me worried throughout the weekend. There was a location update on Blackberry and thats how i figured he is here. I ended up spending my entire weekend worrying about it, so much for my positive attitude!! Sigh!!

    I had a weird dream (not sure if this was dream or i was imagining it) that he is getting married (again not sure to whom) and woke up sobbing:( when i eventually got back to sleep I saw myself enjoying a drink with him. we were in this really posh room. In the dream i get drunk and i ask him questions about our relationship and why he has been avoiding me for so long. He is extremely apologetic and agrees he has behaved like a FOOL and eventually confesses that he has always had feelings for me and loves me!! YAY!! ... LOL!! I dont recall exactly what happens after this and what wakes me.

    Astra, i am so confused with all this. I don't know if this mean anything or its just my overactive imagination???

    I don't know if this even qualifies for a reading but i just wanted to share it with you πŸ™‚

    Wishing you a great weak ahead!! πŸ™‚



  • Buon giorno aquastar!

    I am still in the midst of relocating... ugh, still some loose ends however it does look definite this week soon. It has been a painful scenario, I do not understand how I have landed here, it is all so weird. I know there is a bright tomorrow though. I hope. I pray. Please, Heaven.

    Hey I thought all of your comments on the last reading were wonderful... I agree with you on the "second guy strategy" probably not the best approach lol... I am a "swords" kinda person, always trying ponder my way out of situations so i can dream up some out there strategies ha ha... I so wish to see nice things happen with others, and I will reach for any straw in hopes that something will work. Ultimately though, our angels and heaven are managing nicely and probably don't need my goofy concepts for love answers ... still, I thought it was a fun idea! πŸ™‚

    We can still chat though... somehow we always help one another through these dialogues. I pick up little things, words, emotions from our dialogue and that helps me. Heaven knows I have my own set of questions and longings and look for answers just like anyone...

    I have a few "different" interpretations for some of the cards that you should pray about lol... the Hanged Man it occurred to me he could be a guy engaged or married. Sort of has his hands tied you know? Not sure why there isn't a Hanged Woman card in the Tarot though! Maybe that blessing is only for the guys. πŸ˜‰

    Okay, well let's look into that dream of yours! It sounds very interesting... I don't claim to be a dream interpreter but they are fun to look at and try to understand.

    Setting: In a very posh room. As soon as I read that I thought a very ritzy hotel somewhere! Very nice...

    You: Drunk. Asking him questions about your relationship and why he's been avoiding you. So this is a Q@A.

    Him: Extremely apologetic and admits behaving like a FOOL and eventually confesses his feelings and love for you! So he is answering you.

    I think one thing that stands out for me here is that you are sharing a drink with him. The idea that you are able to share with him is so important. I see you two sitting in nice chairs across from each other however you are both leaning forward... and very close when you are talking.

    Of course when you said the FOOL I think the FOOL card... and let me throw out something to you related to the FOOL... I read this from Ly De Angeles book "Tarot Theory and Practice" which is a wonderful book she sounds very gifted. Anyway she points out that the FOOL is kind of a "mystery" card. Like, there is something very, very significant that is about to happen in your life that can not be revealed. It has to remain a surprise! Otherwise, knowing something about the outcome could disturb the flow of events leading to this wonderful love surprise for you!

    So I see your dream as a very significant sign from above that something - very beautiful and wonderful - is coming for you, however it is shrouded in mystery right now and you can't know exactly what that is! However, because the setting was so wonderful (posh!) you can KNOW that this will be absolutely wonderful and lovely for you! It's just that for now, you have to keep walking by faith and trust and know that it is all working out so nice for you.... how does that sound? That excited me, I know you are heading for something quite amazing!

    I think that is important to remember about the Tarot and heaven, that there are always going to be some areas where it is better to simply trust the Universe and walk by faith (and not be sight and knowledge). There are times when I don't get clear answers in readings (yet I feel like I am expected to! After all I am suppose to be a reader! πŸ™‚ ... in those moments it should be okay to simply say I am not getting a clear answer which could be a sign from Heaven that it is better to NOT know, than to know. What do you think Aquastar?

    Mantenere la fede... that is Italian for "keep the faith"... I think...

    (I am sitting here in Starbucks and there is that old Joni Mitchell song playing "Help me" ...I think I'm falling in love... going out i'm sure for all of us broken hearted, heaven-loving souls today.... πŸ™‚

    love and light...


  • Hey Astra,

    Belated Happy Birthday!!

    Good to hear from you. Off late whomever i run into is having a relationship issue and i guess you are not to be spared either. Love is such a pure, beautiful emotion and yet it brings so much pain to us, wonder y?? But i really admire the way you stay so positive and hopeful for a brighter future, that requires a lot of strength and immense faith in the universe, It amazes me how you are able to do that!!!

    I am glad you felt my comments were wonderful, though i really wish that those Love messages appear soon, LOL!! I am going a lil crazy knowing that he is here and hasn't contacted me. I am trying to stay positive and not giving up on him yet, praying a lot and talking to him in spirits, hopefully he will hear me soon!!

    I pulled out a card to see y he hasn't contacted me yet and got the Three of Wands.... He is "looking out" but for what/who? You see how i get stuck when i read for my self.... UGH!!! The best that i could interpret is either he is waiting (somehow this card shows some sort of longing to me) for something to return, maybe waiting for me to contact him.... does that make sense?? or he is "looking out" for someone else and i am not his focus at the moment, I say that since the merchants back faces the reader and his focus is on those ships!! what do you think??

    And yes I agree about the dream being really sweet and beautiful but mysterious never the less. In fact wrote the previous post in such a rush that i really wondered whether you would even be able to understand but you did, you understood it perfectly, exactly the way I saw it!!!

    Now that I think back those posh surrounding it could possibly be a hotel cos he always stays in the bet of places whenever he is here:) So you see beautiful things for me, YAY!!

    I am working on the faith bit, I do fine for a few days but then i really start missing him and just want to hear his voice, Sigh!! I know he is not ready to receive what I have to offer, and i guess I panic. "Not Knowing" is what gets me into this panic mode but you are right i shouldn't be scared off by something I don't know, Something that,s beyond me, We should all be able to trust heaven that everything will turn out to be the way it is meant to be. It all sounds so simple and yet so complicated!! Maybe this the lesson that we all need to master - Trust and Faith and everything will eventually fall in place:) I

    I have been reading lately for a few work colleagues and they feel that I am getting it almost rite, I wanted to attempt a reading for you too, i know you haven't really asked me anything but i will still try and have it out by this weekend:)

    By the way Astra, I am trying out a new 3 cards spread - its new only to me, you sure must have used it or heard of it. I picked it up from another forum. Its basically a Yes/No spread where you draw out cards in 3 piles till you reach an ACE/Magician or a pile of 13 cards. All Aces or Aces with Magician is a definite yes and All piles of 13 cards is a absolute No. Simple isnt it? you can even read the cards underneath to get more insights. I tried it on a work related situation and it turned out to be RIGHT!! Though when i actually did it i felt it wasn't really accurate but when i reached work the next day, realized it was spot on!! πŸ˜„ I am going try it on for a few questions that a friend of mine has and lets see how it works out.

    Wishing you a great Birthday year ahead, I am sure this year will turn out to be absolutely brilliant for you!!



  • Hii Astra,

    After agonizing over it for almost a day I decided to follow my heart today and finally sent him a text. (Lets call him Mike, i am just tired of referring to him as my ex). Mike did reply but almost after two hours of reading my text saying he will call me soon and he is sorry he didn't contact me.

    I must have cried my heart out during these two hours :((I don,t know Astra whats gotten into me, ever since i have realized he is here i have gone into this panic mode. I don't know if I have done the right thing by texting him, or whether he will ever call - but i had to do reach out. My heart kept telling me to reach out to him!! He is here after months, and if I don't reach out to him no we will probably drag on forever.

    I am feeling a little better after seeing his response but something doesn't seem rite i tried to figure it out by doing a reading- which was not such a good idea, since i only ended up confusing myself more. I am getting a very bad feeling in my gut Astra, like everything is going to come crashing down - I keep going back and replaying our old conversation, what went wrong and those sort of things.

    I really need your insights right now. Can you please do a quick reading for me on the following questions??

    1. How did he feel when he saw my text??

    2. Will he contact me soon?

    3. If the answer to the above is yes then how will things turn out between us post his reaching out to me?

    4. Is there anyone else in his life? ( I have a felling there is - I think its his recent behavior thats making me think on these lines)

    5. Does he want a long term relationship with me? Or i am just a convenient option for him??

    I did a reading again to see why he hasnt contacted me and got 9 of swords/5of Swords - i think i pulled out 1-2 more cards but just cant recall what they were, and finally at the bottom got Two of Cups.

    I have a feeling this visit of his is going to decide how things turn out between us. I need some answers from him either ways. I spoke with a friend of mine and her advice was that if he has not bothered to reach out to me i should ignore him too - I wish I could? I know you probably feel the same way that i should just let go, but I cant - He is in every part of my being, how do i ever let that go?? I can ignore him but how do i stop loving him??? I cant help but think Y are doing this God? Y me?? what did I do wrong??

    I am really sorry for being such a bother at this time when you are dealing with your own personal issues but I just don't know who else to turn to:((

    Thanks for always being there Astra!!

    Love & Blessings!!


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  • Hi Aquastar82

    Reading over your thoughts here... btw thanks for the birthday wishes that was nice, I had a nice day was treated to dinner so that was fun. I hope some wisdom goes along with the passage of time, could sure use more of that!

    Okay, let's see ... I am looking at your three wands question... what is he waiting for, you to contact him, or someone else? I drew the Eight of Wands which is work, repetitive, apprentice. Basically work. So this sounds like why he hasn't contacted you yet seems because of work, he's preoccupied with something work related apparently.

    Yes, the faith... not letting yourself become discouraged when life isn't working out the way you would like... tell me about it. You are on path though, these situations are custom designed for us somehow. Your heart has all kinds of dreams and longings for him, and yet he doesn't reply on time or in the way you would like... and you simply have to be patient, at peace... that place is not easy however it is where you are really growing. yes you are so right, it is a lesson we are ALL learning... all of these relationship scenarios... why won't he call! Quick! Where are my cards! ha ha... we've all been there... and then you draw card like the Two of Swords... four of swords... and you think... ugh... I was hoping to have the cards say "you will receive a phone call from him within a day." Wouldn't that be nice? Instead.... four of swords... hanged man... temperance.. ugh, sigh.... well... you never know... you might just get that call after all... (smile)...

    Hey I would love a reading! I don't usually go out of my way to ask for them too often, however I am honored that you would like to offer that! Every time I have had a reading they are really nice, I learn something... and I know you are really good at it, a lot better than you think! Your every card is perfect, and every word is perfectly what that work colleague needed to hear!... I think that is really great that you do that. I wish I had people in my immediate area to read for, that would be so nice.... always wonderful to have someone sitting there and there is a lot of communication going on...

    That three card yes/no spread sounds great! You say "All Aces or Aces with Magician..." so you keep dealing and should an Ace/Magician show up together in one of the piles that is a yes? I am trying to see exactly what is going on there? Or should you reach all four aces showing up before you hit 13 cards in one of the piles.. that is a yes also? I would like to learn this.... really sounds cool. That is great that you are 'experimenting' at your work, with situations. That is how to learn, good for you.

    ... Oh my, so you txtd him and you are crying during those two hours... wow you do have a thing for him... that is really sweet. What a lucky guy. I read things like that on these forums and I want to go find these guys, grab them and haul them to wherever the girl is (probably working πŸ™‚ and say "LOOK man! She loves you! Now... love on her! You two go have fun!" ... and tell the boss that you ain't gonna be back for a while... like a few months at least, buy the two of you plane tickets to a nice lover's beach somewhere ... I wish I could do that for everyone... I don't get all these weird delays. Communication weirdness... what did he mean, she mean?... ugh.

    Sri... had to get that out of my system ha ha... okay let's look at your questions... not to worry things are going to be okay for you! so let's look...

    1. How did he feel when he saw my text?? Oh wow... I reshuffled all the cards again... you still as the page of cups... and I drew the Eight Pentacles again! Hmm... that is really something. Work. Maybe he is just really busy right now... not sure on this one...

    2. Will he contact me soon? I drew the Knight of Cups which is certainly a nice card to see in connection with him! As for time... court cards I don't get much of a time sense... I want to say it's better to just wait! A lot more fun to stay in suspense don't you think? I know... you really really really want to know... will it be soon? One more card.... Nine of Pentacles... sigh... not exactly the eight of wands. Pentacles as you know are slow as molasses in January... however the good news we do have a nice Knight of love, so things seem to be proceeding as they need to. Hang in there.

    3. If the answer to the above is yes then how will things turn out between us post his reaching out to me? Well, let's say we are getting yesses... what does the future hold after some reconnection?

    Four of Pentacles... here is that card again, didn't we see that before in a reading? The miser card, and material issues, holding on, not sharing is the traditional rendering... then a Queen Wands and a Knight Pentacle... hmm...

    4. Is there anyone else in his life? ( I have a felling there is - I think its his recent behavior thats making me think on these lines)

    Ace of Cups. Looks like it. Hmm. That might explain the pentacles we have been getting. He is preoccupied with material issues, could be connected to this other person. I am going to be honest I am not getting real strong leads with him, I have the sense some of this is being obscured for a reason.

    5. Does he want a long term relationship with me?

    The FOOL - I have started interpreting The FOOL as the mystery (Universe=0) card. The answer can't be revealed because knowing that would disrupt the flow of causality toward a specific outcome the Universe has planned for you. So we are not going to get an answer there.

    Or i am just a convenient option for him?? In light of the first question here I am going to drop this question. I think it is better to leave this question alone for now.

    Getting a lot of pentacles with him... and that Ace could be another involvement... doesn't matter though, as long as your heart is crying out to him, he will always be in your heart. I am getting that you really love him, in which case.. Welcome to learning how to love someone even without anything really going on! ha... it is weird I know, however that seems to be the case with a lot... someone we feel a deep connection and love with and yet.... NOTHING is happening!

    And that is when you start asking God questions... you sound just like me, although my language with God is a little more colorful haha... " Y are doing this God? Y me?? what did I do wrong??" yeah... I have asked that about a gazillion time.. what did I do wrong? " I never get any answers except hang in there.... be patient. Has to be a reason for all this... right? Please tell me there is a reason aquastar... right? A beautiful plan and outcome? yes?

    Okay, let me know what you think about all this... try to relax though... could be all ascension symptoms.. that I think is what is happening for many. Life stops making a lot of sense and yet you still have these feelings... and yet... what to make of it? And the responses of someone you care about deeply... what in the world? I don't recall signing up for this.. maybe I did though... I just don't remember....

    Okay I have ranted on probably too much... I am watching the snow fall like outside, white and pure and drifts to heaven... and somewhere out there I have some frozen tears mixed in with those snowflakes, I know we all do...

    You hang in there aquastar82, it gets a lot better for you... Heaven and your angels are in love with you and something really wonderful coming your way... I promise...

    love and peace


  • Oh sri Aquastar on that second paragraph it was the eight of pentacles not wands that I drew... so the eight of Pentacles came up twice in the reading... maybe you will have some insights on that..


  • Awww, Thank you so much Astra for the wonderful reading and words of encouragement πŸ™‚ Hugs!!

    I am glad you enjoyed your birthday!! Hope this year brings you much more Joy and Happiness!!

    Well, as expected I haven't heard for him, but i am glad i reached out to him. I don't want him to get the feeling that i am not interested. And i think one of the reasons was to remind him, something like - Hey, I am still waiting for you!!

    So, on the Three of Wands you got Eight of Pentacles, hmmm Okay.

    "LOOK man! She loves you! Now... love on her! You two go have fun!" ... and tell the boss that you ain't gonna be back for a while... like a few months at least, buy the two of you plane tickets to a nice lover's beach somewhere ... I wish I could do that for everyone..." Awww, Astra that is so sweet!! There are times when I wish i had a magic wand and could make him come back soon, real soon, like right now, Haha!! I don’t get all these delays either I mean he isn't saying ok girl, listen up we are done, Move on. Nor is he saying Hey babe, I am Back!! So we are left wondering and this is when we Look up to Heaven for guidance. Though Off late I am getting a feeling that those angels above have gone on a Winter break cos they don't seem to be listening to my prayers at all:((

    I was sitting in my room and wondering and asking GOD what do u want me to do?? Give up?? And i went back in time to those initial days when we met. Would you believe Astra that he chased me for like a month before i agreed to meet him!! I just wouldn't meet him, not because I felt he was a bad guy, I was just naive not sure if i was ready for something BIG!! (Isn't it weird without meeting him, I knew this would be a life changer) He literally begged me to at least see him for 20 minutes. 20 minutes turned into 5 hours!! Yeah we spent 5 hours together on our first date - Just talking and when he finally dropped me home I knew this is the GUY for ME!! :))

    There are no words to describe the pain I felt when we broke up, I never knew such an emotion even existed!! And when I realized he was getting married my already broken heart shattered into pieces, I survived on sleeping pills for like months eventually realizing that I need to move on too - pick my life and march forward and I did, focused on my career, worked my ass off to erase him from my memory!! but I couldn't and then one day he called and said his marriage is falling apart and he would like to start things again. I resisted cos I was hurt and well i didn't want to interfere in his marriage and cause further damage. He eventually filed for Divorce and that's when the chain of communication began again and I felt hopeful again that Universe has given us a chance to work this out again, Things were moving real slow between us but at least they were moving.

    All the heartache and pain is back again :(( Its’ the first thing I feel when I wake up and the last feeling when i drift off to sleep!! And yet again i ask God, what did I do wrong?? Haven't I suffered enough?? I honestly don't know what lesson I am suppose to learn from all of this - How to endure pain?? UGH!!

    Okay now to my question and your reading -

    1. So you got Eight of Pentacles for when he saw my text - UGH!! I am really beginning to hate these pentacles. I am going to remove this entire suit from my deck the next time i sit for a reading!! LOL!!

    I did my own reading and got the following -

    Fool/King of Swords/Sun/Five of Pents (I just kept pulling cards till i felt i should stop) and Eight of Wands above -

    My take on this is that he felt a child like joy (Fool) intially but then his mind took over (King of swords) and he started weighing out the pros and cons of it maybe kind of like doing a mental comparison between me and the new love interest you saw in your own reading (Ace of cups) The SUN and the Five of Pents have me a little confused. There is s nothing really negative about the SUN its all about happiness and Joy and the Five of Pents - hmmm, not sure what this means in the context of the rest of the cards and that Eight of Wands above arrows of Love is what i would like to believe :)) Maybe you can shine some light on it too!!

    2. Knight of Cups - well finally a CUP and a decent one too!! YAY!!So maybe its not entirely a lost case after all. Nine of Pentacles hmmm, well astra you remember the Love reading you gave me and we have Five of Pents as January Card so maybe this month things are going to be slow. What do u think??

    3. 4 of Pentacles - I see it as a status quo card - Further, Queen of Wands and King of Pentacles - I have a theory that the Queen of Wands is his new lady and King of Pentacles is HIM - no surprises there and the reason things between him and me are status quo is because of the Ace of Cups developing between them. Definitely not what i wanted the cards to say 😞 At this point I am looking above towards Heaven - Y GOD?? Y her?? Y not me? Don’t I deserve him? Y do i get Pentacles? Y cant I have ACE of CUPS? To this I hear something like - Lady, You don't decide what you deserve? That’s our Job, Leave it to us!!

    4 - FOOL - I read fool as new beginning, a fresh start but i don't see Fool as the card for long term commitment and I agree with your interpretation - "Mystery" Only Fool know what he is going to do - Jump off the cliff or turn back and start another Journey in a new direction.

    Okay Astra, I have really rambled on here, but it feels good to have someone like you trying to make sense of all of this. I dont feel Alone!! Thank you!! πŸ™‚

    Now to the three card YES/No Spread

    You shuffle well and start pulling out cards face up in a pile till you either reach an ACE/Magician/ a pile of 13 Cards and then you start over and repeat the process till you get three piles of ACE/Magician/13 cards.

    So now we have Three piles and this is how we will interpret -

    All 3 ACES - Strong YES to your Question

    Two Aces and a Magician -Absolute Yes and please bear in mind that Magician is more powerful than the Aces so getting it is really a very good Omen. πŸ™‚

    One Ace and One Mage - Strong Yes with a β€œbut” and you can read the top card in the third pile to understand the BUT.

    Two ACES - Likely Yes or a Strong Maybe again read the β€œ13th card” in the third pile to understand the Maybe. When i get two Aces and if the 13th cards in the 3rd Pile is a positive card like say a SUN or Star i think it bends more towards a YES. Would like your insights on this?

    One Ace - Not Likey but there s a possibility since we got one ACE, Again you can read the top cards on the other two piles to understand the reasons and probably if they can be changed to bring the situation closer to a YES, one should try and do that

    One Magician - Strong Maybe.( since Magician is powreful than Aces) again read the topmost card on the pile to understand the reasons for Maybe

    NoACES/Magician/ All3 piles with 13 Cards - Absolute No.

    We can also read all cards underneath to get a better insight as to what can be changed to achieve a certain outcome. Now for a beginner like me its gets really confusing so i try and stick to the top three cards though there are times when i can see a story developing underneath in some cases.

    Okay Astra i am going to share a few examples with you to help you understand better. And of course these questions are focused on me and Mike, LOL!!

    1. Will I hear from Mike within this week?

    1st Pile - Ace of Cups/2nd Pile - Ace of Swords/3rd Pile - Magician

    YAY!! Looks like he is going to contact me and i got Ace of swords which is for communications and Ace of cup as well!! Yippe!! No pents for a change, LOL

    2. Will i meet Mike in the next One month?

    1st Pile - Ace of Cups/ 2nd Pile - Ace of Pentacles/ 3rd Pile - Magician

    Another absolute Yes!! YAY!!

    There is a particular thing that I noticed. Over the weekend when i was feeling really low and negative the answers to most of the questions were more like a Strong Maybe to a weak Yes. Now the above two readings i did after sending him the text and got a definite YES to both the questions. My Analysis is that with my reaching out to him I changed our present circumstance and these positive readings are probably a result of the same. Any insights??

    I promise to have your reading out this weekend!! Hey maybe you can ask me a few YES/NO questions and we can see what sort of results we get, Wanna try??

    I am going to continue to pray to heaven and hopefully they will answer my prayers. SIGH!! Please pray for me Astra that I get the strength to see this through!!

    Love & Blessings,


  • Hi aquastar82

    Wow, I am so impressed with your interpretations and your dialogue with Heaven and the angels and all! You really have a nice rapport with Spirit and I know some wonderful things are headed your way! You had me smiling all the way through your reading... I love when I hear dialogue that shows authenticity, and an open heart.

    So whew. I hardly know where to even begin with everything you said. You have me speechless. Winter break" lol... yes, I have wondered things like that. At times I have seen my angels just sitting around watching TV (NCIS probably), and not really paying too much attention to my concerns. So I am crying out, "Hey angels, help! I am longing for love, for a companion! Helppp!" And one of the angels says, "Ssshh... this is the good part... where they get the bad guy... hey astra how about making us some more popcorn..." And so I am helping them! At times I have prayed for the angels and god, and Jesus.... I have said other things to them too... sometimes I pray to whoever can help the angels out... dear Universe, please heal my angels, so they can actually do something for me.. just kidding, I know all heaven is doing their thing, and all works out wonderfully!

    I hope.

    I would NOT give up on your man! As long as your heart feels that connection, no matter what form it takes, that is all you need. That is true love. We think love is everything "working out", like, roses at the door, a date, marriage, being together... well that is all nice, however deep love has to start with a deep connection, and that place doesn't always have a lot of roses, and dates and such. It has some pain, and heartache, while not giving up on how we feel for someone. Yeah, you can conclude "oh well, it's going nowhere, time ti move on..." Well, is our heart saying that, or our head? I started out following my heart, and I intend to follow that out to whatever awaits, good or bad. My heart tells me someone I care for deeply I am in love with, I will follow that, and not my head saying, "let 'em go!" .

    Okay, so on your reading for 1, you got the "Fool/King of Swords/Sun/Five of Pents (I just kept pulling cards till i felt i should stop) and Eight of Wands"...

    Your interpretation sounds good to me. As for the Sun / Five pentacles, that is a contrast between OUTSIDE and INSIDE (summer and winter, hot and cold). It is about as stark a contrast as you could have. The Sun is open and expansive. the Five pentacles is closed and restrictive. Then the Eight of Wands seems to be saying something is changing with all of this and quick! The Fool and KS is another stark contrast. The Fool is anything but smart and the King Sword is no ones fool. SO it is like black white, black white, BANG! A quick change. So there is some indication here that whatever has been happening from Hot to Cold is about to repeat - so I think you can now expect a return to the FOOL/SUN mode with him. Patterns... I am always looking for patterns in the tarot. It is like a new language.

    2. So then the Knight of Cups / Nine of Pentacles seems to relate us right back to that contrast... Knight of Cups isn't interested in material. and that Nine pentacles person is not looking love, she is looking for more flowers to water. So the love-material contrast again.

    3. Then, another pattern, pentacles, wands, pentacles. Cycles are indicated. As for your concerns about "her" and Y not you? That's a smokescreen, and not materially significant. I wouldn't be concerned at all about "her". A connection is the rarest of events, as long as you know you have a true love connection with him, there ain't no other woman in the world that can hold a candle to you. He may be running, trying to imagine he can find someone else to give him the same charge as you - well, he is not going to find it. Heaven has mandated certain specific connections now between us, and there is no way possible that anything is going to divert this from happening. I believe we are looking at an EPIC move of the LORD GOD of CREATION (or someone/s pretty high up on the totem pole anyway) who is bringing selected people together for a specific purpose or mission for the earth at this time. We are not going to escape it. I think it is also tearing apart dumb marriages that are not serving a positive purpose any longer.

    Thanks for the explanation on that yes/no readings... that is really cool! I will be trying that out today.

    So that is really a great reading on Mike contacting you. In light with the the other cards I do have the sense that something is changing quick in this situation. That Fool/KS/Sun/5P and then the 8 wands really seems to say communications and quick changes. So I would say keep that expectation it seems that is exactly what is happening.

    I shuffled and drew off four cards, and the are Knight Cups, Page wands, Eight wands (again!) and the Emperor so that again sounds like love is being communicated again and quick! So maybe this Emperor is finally realizing where his heart is and is making a move. How does that sound?

    Have a wonderful Friday aquastar, I love your readings... you really have a nice way with the cards!

    Love and light


  • Hi Astraangel,

    I am really beginning to enjoy our exchanges on this forum. It always brings a smile on my face no matter how many pentacles you see in my future. LOL!!

    Maybe i should try bribing my angels with popcorn too!! Haha!! That really sounds super fun!! I am glad you liked my conversation with spirits, i do that a lot somehow helps me get all that heaviness off my chest.:) I have a feeling that my angels are back from the winter break πŸ™‚ I think they probably didn't like my complaining to you about it so they made there presence felt while I was doing a reading yesterday πŸ˜„

    Since i still hadn't heard from Mike i pulled out a card do see y he hasn't called me yet. I pulled out Queen of Swords i kept staring at it for a while and then it struck me that this would have something to do with his ex wife, so I pulled out another and i got Queen of Cups - somehow i see myself as the Queen of Cups:) I wanted further clarity and you wont believe what i pulled out next, Any Guesses??? Queen of Wands, LOL!! Wow!! So, I have Three Queens in front of me and I am wondering that my deck has gone crazy - One for his Ex Wife(Queen of Swords), One representing Me (Queen of Cups) and His new love interest (Queen of Wands). I just wanted to know Y he hadn't called me not his entire Love history!! LOl!! At this point I look up towards the heaven and do u know what i see, I see an angel staring right back at me with a huge grin on his face πŸ˜„ Kind of like - Gotcha!! πŸ˜‰

    I look down at the spread of cards in front of me and on an impulse pull out one more card and place it above all the Queens, When I turn it over I find the King of Cups, Ahh The Man finally arrives!! Whew!! what a reading, i didnt know what to do with it or how to read it, I just took it with a pinch of salts and closed me cards for the day πŸ™‚ Though my last thoughts where i wish i could make the King of Cups see that his Queen (Cups) is right there in front of me. I am getting a feeling that I might need a bigger Bribe!! πŸ™‚ Popcorns might make them feel a lil better but i don't think it will make them forgive me, Any suggestions???

    And Astra, i am not giving up on him yet!! I dont think I can ever give up on him, though i hate the fact that he hasn't called. So i am going to keep the "HOPE" alive and pray to my angels that everything works out. πŸ™‚

    Wow, Astra i loved your thoughts on my readings for his feelings. and its so apt - Hot and Cold!! Thats how it is between us, one day he will say he is missing and then he will disappear for days and this is like a pattern that doesn't seem to end. You keep blowing me away with your awesome insights. πŸ™‚

    Okay, now I did a Yes/No reading for your πŸ˜„ I hope you dont mind:)

    My question was - will Astrangel find LOVE this year?? This is what i got -

    1 st Pile - Three of Wands

    2nd Pile - Ace of Swords

    3rd Pile - Ace of Cups - YAY!!

    So Astra this looks like a strong Maybe to me and that Three of Wands is probably you Looking Out"for your Lady Love:) Well we are just at the beginning of the year you never know by the time we hit Summer (Ace of Cup) cupid might strike :))

    Wow Astra, I think this is for the first time in a while i am seeing a reading without a single Pentacle πŸ™‚ What struck me there was the Emperor - I just did a quick 7 Card spread for my future with Mike and got the Emperor too in the Immediate future position. This is what the spread looked like. (I know you are probably thinking that I am doing way too many readings on him, I guess i am just trying to make sense of things)

    Past - Seven of Pentacles -

    Present - Five of Pentacles

    Immediate Future - Emperor (I pulled out Sun as the Clarifier0

    Answer to the Question - Six of Swords

    Environment Influence - Hermit

    Hopes/Fear - Justice

    Outcome - Nine of Pentacles

    Emperor with the Sun as clarifier seems like a positive sign to me. Somehow with the empror i get "Here I AM" sort of feel - What do you think. Though NIne of Pentacles as an outcome card has me little confused. It does show a woman who is enjoying her life with all the material comfort but somehow Love seems to be missing, Any thoughts??

    Wish you great weekend too, Astra.

    Cya Around.



  • Hi Aquastar

    Hey, I am enjoying the sharing with you too! I am learning a lot from you! I have used your yes-no spread and it is very nice! I will be using that a lot thank you for that!

    That's funny about those three queens showing up, that is fun when those little serendipitous moments occur... so you are wanting to know why he hasn't called...

    Hey let's try something fun... a fictitious dialogue!

    In this reading you will be the Princess of Cups, Genevieve of Eclair... and Mike will be the Knight of Cups, Michael of Duboignge. . (Pages can be single ladies, knights single guys, queens are married ladies, kings are married guys.)

    Now, take my hand... and Imagine we are back in Medieval England, and the Princess is in despair! She is estranged from her Knight that she once had an relationship with and she is beside herself over it!

    We find her visiting the Village oracle, Sir Lance Lunalot in his study. They have been friends since childhood and she trusts him with all of her innermost secrets. We are in the room, watching, you and I. However they can't see us. We'll be like ...angels visiting!

    Let us behold...

    The Princess: "(SIgh)...Lance... why has not my Michael called me? I am in tears lately!"

    The Oracle: "I am not sure... I can draw some cards. Would you like me to do that?"

    The Princess: "Yes! And hurry! I don't know how much more of this pain.. I can take!"

    The Oracle: "...okay Genevieve. It's okay... I can look. Would you like some tea as well? While I draw the sacred cards?"

    The Princess: "Oh.. tea sounds lovely Lance... I am so hurt. What is up with him!"

    (Sir Lance moves into the kitchen and prepares tea, and brings it out to her, setting the silver serving plate, along with little tea biscuits, on the little reading table to the side of his silk reading cloth. And pours a cup for them both.)

    The Oracle: "Here you go... drink this, it'll help. And... I'll shuffle..."

    The Oracle: He pulls a card out at random and lays it below the Princess of Cups and the KNight of Cups, and exclaims, "...The Ace of Swords!"

    The Princess: "...What... what does that mean?"

    The Oracle: "It means that, something monumental is occurring in your life. The start of something very significant!"

    The Princess: "Significant? Is this why he hasn't called? You are confusing me Lance!"

    The Oracle: "Bear with me my Lady... the cards must speak for themselves... in spite of our questions. Have you felt the stirrings of something new lately?"

    The Princess: "What do you mean, stirrings? I have felt nothing... but heartache!"

    The Oracle: "Well the card is telling me you are entering a most propitious time in your life."

    The Princess: "Propitious? What... does that word mean? I don't know that word... I must write that down."

    The Oracle: "It means, good fortune my Lady... favorable conditions for... something very nice."

    The Oracle: "Perhaps... something beginning... in love!"

    The Princess: "Oh stop it Lance! You always do this to me with your cards! I... I want a straight answer! Why has this horrible man not called!"

    The Oracle: "Okay, okay... calm down Gennie... we can keep going... say, how is the tea?"

    The Princess: "What? The tea? ... oh, it is quite nice, what is it?"

    The Oracle: "Blueberry... from my garden. With just a touch of peppermint... "

    The Princess: "I like it... it makes me feel... nice."

    The Oracle: "Yes... that is probably the peppermint. It helps with, um... stress relief."

    The Oracle: "Shall we continue?"

    The Princess: "Yes, yes... get on with it!"

    The Oracle: "...we'll shuffle a tad... and... oh my... the Hanged Man."

    The Princess: "... that looks terrible! Is that... why he hasn't called?"

    The Oracle: "Well, his hands are indeed bound."

    The Princess: "Bound? Who has him bound? I'll bet is that horrible Serena of Gaul! "

    The Oracle: "Hmm.. I am not certain that is indicative of another lady... my Lady... "

    The Princess: "Serena of Gaul is not a lady! She is a... wh***!"

    The Oracle: "Gennie! Your language please! We may have... company present you know... angels and ...other spirits!"

    (Hey aquastar, that is where you and I snicker... while we are gazing and watching them, they can't see or hear us of course, tee hee...)

    The Princess: "I'm sorry Lance... it's just... I can't bear the thought of him in the arms of another, especially - her!"

    The Oracle: "I do not think the Hanged Man is having a true relationship my Dear... he is helpless in this card... beset by a situation that has him blocked. For some reason. Do you have any clue what might be causing that?"

    The Princess: "You are asking me? What foolishness is this! You are the oracle!"

    The Oracle: "I must ask the questions my Gennie! Tell me true... do you have an inkling what may cause this poor soul such ...restriction?"

    The Princess: "I... am not sure... although... unless...."

    The Oracle: "Yes? I must hear your heart my Lady... we are gathered with the Spirits here to help us!"

    (Hey Aqua... by now we are doubled over laughing.... helping ourselves to tea and biscuits while we watch the proceedings...)

    The Princess: "There was this one time... where I scolded him."

    The Oracle: "You what? Scolded him?"

    The Princess: "Yes. He called on me one day while I was busy working in my Father's garden... and it was not the right time! I did not want Father to know... I became angry and told him it simply wasn't appropriate!"

    The Oracle: "Oh, I see... and how did he take that?"

    The Princess: "I do not know... that was the last time we spoke. Do you think that is the reason for his reluctance to call? Did I... cause the very thing I loathe!"

    The Oracle: "Well, that is a question for the cards Gennie... we may continue... how about a bit more tea?"

    The Princess: "Yes... that would be lovely Lance... thank you. I must say the tea is helping me. I feel somehow... lighter..."

    The Oracle: "Certainly. .... hmm, that's odd."

    The Princess: "What is it?"

    The Oracle: "The tea... there's but a thimble full left."

    The Princess: "What? We only had two cups..."

    The Oracle: "... and the tea biscuits... did you eat take some of them? I could have sworn I had more than two..."

    The Princess: "Well, we can wait on the tea. I need to know! Have I caused this situation with him?"

    The Oracle: "... that is so strange.. I know I made a full pot... yes, yes... of course... let us inquire."

    The Oracle: "Has the Princess somehow cause the Knight's hands to be bound? Is she responsible for this block in his life?"

    The Oracle: "And we have... ohh.... I see... the Seven of Swords... and it is... Reversed!"

    The Princess: "The Seven of Swords? What... what does that mean! And you said reversed! Tell me quickly! What does that mean?"

    The Oracle: "Oh, my Lady, this is indeed troubling... "

    The Princess: "What? Why is it troubling... does this show that I am to blame? That I have caused the entire mess with him?"

    (Hey Aquastar... now we take the tea pot and brew another full pot of tea... and set it back on the table... and add a few more biscuits... our sides are hurting with laughter by this point! )

    The Oracle: "Yes... this is a sign that you are indeed responsible. You... have perpetrated something that has caused this man much pain... I am... sorry."

    The Princess: "What? What? I did nothing! I was honest with him! I... spoke my heart!"

    The Oracle: "Nevertheless my Lady... it does seem to show that you have plotted the whole affair with him. You have done something... without your knowledge I am certain! An.. innocent mistake... I am sure!"

    The Princess: "Oh Lance! I am crying within! You mean to tell me... that time I spoke to him..."

    The Oracle: "Yes, it - "

    The Princess: " - broke his heart? Oh my Go - "

    The Oracle: "There... easy my Dear, easy... here, let me go brew us another pot of tea and - "

    The Princess: "- what is it Lance? What is it? You are... white as a sheet!"

    The Oracle: "Look... see for yourself... the pot..."

    The Oracle: " full!"

    The Princess: "Oh my g... oh Lance you are scaring me... it was almost empty!"

    The Oracle: "Yes... it was.. and now it is full..."

    The Oracle: "You may go your way lady Genevieve... your love with him will be restored. He will shortly be back in your arms. The... spirits... have spoken in the matter."

    The Princess: "What? We will be together? Are you sure? That is what the tea pot means?"

    The Oracle: "Yes... we are done here... that is your answer my Darling... he will be back in your arms soon... care for some more tea?"

    The Princess: "Really? Back in my arms? You are certain? Oh Lance... that is... wonderful... you are sure? Then... when... when? We must continue! I must then know ...when!

    The Oracle: "My Lady... you are exhausted... here, have this tea... the spirits are weary of so many questions... they want us to.. um... relax."

    The Princess: (sipping her tea) "Oh... that is nice... you have given me new hope Sir Lance... I... feel so much better..."

    The Oracle: "yes... let's savor these few moments and give thanks that Heaven is indeed... guiding us."

    The Oracle: "...biscuit?"

    The Princess: "Oh.. yes thank you... oh my... I do feel so relaxed... and the fire is so warm. I am a bit weary from all of this... would you allow me to lay here for a bit? I do feel so spent Lance!"

    The Oracle: "...yes, certainly alright Gennie... the readings can take a lot out of you. And indeed, we have been visited by the Spirits this evening! We should reflect... and bask in that glow."

    The Princess: "Oh... thank you Lance, you are a saint... say, can you massage my shoulders a little like you usually do after our readings?"

    The Oracle: "My Lady... it would be my honor..."

    (Aquastar, then we finish off the tea biscuits, and settle down for the rest of the evening... to watch the rest of the show... ha ha)

    Hey I hoped you liked that Aquastar! Wasn't that fun? I love dialogue, I think in relationship issues it helps to remove ourselves somehow from the equation, you know? By distancing ourselves and letting the drama play out as something we are WATCHING instead of being bound within.. laughing a little... then we find some freedom and can laugh at ourselves... then... healing... then... relationships restored, once we can distance ourselves.

    I do see you and Mike being restored from this reading. These really were cards for you. The "Why" of things doesn't really matter that much does it? Perhaps what matters is that we can laugh, and become light as a feather. Then... love comes knocking when we least expect it! You may see something in these cards too, please share if you do!

    I will reflect on the rest of your last message.... I wanted to go ahead and reply though while this little dialogue was fresh in my mind... have a wonderful rest of your weekend...



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