AstraAngel, If you have time:)

  • Hi aquastar82

    Thanks for your comments on the art, i try to stay busy with it... 🙂

    The Knights are all focused energies I think... any of us can be a knight depending on if we are really focusing on something intently.

    For example, right now I am playing out a Knight Swords (typing words) while trying to hear spirit (Knight of Cups or High Priestess energy or emotional tuning in). So these energies are constantly shifting depending on what we are up to.

    I go back and forth on trying to predict future outcomes. I think we should live by faith really (which would mean no questions at all just believing that whatever comes is exactly what is right for us). However we are all curious about the future I guess. Maybe no harm in it as long as it is fun and happy!

    As for me and a "lady love"? Well I met a nice lady while painting yesterday and we seemed to click there for a moment. So maybe my luck is turning in love. I sure hope so.

    By the way Lady Love was a good song by Robin Trower :)...

    hugs to you too!


  • Hey Astra,

    How are you doing? I haven't been here in a while.... got busy with work and traveling. So you met a nice lady, that's really nice Astra. How did it go? Are u guys seeing each other?

    Well, I met someone nice too couple of weeks ago, at least I though he was nice, we met but then he never called back , so maybe he didn't feel the same, I hate when that happens don't like all that waiting business, lol!!

    Anyways I am over that, I am facing another dilemma and need some friendly tarot advice 😄 Wondering if you could help, please, 🙂

    Okay so this is about Mike, I have been thinking about him a lot lately since the past few days... I was doing absolutely okay without him a while ago, But i have suddenly started missing him, he is all I think about, like 24/7, and its kinda crazy and now I am all confused and wondering what this is all about. I dunno if I am picking some of his energies or maybe I have just gone nuts, Lol!!

    Can you please look into this for me, I just need a general reading between him and me so Ic an figure out Y the sudden relapse of emotions. Do you see anything happening between us in the near future. I just feel really frustrated right now, so was hoping if you can help me.:)

    I agree with you leaving things to faith, however at times like these a sneak peak into the future can really happy restore one's faith, maybe that's what i am also looking for, fingers crossed!!

    Hope you are still painting, I really liked the self potrait, do you do this on professional basis or just as a hobby? And what about the writing? Do u still do that too?

    Wishing you a good week ahead Astra, CYA around!!



  • Hey aqua I replied to this a little way back however the reply didn't show... let me post this and see if that helps, sometimes the last messages on these threads don't show for some reason...

  • OKAY let's try again... 🙂

    I have a nice angel lady is my gf. She can be whatever she wants to be... maybe one of these days she will have the nerve to show up as a person haha... until then she and I have a good time... I see her in the wind, I see her in my heart, and I see her in the face of every beautiful lady I meet. She is beautiful to me whoever she wants to be...

    Okay I can look at this with you and Mike...

    Wow, there is an intense pentacle (physical) energy between you two right now. Something is developing physically or there is some sort of tangible development somehow between you and him. I see a slew of Pentacles like that I think that something is trying to manifest for you!

    I have been doing these readings on glass using 12 cards and they always tell some sort of story. I stack the cards up when they align (same suit) and the major cards are always on glass (above).

    Starting this reading out with the High Priestess, this is all mystery and secrets and lovely kind of lover's energy... a little mysterious though!

    Then the page of Pentacles and that starts a progression of strong physical energies, a 6, 10, 3 and another 3 (King Pentacles that is him in this reading).

    Then some little swords, a 3 and a 2 so that is light intellectual concerns, some hint of communication perhaps. Then a 10-2 wand which is very strong path developments a 10 is crossroads and then the 2 is affirming a new path (could be together). Then the Strength card (instincts) and the 8 cups shows an emotional expansive growth, could be a door opening there (that was the last card).

    I combined all of the cards together to give you something to work with...

    Wands = 12 = 1+2 = 3 (growth of a path and could seem like a miracle!)

    Cups = 9 (wishes, fulfillment emotionally)

    Swords = 5 so there are some mental adjustments going on. SOmeone is changing their mind about something!

    Pentacles = 24 total = 4 + 2 = 6 = SHARING

    So I would venture to say that you can expect to be sharing soon with him is what all of the pentacles are pointing to, a meeting, you reconnect with a kiss.

    So I do see something really nice here developing! I hope so!

    Yeah nothing wrong with a sneak peek, it takes faith anyway to be on this path at all! We are always walking by faith even when it doesn't feel like it.

    As for painting I am in a lull, although I have some new ideas I am trying perhaps today... and the writing I am always journaling and have a little book about the tarot I am working on, kinda an art type book, hand bound that sort of thing, I love books...

    Okay Aquastar I hope all is well for you and wishing you nice things to happen with Mike and anything else you are desiring!



  • So after tallying up the card totals, we come up with an "angel number" of 3956 so that is your "lucky love number" for you and Mike right now! 🙂

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