AstraAngel, If you have time:)

  • Wow Wow Wow!! That was absolutley brilliant. You really are multitalented and you have such a beautiful way with words, they just seemd to flow effortlessly. Have you ever thought about penning a book, maybe like a romance novel set in those medivial time, I guarrentee it will be a best seller. 🙂

    I am a huge fan of historic romamnce novels:) and your little dialogue was right up there with the best that i have ever read. You should definately think about it.

    He still hasnt called and i just cant help but wonder maybe he is not into me anymore. His divorce case is almost over, he is doing well materially and i am not really his focus. He is living his life and he does not want to deal with any stress.He knows with me there will be a confrontation, i will ask question and he doesnt want to deal with any of that at this point.

    Your reading was very entertaining, it had me smiling all the way till the end:) though i would have liked to see much better cards but i guess life isnt always about what we want. i have no control over his feelings or what he wants from his life. I may love him to death but if he doesnot feel the same way there isnt anything i can do to change that. All i can do is to pray to GOD and the angels above to give me strength to move ahead in life.

    You have given me some really wonderfull reading but no matter how many readings I ask for Astra it wont change the way things are or the way they are meant to be and it breaks my heart to realize that the man I Love so much may not be in my destiny. :((

    While I am writing this post a part of me is wondering should I text him again to remind him that i am still waiting for his call Isint it pathetic? I feel dejected and confused. All those Y's are floating in my head while my heart is breaking into pieces. Sigh!! I wish i could just run away from all of this and hide somewhere, I just cant take all this waiting, these questions, heartache anymore - its all just so overwhelming.

    I must have done atleast a dozen yes/no reading to find out will he call, will we reunite, will we meet - and yet there no clarity. Sorry Astra, i know i am really just rambling and making very little sense but somehow writing all of this is very soothing. I hope God or Angels or whoever is up there reads some of this gives me some clarity, Please Please Heaven please help me!!

    About your reading - Ace of Swords/ Hanged Man/Seven of Swords.

    Ace of Swords - To me this card is all bout Thoughts/Mind - Clarity of thoughts maybe. Like a sword cutting through those dark clouds of doubt leading to bright clear sky of knowing what needs to be done - Knowledge. Not sure of its meaning in context with Y he hasnt called. Maybe he has finally found some clarity with respect to me and i think Hanged man asserts the same, change of perspective - dont know if all this is in a positive way like maybe he wants to reconnect or probably negative, he doesnt wish to pursue me anymore.

    Seven of Swords (R) - well tarditionally this card says that there might be something happening behind your back or without your knowledge. I am again confused since Ace of Swords is all about clarity. However, I have thought over your interpreation as well and well this thought has crossed my mind too that i might have done or said something to push him away. And I have a felling this was probably has something to do with me refusing to read for him.

    Thank you again for those hopeful words in the end. I dont know Astra what I would have done without you, talking to you about all this really calms me down. Whenevr I think of you, i will picture you as an Angel:) cos that how you have been to me and to a lot of other people on this site.

    You are always in my prayers along with Mike!!:)

    Have a great Sunday Astra:)



  • Hey Aquastar

    Historic romance novels huh? Hmm... could be fun. I have written a lot of dialogue. I have this one blog I write for that is mostly all dialogue. It's a little "naughty" though so not sure what kind of novel you can make out of situations that are a little, well, um... provocative, you know? Sigh.. not sure where my best path is. I do love the dialogue, it is often humorous and has me laughing, and lately... anything that can get me laughing is better than the alternative.

    I will give the romance novels some thought. Is there such a thing as "R" rated romance novels, or are they all polly-anna pure and innocent? My style of writing ain't so innocent. Sometimes I feel that Heaven has me in some kind of deep freezer though, like everything I have touched, tried, written, created - has gone nowhere! Ugh! Really puzzles me. Oh well, if you want to check it out just go to my astraangel dot com. Is that shameless promotion? I don't care. **** it. Don't go there unless you don't mind some mild x x x dialogue... and a little fun profane language. Are the angels opposed to that? I don't care. **** it. Hey, we are physical beings what difference does it make?

    Here is my latest theory about relationships. You meet someone and hit it off. Let's say you have some sort of connection for a while and it is wonderful! Then... something happens, and all of sudden they tell you take a walk, or something happens to sever you... and you reach out... repeatedly... and nothing. Not a whisper back from them. Nothing. or if you DO get something it is weird, and you can't make heads or tails of them.

    You are tempted to give up thinking about them.. yet your heart really cares about them and it is the closest you have ever felt to true love... and yet THEY (in your case this is this Mike dude) won't give you the time of day. And yet your heart fell for them, hook line and sinker... and you try... and try... and try... and you try... and try... and try...and try...and try...and try...and try...and try...and try...and try...and try...and try...and try...and try...and try...and try...and try... to believe that there is something still between you and the "other".

    And yet... the reality is they seem off on another planet and you gradually get worn out trying to believe there even was anything!

    What do you do? I think you just write it off as some kind of cosmic joke, something "up there" getting a big laugh I guess.

    That is a hard place to be though... because then, to walk away from them, and try to forget them, it feels like you are turning your back on everything you believed in. For me that was FOLLOW YOUR HEART and my heart told me HER! ... and so.... at some point you finally have to admit, hmm, maybe my heart was wrong. Maybe I was deluded. Maybe the feelings weren't real, maybe you were fooled... whatever... so you are sitting there holding your heart in your hands, wondering what the heck do I trust now? My heart has let me down! Led me into a love that was a DEAD END.

    And in that place, you cry out to God, the Universe or whatever, and you finally realize...

    wait a minute.

    I though this was true love with her/him. I thought it was real, I thought we were meant to be together in some bright way... and share a heavenly love that was very high. And maybe it WAS real...

    for me.

    But maybe it wasn't real for her. Or him.

    So then it dawns on you. Hey, maybe there can be someone else who ECLIPSES whatever you had with that person. For you, that would be this Mike of yours, for me it could perhaps a lady I dearly loved. Now, I don't know where she is.

    And it doesn't matter.


    Because is there can be TRUE Love that you feel... with one person... then there can be an even TRUER LOVE, a HIGHER LOVE, that is even brighter! With someone new.

    That is my current hope, that while I am waiting for "her" to respond (which could happen about the same time that he11 freezes over)... I could be opeing my heart to another... someone even more perfect for me. And whatever I felt with her... will find a new home with someone even more suitable, more perfectly matched, more suitable, more closely aligned with my personality and creativity.

    So then, you keep "loving" your previous flame while keeping your heart open to someone newer and nicer (for you) that would be a much better fit... even though your guy/my girl seemed like heaven!

    So, you keep loving them, somehow. Pray for them once in a while. Wish them light and blessing. While you also begin to open your heart to new possibilities. That is the only approach I can figure out.

    A lot of people hang on to these dead end relationships because they are trying, trying to follow their heart. And their heart has loved that person - deeply. Perhaps though, that is all practice, for the "REAL THING" to finally arrive, you know?

    I don't know how many more dead end loves I can handle though. I am pretty worn out from the whole proposition, like, I am looking forward to just floating away if you catch my drift, because trying to live life alone, with no companionship that is real and sweet and caring one for the other makes no sense to me. I give up. Without that I am ready to go home.

    Does that make any sense? I am at the end of my relationship rope. I have reached out until I feel dead inside from giving energy and getting nothing in return. So I am open to someone new someone who eclipses whatever was "back there".

    For you that would be your guy. Whatever you had with him, you will have someone better, should he continue to ignore you. Same with me. I think it is time to forget everyone, everything, from "back there". **** it. It didn't work out. It went nowhere. Left me crying so many tears I am surprised I have any left. So whatever... I am worn out trying to figure it all out.

    Hey, how does that sound? I am the last one to give up on a relationship. But after so long a time... with NOTHING happening... is it really a relationship? No. So forget it. Love him. Love her. Like you would love anyone, wish them a prayer of blessing - and MOVE ON.

    That is my latest strategy anyway. I give up on whatever has been in my past. ALL of it.

    I am rambling. You seem like someone I can open up with, I have been carrying so much love that has gone nowhere in my life... I need a real friend... if there are still any out there...

    my dream is to one day meet a lovely lady who is very spiritual and creative and team up to do something fantastic and fulfilling and be successful together... helping others along the way... healing the earth... leaving creation a better place than when we arrived. That's my vision. I am not giving up. As long as I have at least one foot outside the grave... I am not giving up on love. It has to be out there.

    I'll keep giving those cards some thought for you... I am just sharing... I am exhausted...

    Maybe we can do something together aqua. We can co-author ...steamy... romance novels ha ha... you write really lovely... your words ....they are from your heart. So rare... you have a gift... you are a beautiful person...

    love, this Sunday


  • Hi Astra,

    How are you? Hope this week has started off well for you! Mine for sure has started with a twist:) I am on road for the next couple of days. I had typed out a nice long reply but somehow it got lost while posting, I guess this could be because I am accessing this site through my handphone.

    So will revert in detail later by the weekend. Its a pain typing long messages through blackberry Ugh!!

    Mike has been playing on my mind a lot lately and I was wondering whether it would be a good idea if I just ask him his intentions via an email/ text message. What do you think? Any words of wisdom? I had a text ready to be sent to him today but I chickened out at the last minute:)

    Could you please do a quick reading on this? I wish I had my cards with me!!

    I am sorry to hear about your lady. Guess she broke your heart really bad, there was lot of pain in your words and I think you are right about the New Truer Love. I think about this too a lot that maybe there is someone much better out there waiting for us broken hearted:) You have a heart of gold and any girl who doesn't see that probably doesn't deserve you. Haven't we all heard this like a gazillion times:) If only our broken hearts could believe it and heal!!

    Okay Astra, I am gonna keep this post short, don't want it getting lost again. Will wait to hear your thoughts on my question.

    Wishing you a lovely week ahead!!



  • Hey Aquastar82

    I am doing fine. Still trying to figure out whether I am moving or not! Ugh, Capricorns don't budge too easily it takes a lot to get the goat to make a decision about anything any different ha ha. I guess you are Aquarius, you probably float into new life paths a lot easier than this goat man ha ha.

    Yeah, I am sri about that last post, sometimes something will touch a nerve and its like the past comes charging back again. Ugh I am so fed up with that. I try to keep my personal life out of the tarot but sometimes honesty is the best policy... I don't have too many around me that I can really open my heart to without getting into an argument so it gets bottled up. I could keep a therapist busy 24/7.

    Sure thing let's take a look at your guy and see about asking him his intentions...

    Ten of Cups - Yep, go for it.

    Yeah, I don't know about this "true love" business... I have tried to believe in that for the longest time, however the results are not looking so great so far. Have to let it go. Let it be pleasant surprise if it ever happens, until then I will just enjoy life as it comes and not expect anything one way or the other. Sigh. Capricorns don't like to give up their pursuits.

    Okay aqua you have a wonderful week too! You also have a very open and understanding heart! Some guy will be so fortunate to be with you, I am wishing that happens for you in the nicest way possible!

    Love and light


  • Hey Astra,

    How are you doing? I am back from my road trip and I think you are now in the middle of a move. Well, if it helps I am no different than you when it comes to dealing with a change and making decision. I am not too fond of changes myself. I love my comfort zone 🙂 And I can take ages to make my mind i will think, think, rethink and then think some more Hahaha.

    By the way i did try to go on to your blog to read some "R" rated stuff, LOL but i think I got the wrong URL. You will probably have to help me with the link to it.

    So have you settled into your new home? How are the new surroundings? Are you liking it? There is always a thrill attached to new location, new people, new home!! I have a gut feel that this move will be good for you so don't worry Astra, It will all turn out perfectly and that TRUE Love, you never know you might find it when you are least expecting it. I have seen it happen with people around me.

    My best friend had been through a really difficult breakup and then suddenly out of the blue Love hit her, She changed her job and met a wonderful man in her new workplace:) Isn't that nice!! It just takes a little a longer in some special cases 🙂 But I am hopeful that love is out there for all of us and one day (hopefully soon) it will arrive and all this pain that we feel will be washed away!!

    So you got Ten of Cups for asking Mike his intention, Nice:) I did send him a text asking him his intentions and Astra you wont believe what happened?? Absolutely nothing!! Yeah Astra nothing happened cos the message never got delivered!!! Sigh!! For some reason it just never went through, I don't know whether I am disappointed or relieved 🙂 I just took it to mean that heaven wants me to wait and let things unfold at their own pace. Those Angels above do have a sense of humor!! So I have let it rest for now. Though i still wonder about a future with him and yes it does hurt knowing he was here and he didn't bother to contact me. This really does crush my hopes.

    Okay Astra, you have a lovely week ahead and stay in touch!!



  • Just wanted to add - your dream lady, she is out there and you will find her. I know you will just don't give up on your dream, its a beautiful dream and I will pray that it turns into realty soon 🙂

  • Hey Astra,

    How are you? Haven,t seen you here in a long long time. Hope everything is going well for you, wherever ever you are!!



  • Hi aquastar

    Nice to hear from you! I have been away for a while, got back earlier this week from my trip back East, spent some time with my mom so that was nice. I had hoped to escape for a while, try to attain some insight as to my path, and what in the **** is going on with me, as so much has not exactly gone so well. Leaving me with a lot of questions... and a very short supply of answers. ANyway, it was nice... and now... I am back here with family and still scratching my head ha ha... I did see some butterflies while there, that was nice...

    I still hold on to a relationship possibility... although I have had to release any and everyone from my past. Ugh. Nothing has exactly worked out, so I am looking for someone that may be a pleasant surprise for a change. Whatever. I am weary of trying to believe in people... I will try to believe in Spirit and something "up there" that hopefully has a better idea as to who/what is best for us... sigh... I am getting worn out from trying to believe much of anything anymore... the Tarot is about the only thing really working for me... fine... maybe my "dream companion" will also be these "crafts" also...

    Let's see... so you sent Mike your txt and it didn't even get delivered? Yes, I think you are right.... a reason for that... so I would let it rest as you have undoubtedly been doing... that is about all we can do...

    I'll draw some cards for you this morning and see what comes up... you are the Queen of Wands as the significator in this...

    Queen of Pentacles. You must be concerned with your material life right now more than anything? She replaces the Queen of Wands. So you are feeling much more practically minded lately? Concerned with the setting of your life...

    The Sun - says you are entering a time of happiness and comfort, and things will now become brighter for you.... you may not be "feeling" it so much, however that is where your life is heading... much brighter.... much, much brighter. Much, much, much, much brighter. In exactly what ways? Light... freedom of spirit... and surprises....

    Page of Wands - messages. Communication. Seems to be of a creative nature somehow... good news is what I get. Something you have had your hopes pinned on, you will hear something about that which gives you some new guidance and insight. Creative ways or a project you have been working on?

    Seven of Pentacles. A pause in your life. So, the Sun, Page Wands and... stop. Ugh. Don't you hate it when that happens. This spread I think is addressing something about you and Mike....

    THe Sun... great optimism about him.... bright dreams... high hopes... and that message you sent... what will he say... how will he respond... yes?.. I sent it... waiting.... oh, what is he thinking... what will happen????????????

    and then....



    Regroup. And now... The KNIGHT of Wands! Hmm... he... or someone... is still out there and very interested.... something is going on in the background I think, that is hidden from view...

    the Seven Pentacles was that "pause" which you have been dealing with since that txt... then the Knight seems to be saying matters start up again very fast "with someone" or in some direction that is very "hot" and inspiring...

    Then, the Six of Cups... the card of nostalgic love, connections to the past... like the Knight of Wands carries you away and drops you right into a nice romantic fairy tale... again...

    Seven of Cups... daydreams... hopes and longings, imagining love, possibilities... coming with that Seven of Cups shows a lot of fantasizing.... options.... pondering and weighing out your path. This seems to be where you are now?

    And then, the ACE of Pentacles shows something very strong beginning materially, surprisingly after those cups. Wistfulness gives way to something amazing and prosperous in your journey that appears to eclipse the daydreams and replaces them with things seen... crafty and nice... and very profitable.... a new beginning.... and it is very fulfilling... as we saw that Queen of Pentacles who is all about material blessings and her life being SUCCESSful... she receives her wish... and starts into something new and VERY exciting... deeply rewarding... for YOU.... centered in YOUR heart, the work of your hands....

    The Spread kinda ended up looking like a TREE... not sure if that has significance for you? Something about a tree, good fortune...

    The over all sense I have Aqua is something like this....

    You are a very spiritual lady (Q wands) ... and of course true love is of the utmost importance! However...

    You are also very, very, very creative (Q pent) and love to work with your hands.... and creating beauty around you is very near and dear to your heart! (The SUn) So.... in the midst of your own chasing of love with messages and that hope of hopes, your companion (page wands) you encounter a setback (no response, Seven of Pentacles)... and now its "sigh time"... and so you pull back...

    however... you are still creatively inspired! Chasing love for you means chasing spiritual things (Knight Wands)... your path... understanding yourself.. appreciating yourself....

    You still have all of this emotional LOVE energy to contend with though... the Six of Cups and Seven of Cups has you bouncing back and forth between memories of love in the past (Mike?) and dreams of NEW love and the possibilities of surprises (7 cups)... so you are growing there, as you let go of hanging all of your dreams on one possibility... so this has been a tremendous growth process for you! And then...

    coming out of all of that creative wands + LOVE longings/desires.... arises a Phoenix of Blessings gift wrapped for YOU... the ACE of PENTACLES appears out of the mists and fog of your life.... reflecting back to YOU what an amazing lady you are....

    Because.... you never gave up on love.... yes.... but more importantly.... and most importantly...



    I hope that was a blessing to you Aqua... I saw so clearly there how creative and beautiful you are... and you have gifts my darling that are quite wonderful... heaven wants to bring that out more and more. I am hearing that your pain. these experiences of love not exactly working out... all contributes into this lovely fiery work that you are entering... not sure exactly how all of that connects, but they do tie together. Almost like you have learned something wonderful from the LOST LOVE of the past and all of yur daydreaming of love... and coming out of that is a WORK that lifts you *(and others) up... and you are like "YES! NOW I SEE how all of this fits together... and you ARE OFF and running... creating... like the wind... like a FIRE STORM... and your song, your heart, your gifts, your personality, your amazing SPIRIT IS REVEALED for the Earth... and you enter a phase of incredible productivity... and blessings like you can't imagine!

    Wow... I wasn't expecting all that, but there you go! Does any of that resonate with you?

    Okay Aquastar... I wish you a wonderful weekend... let me know what you think, or have questions... we can probe deeper on anything... the reading seems to be really focusing on YOU now...

    Oh, and you are right about my dream lady... she is out there for sure... I hope she has a great sense of humor... 🙂

    love, astra

  • Hii Astra,

    It is so good to hear from you again. I have missed you around here so really glad that you are back:)

    Hope your time away was peaceful, its nice that you spent some time with your mum . Aren’t woods the perfect place to be when you are in a reflective mood:)

    So you had to let go of past relationships. OUCH! that must have been painful. At times I wonder why certain people enter our lives only to leave us later. But I guess overall it helps us learn and grow, now that you have successfully left your past behind you can look forward to a brighter future and keep your self open for your dream lady to walk into your life:) And I need to take some Tips from you Mister cos I am finding it almost impossible to leave my past behind and according to Captain (I asked captain for a quick reading while you were away) this is a cleanup year for me where I need to leave my past behind to let new love enter my life!! Phew!!

    I haven't heard from Mike in all these days and this definitely had me asking a lot of questions myself and like you I am still waiting for those answers. I decided to give Mike a break for a while and focus on maybe finding someone else and well I did meet this nice guy but I don't know what happened he probably didn't think I fit the bill so after a few conversation and one meeting I am still waiting to hear from him 😞

    So that Seven of Pentacles you saw in your reading might be reflecting an overall theme. By the way Thank you so much for the reading. That was very sweet of you  your words are so soothing, they always calm me down, you have a very special gift Astra and we are all really lucky to have you share your gifts with us!!

    Past few weeks have been really difficult both professionally and personally. Work wise things have been really chaotic and I might have to start looking out for a new job soon though I am not in a dire state right now and thing are under control but there are lot of changes happening around me and yes material concerns have been playing on my mind (Queen of Pentacles).

    I am not sure who this Knight of wands is though, we have always seen Mike as Knight/King of Pentacles. I pulled out three cards myself last nite as to what can I expect in the next three months for mike and me and this is what I got –

    World/Justice/Knight of Wands

    I always see World as a very positive card. Getting what you want/ Apex level of happiness /World is the last major Arcana Card and so it’s also about completion and beginning a new journey. So I don’t know whether the world is saying that my relationship with Mike has come a full circle and I need to start a new journey go back to being a Fool. What do you think??

    Justice – This card really struck a nerve with me. Off late I have honestly been feeling that Universe is being unfair to me. I know I shouldn’t really feel like this and have more faith but I guess Astra I had put in a lot with Mike and it really hurts to know that he does not need me anymore. I feel like a commodity that he used while he needed that emotional support from me and now that things are back on track for him he doesn’t feel the need to keep me anymore. I don’t know what else I could do to get him back? Or should I even be thinking about getting him back??

    Knight of Wands – I honestly have no clue whether this knight is Mike or someone else? I would like to believe its Mike galloping back into my life. Past few months have made me realize that life is hardly what we think it is!! SIGH!!

    At times I think I need a closure with Mike. I need to tell him how I feel, what his behavior is doing to me? There is just so much that’s unsaid between us. I need to meet him to lay it all out once. See his reaction. See if his face reflects any emotions for me, Love, Hatred, Pain, Anything?? He was supposed to be here this month, and I was hoping to use this opportunity to get it all out of me. I have done dozens of readings to find out if I will meet him this month and they all said I will but the month is coming to an end and I haven’t heard from him yet.

    I think my cards are reflecting only what I want to see not what the reality might me. Astra, could you please do a reading for me and check if I am going to meet anytime this month or in the next few weeks? If yes, then what will it lead to??

    I have decided to stop reading cards till I can figure out some sanity in my life.

    And Astra, there is absolutely no rush for my reading, you can take your time. Do it at your own pace. Now that you are back I am sure your hands are full, though I would suggest you take it a little slow cos it can be really overwhelming 🙂

    Take Care Astra and Have a lovely week ahead!!



  • Hi Aquastar

    Yes, the trip back east was nice... the woods so lovely there, I took a lot of walks!

    World/Justice/Knight of Wands

    I always see World as a very positive card. Getting what you want/ Apex level of happiness /World is the last major Arcana Card and so it’s also about completion and beginning a new journey. So I don’t know whether the world is saying that my relationship with Mike has come a full circle and I need to start a new journey go back to being a Fool. What do you think??

    I think you are right. Something finishes up with Mike and that enters a phase where JUSTICE comes in, sorting out some things I believe... could be a time where you reconnect in a new way (like you said, coming full circle). ALmost like the past with him, the experiences whatever they were, added up to this mountain/pile of "stuff".. feelings, moments, events, choices, outcomes.... and that Justice takes you both by the hand and gives you both a chance to weigh and reward, maybe forgive forget? Then the Wand Knight picks back up, athough now in a new Spirit toward you. How does that sound?

    (Justice)" I don’t know what else I could do to get him back? Or should I even be thinking about getting him back?? "

    I don't think you need to worry there Aqua... love, relationships seem (to me) to be born more on angel's wings than anything we do or don't do. We "think" we have to do something to make things work out, change, develop... and I am the worst at that, always thinking I have to "do something" to fix a wrong, correct something, keep a friend or love or whatever.... and I just end up making matters worse. I learned that the hard way through an unfortunate series of events that played out rather nastily... so my lesson learned (I hope) is to trust Heaven more for these areas that involve other people... you love Mike right? And I know he loves you too! We all have these little twists and turns we seem to go through... and we are thinking... "OMG... its over... oh what shall I do! ... oh no! How can I win him back, get him to call me, get her to call me, on and on..." when the plain and simple truth is, angels are handling everything for a very bright and lovely story... so the best strategy is no strategy. Do nothing. Give up. Abandon hope. ANd then wait... to be surprised.

    We think great faith means not giving up... great faith means basically totally giving up, letting go, and then... you enter the Universe (the World) where you just become a floating energy! Like putty in the hands of God... free to be moved about to the bliss you deserve.... that to me is real faith... and at some point in every beautiful relationship of love that has ever been, there comes that moment where you "let them go"... and trust that if something ever does happen, it will happen because Spirit wills it... and that place is where you make peace..

    Hey I have to run to pick my daughter up from the doc, *(I am sitting here at starbucks) but I will come back to this thread with you later...

    love and light


  • Hey agn Aqua...

    I want to finish up a response...

    Knight of Wands – I honestly have no clue whether this knight is Mike or someone else? I would like to believe its Mike galloping back into my life. Past few months have made me realize that life is hardly what we think it is!! SIGH!!

    At times I think I need a closure with Mike. I need to tell him how I feel, what his behavior is doing to me? There is just so much that’s unsaid between us. I need to meet him to lay it all out once. See his reaction. See if his face reflects any emotions for me, Love, Hatred, Pain, Anything?? He was supposed to be here this month, and I was hoping to use this opportunity to get it all out of me. I have done dozens of readings to find out if I will meet him this month and they all said I will but the month is coming to an end and I haven’t heard from him yet.

    I think my cards are reflecting only what I want to see not what the reality might me. Astra, could you please do a reading for me and check if I am going to meet anytime this month or in the next few weeks? If yes, then what will it lead to??

    I have decided to stop reading cards till I can figure out some sanity in my life.

    And Astra, there is absolutely no rush for my reading, you can take your time. Do it at your own pace. Now that you are back I am sure your hands are full, though I would suggest you take it a little slow cos it can be really overwhelming 🙂


    as for Mike being your KNIGHT OF Wands ...

    I drew the KING of Wands!

    So, I want to say it would be him re-entering at the right time... but we can't really know for sure you know? Still, seeing that King Wands show up to your Knight sounds really sweet to me.... all I know is that you really love someone, there is going to be that time where that love has to be sown into the ground, allowed to die... released completely back to Heaven and not hold on to anything at all, except wishing him the absolute best, happiness and love on his own terms, in whatever way that could be...

    That is the most painful time of love, it is when love goes to sleep... and fades to black. Will he come back later, after the seed has died and something new sprouts up? I don't know, but I love to think of love like that.

    There comes a point where a really deep relationship has to pass away... and it can be the most exquisite connection you can imagine... soul mates, such deep connection... and yet in that time of passing, it has to be given back to Heaven like a sacrifice, in the hopes that something new, higher and even deeper may come forth. I want to believe that matters will still work out for you and him...

    Lets do a reading on this question...

    check if I am going to meet anytime this month or in the next few weeks? If yes, then what will it lead to??>>>

    Four of Wands. Pretty good outlook for a meet up... When?

    Timing I got Knight of Pentacles, Seven of Cups, and the Page of Pentacles, a Pentacle sandwich... pentacles and cups are kinda slow energies, however the seven seems more like its kinda up in the air... the Knight must be him (dragging his feet) and the Page sounds like messages from him... so I would stay optimistic about hearing something soon...

    And the King of Pentacles... wow, that is all three male Pentacle court cards together.... very strong male presence so I am going to say you WILL be in HIS presence for sure... THe DEVIL seems to say you two are sorta chained together somehow... I think he hangs out with you whether you "see" him or not. I think yours is a spirit relationship, and part of your journey is understanding that hidden connection between the two of you. I think that is what is going on with many, the relationships are really striving to enter that deeper, more like an ESP realm where the connections are on a transcendent level... so that REQUIRES separation in order to establish the connection deep as the night.

    What will a meet up lead to?

    Three of Pentacles. A work. That is interesting. Were you two considering some sort of shared work, project, helping others, using your talents together somehow? That seems to be a strong message here... or it could be "working things out" that is a meaning of the three pentacles...

    The Moon... should be an emotional meeting, some thresholds crossed...

    Nine of Cups... sharing wishes and dreams...

    Overall I do see an opening up of communication again...

    Though for now matters are in the Five of Pentacle phase, feeling shut out, quiet and cut off... ugh, I know that is not fun. The best thing to do is let that love between you go into the ground, acknowledge to Heaven that you are at Spirit's mercy, and as much as you love him, Spirit will have the best path arranged. So then, you open your heart up to anyone... and you may be surprised that you see Mike in so many others too! Like... his spirit can appear in so many ways... I get a little out there with my ideas of spirit love, but I really think that is where we are all trying to get to.... something a little more transcendent so that even when our lover "Aint around" we dont go to pieces and freak out... see him as an angel... caring and kind, and it could very well be that He is arranging everthing for the two of you... even though you can't see anything happening.

    Hey I hope that gives you something to think about... I am a little off in the clouds today so I could be babbling ha ha... wishing you much happiness and love and I pray you two get back together... I want to say Heaven really wants that to happen....



  • Hey Astra,

    Finally, I get some time to reply to your amazingly insightful post. It was lovely to read your response to my questions, though i am really sorry for the late response. things have been really hectic around here!!!

    How are you doing?? Your reply made me feel that you have done lot of soul searching while you were away. Its a difficult process but at times a much needed one. I think I should take a couple of walks in the Woods myself, lol!! This whole situation with Mike is just beyond me and you are right Astra, I should leave it into Heavens hand. I actually had to read your post twice to completely absorb it all, specially your comment on FAITH -

    "great faith means basically totally giving up, letting go, and then... you enter the Universe (the World) where you just become a floating energy! Like putty in the hands of God... free to be moved about to the bliss you deserve.... that to me is real faith... and at some point in every beautiful relationship of love that has ever been, there comes that moment where you "let them go"... and trust that if something ever does happen, it will happen because Spirit wills it... and that place is where you make peace."

    These line really summed up what i need to do with Mike. Let Him Go! Set both of us Free! and let Heaven and Angels above work their magic in our lives. 🙂

    But how does one do that? I wish there was a some sort of Manual, like a step by step guide, LOL!! Do i just decide in my heart that i will not pursue him? Do i take him off my blackberry? what do i do?

    Was thinking about these thing last night when i got a message from him, kept staring at his text it for so long, didnt know what to do? All he said in his text is he would be here by 29th Feb or 1st March and he will talk to me soon. I didn't know how to respond. I tried asking him how things are with him and Y was he behaving like a stranger all these months but i didn't get a reply and I didn't ask anything again.

    Well, I spent the entire night trying to figure things out. Is this some sort of a message from heaven to not give up or is this heavens way of saying go get your closure with him and once you do that don't look back!! I would like to believe the former but I have a very strong feeling that the latter one is more close to reality. Any insights, Astra!!

    I am not sure any more whether I should meet him? The way he has behaved in the past few months, I am really wondering, IS he really worth it?? Why would he send me a text telling me his whereabouts, when he is clearly been ignoring me all this while? Does he want to meet me? If yes, then for what?? What does he want from me???

    I have no idea what I should do?? cant figure this out on my own.I am gonna ask you for your advice, Astra? I. I am scared of whats to come. I don't know what I fear more, letting him go or working things out with him. All I know is this would be make or break for me with Mike. I am just praying that this whole thing with Mike however it turns out does not break me and I can come out of it strong and confident.!!

    Your readings definitely give me hope. Your reading on whether we would meet soon may just turn out to be right. Though that Pentacle sandwich has me worrying a little. Thats a lot of pentacle together and when u add the Devil card to it all just sounds too physical?? I don't want him with me purely for physical reasons, where are his emotion?? Does he not feel any emotions for me??

    Astra, do u mind doing a reading again?? I know you have already checked on what a meeting with him lead to but with this new development do u think another reading might help?

    I like the idea of being at spirits mercy. I guess I am coming to terms with the fact that I have done everything that I could to try and save this relationship. I don't think I will ever completely forget him but i don't want to spend the rest of my life wondering whether we will be together one day. Its his last text to me that's confusing me, LOl!!

    I know I have really rambled on, lol, but you understand me and this situation with Mike so well, I feel I can open up to you. By the way, hows your search for the dream lady going?? Any lady would be lucky to have you!! you have such a gentle heart... I will pray that you meet you lady love soon, very soon!!

    Wishing you lifetime of Joy and Happiness!!



  • Hi Astra,

    Just wanted to Bump up the tread so that you could see it whenever you have the time. Hope all is well. Have a lovely Monday ahead!! 🙂



  • Hey Astra,

    Read some of your post, just wanted to drop in and say Hi!! Good to see u back, how have u been?

    Any luck with your dream lady?



  • Hi there Aquastar

    Nice to hear from you, and I apologize for not responding sooner, I have had some personal matters that required me to be alone more I guess, The Hermit you know? Otherwise all is well, or at least as well as it should be at this point in the journey. Anyway, let's see what is going on with you and Mike and we'll go from there. Not sure if that is still ongoing with him?, I will assume so, those types of connections don't just disappear easily.

    Let's do a relationship reading on you and him and see what turns up!

    So we'll create two figures for you and him, and look at the energies to see about deducing something. I have been using this spread a lot lately and it really does a nice job imho of opening out relationships.


    Head - Nine of Cups - so emotional solidity, your thoughts are turning around a dependable and steady flowing emotional place for yourself. Your thinking of love in a mature way, you may have recently attained a sort of epiphany about your emotional life. Emotional stability seems to be your keynote right now.

    Heart - The Two of Swords - this is a very nice balanced intellectual energy, your heart seems very quiet and composed, withdrawn a little from life perhaps, this is a nice quiet energy deep inside of you. While your thinking seems to be absorbed on an emotional matter, your heart is focusing on maintaining a calm intellectual energy.

    Feet - The Ace of Wands - this position refers to your life path, steps you are taking, life purpose. This Ace of Wands tells me you are very focused on establishing the "new you", a new, strong and purposeful self-identity that you are striving to discover. Your steps are being taken with this in mind, you are wanting to do the things that build up your identity and positive self image which is excellent! As this has your figure standing on a point you might feel a little wobbly at times, however you are keeping yourself balanced and doing well.

    Reaching out - This is something you are reaching for to act upon in the near future, or you could be active at this now. The Judgment (resurrection) card is all about a "Phase Change" developing in your life! I think you are sensing this already and are taking action, you could be doing some personal "house cleaning" to prepare yourself, some areas of your life might be falling away, and you are simplifying your life to match up to this energy. Very exciting I see some amazing developments coming for you, as you enter into this "new phase" of life!

    Letting go - The Page of Cups (I just saw this same card in this same position for Arieslass a while ago in her reading). So this is a card of you having recently taken some emotional risk in some area of life. You may have opened up to someone, sent an email, you took a risk to reveal your heart and became vulnerable. This is now in the past and you are now shifting focus to more quiet intellectual energies as you enter the "Phase change" now opening for you in that judgment card.

    Now let's look at Mike:

    Head - The Hierophant - this is a card of "connecting to a philosophy" and so his thoughts are turning lately around something that he respects in a thought process, could be a religious or spiritual interest, could be something of a "traditional" system of thought. He seems concerned about "connecting" with something higher than himself.

    Heart - The Magician - "Comparing realities", his heart is comparing this life or that, he is imagining various life roles or occupations or paths for himself. He could be envisioning himself with someone, some fantasizing about possibilities in some area of life, probably an emotional and intellectual issue, as we are seeing 8 cups and 7 swords total between his heart and head.

    Feet - The Eight of Wands - this card tells me he is taking steps to reflect on and prioritize his life roles. This card connects with the two above (Hierophant and Magician) to really focus on his life path and self identity as he seeks to find a "new me". THis is his path now.

    Reaching out - The Queen of Wands - Again more wands so his actions are all about securing a solid and dependable self identity. He is focused on maintaining a very mature self image and role in his life.

    Letting go - The Star - this is a card of "boundless resources" and hope, receiving resources either from without or on a psychic level. So he has experienced something where he was receiving help, supply, resources in some area, could even be emotionally counseling or emotional support form someone. This could have helped him to move forward with his focus on his self identity (wands) concerns.

    Okay so that is each of you. You can see how his figure has a lot more energy going on (you have a lot more "white space" with your cards, his are filled more with the suit symbols, so he is probably under more stress or effort than you right now. Your energies are altogether much more relaxed and quiet, while his total energies are more active (wands) and purposed to achieve some goals for himself.

    Now we can look at the relationship itself (what the two of you are together) to see how your energies combine or cancel out.

    Head: Four cups - This is a card of acting on what is felt, and there is a desire in the relationship to communicate something emotionally, the four is foundational and this sounds like the thoughts of this relationship are to move forward emotionally.

    Heart - FOUR CUPS again, two swords and the Ace of Pentacles. Again the four of cups, so this energy (acting on what is felt) is even operating in the heart as well which means that head and heart are both working together to move to a four cup level which is foundations emotionally, could be a more formal commitment, a steady relationship, something emotionally, intuition or even psychically is wanting to be solidified. The Two swords aligns with your heart, so that is a shared energy with him. Then, the Ace of Pentacles is a new beginning on the physical level, and represents the material manifestation of "the relationship". It is the only pentacle in the relationship in terms of a present or future energy. That sounds good to me!

    Feet - Nine of Wands, so the "path" of the relationship is really wanting to attain a mature identity, as in "who we are" as a couple. This is driving the course of your union and represents the purpose and plan of the relationship. Also notice this Aqua... look at how your ACE wands fits right into the center of his Eight of Wands to form the Nine. You are a key to his life in the area of self-identity, he is searching for what you are providing in energy there, very cool.

    Reaching out - Judgment - So this matches up with YOU Aquastar, in that not only you, but the relationship also is entering a phase change. This is exciting, as it tells us that the two of you together are wanting to move forward to this "new phase" of life together. This could result in some dramatic life changes as the Universe arranges, changes, guides your steps into this new dimension of life.

    Letting go - The Page of Cups and the Star - so no changes here, these two cards fit together perfectly, so the shared meaning of this past releasing event(s) is exactly the same as what each of you had in your individual readings above. The fact that they "fit together" exactly with no cancelled energies tells me that the event(s) or issues could have been something shared between you - You, risking emotionally, him, hoping or receiving resources in some way (could have been the emotional energy you were supplying) and then having to let that go.

    So it is mostly all cups and wands in the relationship, emotions and "roles" that are wanting to be developed. Intellectual energies are operative within the Judgment card so this "PHASE CHANGE" has some strong thinking/communication and actions involved. This sounds like communication pathways developing so I would be expecting to see some talking and sharing developing.

    Also you can see how intense the combined energies are in terms of their efficacy - all positions are largely filled with energies, which is another indication that there is very active energy between the two of you, yearning to move forward to this "new phase" of relationship! Very exciting!

    I have included the spread below, and also a picture showing how the energies combine with the the two of you. The "x's" in the sketch represent cancelled energies (like a sword laying on top of a cup). What remains after you weed out the cancelled energies are the active union energies for the two of you. You can also see how the cups energies are mostly centered in the head and heart areas, so this tells us that emotional concerns are "top of mind" for the relationship.

    This is probably a lot to take in! Let me know what you think, I am still tuning into this deck and so you may have some ideas about this too!

    As for my "dream lady?", I dunno... she is alive in "dream land" I guess! The Universe seems determined to keep me the Hermit for now, hmm...

    I did get a reading this past saturday at a psychic fair and one reader drew the "Soulmate relationship" angel card for me right off, so that was exciting. We will wait and see! 🙂 I keep hoping... for something...

    Blessings and love to you Aquastar! I really wish for some wonderful developments for you in this "phase change" you are now in!


  • Also, I just noticed this... you see the Queen of wands that Mike is searching/reaching for?

    Now, look at the "reaching out" card in your spread - the Judgment card has the Queen of Wands within it! Do you see that? How amazing! I think he is really reaching out for you in some way?

  • Hey Astra,

    Wow!! That was the most awesomest reading I have ever got from anyone. Thank you so much, You are a Darling!!:)))

    Though Me and Mike are no longer in touch. I should have clarified that when i sent my last post to you, I just didn't realize you would pick up on my previous post, So sorry Astra!! Hey but there is still a lot that I can pick up from this reading about me and well yeah I have been wondering what Mike is up to 🙂

    I met Mike around 29th Feb, and well long story short i think i got the long overdue closure, It was one of the most difficult decisions of my life but I knew i had to let him go, I Spoke my heart out for the first time in years and it felt good to have it all out in the open, for once I didnt have to pretend that I was happy with the way things were between us and to let him know how much he is hurting me. He kept beating around the bush when i asked him his intentions and i Just couldn't handle all this dilly dallying anymore. I gave this man 5 years of my life, stood by him when he had rock bottom in his personal life and to hear that he isn't sure, I guess that did it for me!! I told him to that I no longer want him in my life and he should never ever contact me!!

    I remember coming home and crying for hours, but in the end I knew ti had doe the right thing, I was hoping against hope that he would call me back ,ask me to not walk out of his life, but life is no movie, in realty we have to face our fears, cant run, cant hide!!

    While I am writing this post there is a part of my heart that still aches for him and longs to be in his arms, I doubt I will ever stop loving him, I don't know how to do that, how does one unlove someone?? But I think i am healing Astra, emotionally I am a much more stronger person. My worst nightmare came true, and i managed to see it through and come out stronger. I am trying to be more positive and not look back, its a difficult process but i am hoping heaven and angels above will guide me. I am at heaven's mercy now, though every now and then my heart wanders towards Mike, LOL!!

    Your reading on Me was bang on Astra, I am emotionally more stronger (Nine of Cups) though I am still protecting my heart (Two of swords) My guard is up cos i don't think i can handle another heart break. I am working towards not letting my past prejudice my future, its an ongoing process there are days when i find myself making some headways and other when i find myself moving a step back. There have been so many changes in every aspect of my life in the last few months, including my work. Been through a rough patch work wise though things seem to be cooling down now.

    IT was good to read about Mike, and i think you are pretty right there too, though we are no longer in contact but somehow I can still pick up on him, I do strongly believe that he needs to find his life path,I am not saying this cos of what has happened between us, His divorce case must be over by now and he needs to find some new goals, new aims so yeah it is good to know that he is working towards that.

    Your reading hints at us opening communication channels, I wont lie, but i have been getting a similar feeling over the past week or so, I am not sure if i want him to do so, maybe a part of me does but a major part of me is wary of what renewed communication might lead to. So we will let time decide. Your clarification on the reaching out card had me tears, your new deck is quite exquisite, Astra!! Your have some rare gifts, thank you for sharing it with us! Hugs!!

    Now the Page of Cups in letting go position had me a lil confused and here is why - You are rite that I have taken a risk and opened my heart to someone, I met a nice man (Kevin)online and over the past 2 months we have moved beyond being just good friends. Infact, i met him in April and it was quite exciting phase in my life, i hadn't dated in so long and this was a welcome change. our interactions were and still are majorly through chat messages or phone calls, he lies in Singapore so we don't see each other that often. I find myself getting more serious with him and I am excited and scared at the same time.

    I would like to see things developing further between Kevin and Me. he was supposed to visit me again this month but i have a feeling his plans have changed and i will have to wait a lil longer to see where this is going. Astra, you recall giving me a love reading early this year, you had pulled out Page of Cups for the month of March for me and rightly so, thing between us started heating up around that time. So my question to you is - In that letting go position, what am actually letting go off, am i letting go off of Mike or Kevin? I find Kevin backing off emotionally from me in the past 15 days, i have discussed this with him and according to him its just work related, but i have a feeling there is more to it. Also, I think he has issues trusting women, could be due to his past relationships.

    Astra, could you please do a reading for Me and Kevin and see where this relationship is going and how he feels about "US' at the moment, I mean is he second guessing or something?

    Okay Astra, I know I have rambled on for a while here, but there is just that has happened in these few months. I have like a zillion questions in my head that I want you to d do a reading on, LOL!! Did that scare you, Haha!! Just kidding Astra, Its nice to have you back again, I have really missed you!!

    And I will keep praying that you find your Dream lady Soon. I am sure angels above are working very hard to find that perfect love you deserve, but you cant really blame them for this long wait, you have such amazing talents Astra - painting, writing and now this new deck, Its a lot for a lady to match up to, LOl!!!

    Have a great weak ahead, Astra!! Looking forward to more conversations with you!!



  • Aquastar,

    Okay on that. I see your situation with Mike and I know that relationship is taking a proper course.

    You asked, "So my question to you is - In that letting go position, what am actually letting go off, am i letting go off of Mike or Kevin?" - let me work through this reading and then I will circle back on that question. You are certainly in the midst of some emotional transitions between these two men, so we can look at that more in a sec...

    Alright... I am using this same spread again to look at you and Kevin.


    Head - Ten of Cups - This is interesting your mind has moved from the nine of cups yesterday to the Ten of Cups today, so the "flowing feelings" of yesterday are now asking more of you, like which direction, a sense of a crossroads with Kevin perhaps. The Ten has that "hesitating" aspect and I can pick up on that with everything you said in your last post. You are really wondering what is going on with him, the ten is pushing you to move forward to the Page of Cups and let yourself go with him.

    Heart - The Nine of Wands which is "the integrated self" so in the midst of these emotional relationship questions your heart is really seizing the day to remain strong "in yourself". You are reminding yourself to stay centered and steady with your self-identity, while these emotional energies have intensified especially in your thinking. SO your heart knows what she is doing! Take care of YOU and you are loving on your self within, which is a separate and primary concern while the relationship potentials are working their way out. Good for you, mature wands in your heart like that is a wonderful sign for you.

    Feet - Knight of Swords - this Knight is very focused in philosophical, intellectual matters, and your steps right now seem guided somehow by the need to stay very smart and sharp today. Your path is one of mental clarity, and not letting your thoughts run away from you in any way. You could be taking steps to feed your mind right now, reading or researching something that may touch on emotional matters, as your thoughts may be sparking some need to investigate something.

    Reaching out - The Two of Cups - Okay, well here we go! Your hand is reaching out to validate your feelings, you are wanting to touch something, or hold something that is meaningful to you. It must be connected to Kevin? it is like you are holding out this two cups as a question and asking "yes?" This is being extended to Kevin in some way. A very sweet cup energy, that offers some relief from whatever your mind is occupied with emotionally. You could be sending an email or communicating in some way with him, reaching out to connect in some way.

    Letting go: Knight of Wands - A focus on the self that you are letting go of... this is interesting as your heart has a very strong sense of self right now, who you are. This could be a previous "image" of yourself that you are letting go of. Like, "Yes, that was me yesterday, today is different! A new me!" So in some area of your self identity you are letting go of a concept of yourself that was a strong focus for you, and that has been replaced with a self that is much more integrated and whole (in some way).

    When you compare the two readings for you, from yesterday to today, you can see how similar the energies are! The swords in your heart and right hand yesterday have now moved into your feet as a focus for your path, and the wands are moving from right to left, intensifying today in your heart as they do so. And we see a pattern where the two cups of the Page from yesterday (releasing) are now re-manifesting as a true Two Cups in your right hand. So the Judgment energies of yesterday (phase change) are now a sweet and lovely two cups... so the phase change has you moving into a very calm and sweet love/emotional state. Really nice! I think what is going on "up top" in your mind are some concerns and questions, mostly about Kevin I am guessing, which is showing as a Ten Cups "which way do I proceed with him". This should calm down for you after this reading.

    Okay, now lets see what is happening with Kevin!


    Head - The Devil! Uh oh! Just kidding... :).... the devil simply means "boundaries" so Kevin is very pre-occupied with some boundary and lines and limits issues in some area of his life. Could very well be the relationship with you, his mind could be preoccupied with issues of "how far should I go with Aqua right now, what are the limits, what is appropriate. I sense he has some concerns there to keep something within some prescribed, restraining border in love and emotions.

    Heart - Two of Wands - He has an identity energy at work which is "claiming and validating the self" so this is a younger more innocent wand energy than that nine in your heart. You seem to the be the master in this area, and Kevin the student! :-). He must have recently embraced a new self in some way, and now he is very concerned about maintaining that. In terms of the relationship, my guess is that the emotional attraction with you has him running a little scared at times, as he does not want to let go of his tender identity which may be a little fragile right now. So he calls down Devil energies up top and the Two Wands in his heart to make sure matters don't get out of hand (crossing a line that he has set for himself). I have the strong feeling that he is very concerned about acting, behaving within very strict rules of order for himself, this is a disciplined effort and could have him pulling away from you at times as he seeks to shore up his own, somewhat fragile perhaps, self identity.

    Feet - The Six of Cups - His feet (life path, steps, direction for his life) is very focused on love and a very nice emotional cup mode of being. A "steady emotional cycle" is his method of life. So while his head and heart are more restrained his actual steps are guided by this sweeter cups method. How this could work out for you would be something like, he doesn't respond to you for a while and then all of a sudden you receive flowers from him with not much of a note!. Like a surprise, while he concerns himself with protecting his self image, his feet will still be leading him to jump on to "800 flowers dot com" for you... the feet are very powerful forces in our lives as that is where the "path" energies are worked out. So his path is all about a very considerate and tender love.

    Reaching out - The Six of Swords - This is "a reliable philosophy or lifestyle" so he is taking some actions with his hand to express this steady, secure intellectual focus. Very similar to that Knight swords in your path right now. He could be reaching out to claim a calmer mental state in the midst of the devil energy in his thought life. I always think of the six swords as a very sensual energy too, romantic in a way (the Waite deck shows the boat gliding softly across the river) so I think he is doing some things today that are calming energies for him, relaxing or giving his mind a break in some way.

    Releasing - The Queen of Pentacles, which is physical competence. So he is letting go of something materially that he was either very good at, or was valuable, or an area of his material life that he was maintaining he is now relaxing and letting go in. This is the only pentacles between you and him, and it is being released. It is interesting to note that we saw a similar energy with Mike, you can see that Queen of Pents within the Star card in his spread from yesterday. And once again Mike was the only one with Pentacles in yesterday's reading. You could be attracting men that like to either spend money or like to give things away! 🙂

    Okay, now... let's lay his energies on top of yours and see what matches up and consider "The Relationship" as a third entity almost!


    Head - Two Cups! Very nice, this relationship has a very nice balanced Two Cups in the thought life! You both have a deeper consciousness of what love really requires in a relationship, and this energy underlies whatever else is going on. So when you two are together (physically, or even when you are thinking sweet thoughts about him, and he about you), the energy is very beautiful and balanced. This is an excellent sign for the relationship.

    Heart - We come away with Nine Wands which is a reflection of YOUR strong inner character and self identity. Kevin loves your energies there, the relationship thrives as you both embrace ""who you are" privately, so this is another great sign that the relationship is actually very seasoned and mature within the heart.

    Feet - We come away with four cups and two swords, so this is foundational love as a path and a balanced intellectual energy also. AquaKevin is a very balanced soul, and is acting on what he/she feels, while maintaining a steady, affirming mental outlook. Very good energies as a general path for the two of you.

    Reaching out - This is wonderful we see that the two cards perfectly align with all energies coming together, a perfect union of your Two Cups and his Six Swords. This is Romance with one humongous capitol R! I am starting to get the sense to expect something to happen very soon that is an action of this relationship coming together again in a close way, like a physical meetup soon!

    Letting go - Two Pentacles and Two wands - This feels like some past affirmation along with a self image validation that is being released. Perhaps some previously held ideas about the relationship are let go of, to prepare for nice developments.

    Overall I think the relationship looks absolutely wonderful! A lot of 2 cups energies, 2/6 swords, nine wands and some receding 2/2 energies. There is a lot of balance between you two I can see that. Kevin is enamored of your strong inner identity, and that could possibly feel a little strong to him at times in your light, so he may pull away at times to look in a mirror. This seems normal to me so I would not be too concerned about him going quiet on you at times.

    So, to your questions now, that Page Cups from yesterday must be Mike as his heart and head both have pages in the corners. Reading across the figures horizontally that page you are releasing aligns with the page of his heart (in the corners) so that would be my guess. Kevin is all swords and wands (and pentacles releasing) across his heart / horizontally so he does not seem to be what you are releasing.

    You asked "could you please do a reading for Me and Kevin and see where this relationship is going and how he feels about "US' at the moment, I mean is he second guessing or something?"

    I think I covered this in the reading, he could be retreating to water that little two wands in his heart. He has strong desire for you, and the six cups is very stable under him so whatever is going on in the relationship appears to be quite normal and healthy. It is good in these early stages of relationships to relax when your partner "goes dark" on you (quiet) because those are the times you learn to trust one another, and the Universe to work matters out in the right way. So I would say you two are perfectly fine and it looks like something is about to happen physically even if you ask me!

    I hope that gives you something to consider, as to "where" the relationship is heading, it seems to be moving toward LOVELY CUPS AND NICE SWORDS so expect some sweet communications here very soon! Yay!

    Love, astra

  • Hey Astra,

    Thank you for the quick response and I completely agree with your analysis of my relationship with Kevin. I do feel that he has set some boundaries, which is okay as long as he can let me in once in a while, lol! And yes, there have been times when i have felt that I am emotionally more matured than him, so you have captured his energies pretty accurately. 🙂

    You have an awesome gift Astra, start monetizing it, you will be a millionaire before you realize!! But don't forget me okay, you still owe me an Italian Date, 😛 just kidding Astra, hope you don't mind.

    Me and Kevin started at a time when Mike was exiting form my life and I think having Kevin around helped me stay emotionally strong and not fall apart, Beginnings of relationships are always exciting and fun and it was the same between us, but now since that initial bit of excitement is phasing away, Kevin withdrawing at times is making me more aware of my own emotional vulnerabilities. Your reading offers hope,I am going to go with the flow for now, give both of us some emotional space. I like Kevin, though i am trying to figure out whether he is someone who is just filling an emotional void in my life or someone i see building a future with. So yeah, my head is buzzing with ifs and buts, LOL!!

    We had planned on meeting this weekend, I don't see that happening now so was wondering if your new deck can help me figure out if I am going to see him anytime soon say next week or the week after. I know astra, you have already mentioned in your reading that a meet up could be in the pipeline but would really appreciate if you could do a quick reading on this.

    Also, I have been thinking a lot about Mike lately, not sure if i am intuitively picking on his energies or my hormones are running a lil crazy, lol. I had done a reading last week on my love life and got Knight of Cups in present and King of Wands as outcome, At that time I read Knight of Cups as Kevin and i kept thinking about Mike when I saw that King of wands come up. So I have a second question, and I promise its the last one :P, do u see him coming back to me or is he gone for good? You are probably thinking that Aqua has gone nuts, lol, I dont know why I have suddenly started thinking about Mike, It gets a lil irritating at times, so i just want to put my mind at rest. 🙂

    Your new deck is brilliant, Astra!! I like the way all the minor suits merge to make up the major Arcana, Brilliant idea!! And your creativity never cease to amaze me. "Aqua Kevin", i loved the new name, It resonated as 'Aqua's Kevin" in my head, I will take that as a good omen, So Again a BIG THANK YOU!!

    I am planning a weekend get away, some peaceful time away from work!! Wish you a lovely and peaceful weekend as well and really hoping for some wonderful developments in your love life. Hugs!!



  • Hey Aquastar

    You will have that date 🙂 ... not sure about the millionaire part. I have $3.52 in my bank acct right now haha...

    Okay on everything going on with Kevin and Mike, I am getting a sense for how these two overlapped in your life... let's take a look at your first question, about seeing Kevin sometime in the next week or two.

    I laid out 21 cards thinking each card represents a day... so a 21 day spread and we are looking for patterns to see when a meeting will occur.

    Look at this. 3 Aces in a row! Beginning on day 4 from now. So sometime between next Tuesday through Thursday seems to be the "hot spot". Then, another ace at day 16 so the sense I have is a very strong possibility on days 4,5,6 and if not then, day 16 seems to be the next launch window. I have to remind myself always that we are working with 'probabilities' based on current trends... nothing is absolutely fixed in a quantum Universe. We can glean where the likelihoods are though, that seems to be how the Universe communicates back to us.

    So I thought that looked pretty good for you and Kevin's soon meet up!

    Okay, now your question about Mike... "do u see him coming back to me or is he gone for good?"

    wasn't sure how to handle this question at first... I decided to lay out two rows of cards, 6 cards for you and 6 for him... I wanted to see if I could see a pattern or some congruence that jumped out to answer the question one way or the other.

    I will give you what I got... and I think it is beautiful, see what you think...

    It is like you two are carrying on some kind of conversation here.

    1. You start off with the 2 of Pentacles (which is like asking "are you there?", and he answers back to you, the Universe "yes".

    2. Then you respond with the Magician card (which is a very similar pattern with 4 cups in the corners, and the two wands either side... and he replies with a 2 swords which is his way of saying I remember your 2 at the beginning. Do you see that?

    3. That you respond with another card that is similar energies to the Magician card, the Wheel of Fortune. And he replies with Seven of Cups, which seems like a question from him, "what about love?" (7's are imagination numbers) so the sense is that he is gets the connection you two have and he is now asking about love... the ace is shared here also in the middle of the Wheel and the middle of the Seven cups.

    4. You respond with the Three of Wands, which is a card of "clarifying the identity" so this seems to be asking something again. And he replies with the Page Pentacles which carries the same 2 pentacle we saw back at the beginning with you. So he is pointing back to something with you at the beginning.

    5. Then you affirm his message with a double of the 2 of pentacles which is saying 2 - 2, yes yes.

    And he replies with an 8 of cups which is his heart open to you, and also reflects the Universe card at the beginning (an 8 place card with cups in the corners).

    6. Then you pick up on the 8 energy with him and reply with an 8 swords and then, he responds with the Hierophant which is very much lke the Universe card he spoke to you about at the beginning (4 cups in the corners) and the black cross across the center. Plus this picks up on the swords you just spoke with the 8 swords. So he is taking what you say and looking for ways to blend it with things you said in the past and reflects back to you a mix of the past and present to continue building a meaningful and very intimate dialogue with you.

    I cried through this reading... I could really feel how strongly connected you to are. You still are. That had to be so painful to see him go, I can't imagine what you went through. I still see you two connected very beautifully, even though you are apart materially. It is like you are still talking to each other though, in your sleep maybe, in dreams, in spirit energies. It is very beautiful.

    Looking at all of that (and the fact that I am crying like a baby) I would have to say YES on him re-entering your life. Either that or I am just projecting my own life issues into this... I don't know... sometimes that happens with me in the Tarot, I read for someone and it will remind me of situations in my own life, and it will cause some tears... is that you?... or me?... I don't know. Still looking at these cards and I AM reading for YOU, I felt an extremely strong connection with you and him, so it feels like he never really left, you are still in some sort of dialogue with him to this day.

    Did you pick up on what I was saying with the back and forth conversation going on here? You said yourself you felt you were "picking up on his energies" and this spread tells me that he is picking up on you too... so there is some sort of connection here that is taking place in realms deeper than conscious and physical ways... very beautiful to me, angelic and lovely...

    As for Kevin, your instincts may be right there, with Mike's exit, you were pretty broken, and Kevin appeared in that phase and you are comforted with his presence. I am not sure. It sounds like you and Kevin are very close... just drew the Lovers card.

    At this point I would say that You and kevin are more than close, it is something deeper than you may be aware of, you really care for him and he loves you a lot... and the connection with Mike is still there too. You ask me, Mike could be very close at hand and who knows you could have the makings of something with both of these men... something very interesting is going on here between the three of you that is for sure!

    Okay, I am taking a break from reading for a while, that was pretty intense in a lovely way... 🙂

    I hope your weekend is wonderful I wish you a great time, relaxing and nice... I will do the same!

    love, astra

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