DANIBO-could you do me a reading

  • Hi there, I’ve been reading a few of your posts and I thought on reach to you for this one cuz you are so lighted on your readings.

    My problem is that I broke up with this man, we never had a healthy relationship, to many obstacles between us, but I really fell in love with him but I was not ready to leave all my life to follow him and he was never open about his feelings for me as I wanted him to be.

    So he went to work to another country, we cut communications, but I miss him so much. It’s going to do 4 months that we don’t talk and I’m kind of worried bout him, silly right, cuz probably by now he totally forgot bout me.

    So my questions are: Who is this guy, what he wanted with me, will he contact me again?

    I’m asking these cuz I just got back to an old flame but I cant seem to forget this guy and I really want for this relationship to work, cuz the guy im with now seems to love me at least he says that he always loved me and I do have feelings for him. Can you tell me what you see regarding to this relationship?

    Thank you,,God bless

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