• Hello,could you help me, please?

    I suppose and everybody around, that my former partner was not really in love with me, but I was in love with him and was radiating energy on him (and I depleted myself)... What I find negative on him can be described as coldness in displaying his emotions, hesitation and passivity. I think he is kinda macho too. 😕 I broke up with him.

    Questions & Card

    This is my partner: Death (But in another reading, What is the person not giving to me was: Death)

    Who will be my future boyfriend: Death

    In the year 2012, what will be the most significant energy of my love life: Death

    What do you think this means? I dont think I wish to engage myself in it any longer. But I am afraid I could fall for him again.

    Thank you.

  • Hi LSD .,

    I love your username and the song , death represents change could it be that your partner is not accepting change in some way or has he changed in someway ? Does this make sense?

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