Wrong birth chart: Captain may I please have a new reading? Thanks

  • Hi Captain,

    Happy New Years!!! May 2012 be peaceful, joyful,and full of blessings.

    Ok so here's my story. I was cleaning out my junk draw to shred old mail and stuff and low and behold I discovered that my birth certificate had a different time of birth than what my Mother had told me. So if you can be so kind to do a new reading for me please I would greatly appreciate this.

    My new birth info is 11/07/1967 @ 9:43 am also my cancer is the same 07/06/1961 @ 08:00 am

    Thank you so much!! 😄

  • The birthtime makes no difference to your compatibility reading, Piggytoo, and only slightly if you had an individual reading.

  • Ok great!

    Thank you so much.

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