A new year, new beginning

  • Hi Captain!

    It's a new year with a clean slate. I have been through so much, and you have really given me some great insights. I am still struggling, still in love with the man you interpreted our story, and very right in your insights.

    Sorry if I was out of line by entereing someone else's problem, but I say your name and wanted contact with you.

    Just wondering if you could offer anything more with your intuition and insights.


  • Barbralee, that relationship of yours has been limping along for years, hasn't it? But this is the year when it might finally break apart. 2012 for you is about relationships, the home and family, and responsibility. This is the make-up or break-up year for you. I don' t feel your partner wants to ever get married again so if it's marital bliss you are wanting, it may have to be with someone else. Your eyes may be well and truly opened this year if you have been living a fantasy or a naive idealism. You can have mistaken ideas of what a healthy family and relationship should be like. Also, you're terrified if having the bottom drop out of your life and are usually half-expecting it. So at least you'll be ready for any changes in 2012.

    For your partner, 2012 is a much more social and outgoing year than in previous years. He will be popular, and enjoy it. He will make many new acquaintances and may tend to act irresponsibly. Since he tends to think of himself as drab and uninteresting, being popular may just go to his head. As monogamous as he usually is, he has huge issues with the confinement of being with the one person all his life. So in a year when you may be bunkering down and feeling like staying around the home with your loved ones, your partner may be feeling quite the opposite. As painful as a breakup may be, it will free you up to pursue your own life which you may have neglected.

  • I think you could be very right on about your reply. I think I have known in my heart, that as much as I know he loves me, he won't ever marry again. He still calls me every day on his way to work, which will be 4 years now this month, and we talk at least 3 -4 times a day whether we get together or not.

    I love him deeply, but don't think our relationship will end in marriage. It's not that I think that that is the end/all be/all, but I would like to feel that the man I love wants me in his life completely. I want to wake up to him and fall asleep with him, and not die alone.

  • Barbralee, is it just the love of a man you need to make you feel complete? Could it not maybe come from the love of friends and family or from people you help when they need it? Love comes in many forms and each one is just as beautiful and joy-giving. If you think it is the love of a man you need to be happy, that could just be loneliness talking or a lack of self-love.

  • And of course our pets give us unconditional love.

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