I want to know who my future husband is?

  • I am married to someone already, but my heart is just not there. Now this guy name Bobby Martinez, he makes my heart jump. For some reason I am always crossing paths with him. Is he my future husband?

  • could be temptation crossing you as a test. Don't be hasty! Don' t give up and think positive thoughts and watch your marriage improve

  • Omgosh I just got this! Thank you! But is Bobby Martinez in love with me?

  • Come on now.. You are a married woman. You should settle down and focus on your marrige.

    If you heart wasn't "there" then you shouldn't of married him in the first place.. Loyalty is one of the most important qualities of a relationship.. Don't get too carried away by your emotions, It's okay to feel a certain way because you cannot control your feelings. But what you can control is the way you handle them.. Don't make any decisions that you'll regret in the future.

    Is "Bobby Martinez" worth going through a divorce?

  • I was asking about his feelings and not deciding a divorce. I want to know cause I have known bobby for 10 years. My husband is less. Plus he cheated before. Yea explain that

  • Just to let you know, my husband did cheat on me before. So why don't you butt out and let the psychic tell me what is going on and watch for your own problems beside focusing on some else problems. Moron!

  • playfurrika please refrain from calling names asit is not necessary. cottontail did give you some logical advice

    according to the tarot no "bobby" is not in love with you you need to decide if you want to work on your marriage or get out. You married your husband for a reason. take time to find yourself and then make your decision

  • Are you a psychic shadowmist? If not I suggest not to do my reading. I was asking the psychic. I dont believe anyone should even reply to my forum. How rude!

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