AstraAngel... need a reading PLEASE!

  • Hi AstraAngel... hope all is going well and you had a fabulous holiday season. It's been a while. I would aprecate you doing a reading. I have met a man (another Libra). His birthday is 9/28/53. He is such a gentleman. Seems totally different from the last Libra man I dated. I don't know why or how I keep meeting Libra's, but hopefully one day one of them will work out.

    Can you please tell me what you are reading? What do you see in the near future for me. I am an Aries 4/8/59.

    Thank you and God Bless! 🙂

  • Hi BrightSmiles!

    Happy New year to you and thanks for the holiday wishes! I am doing fine, ready to settle down into a more calm and relaxed creative mode now after the holiday fun.

    Let's take a look at your new Libra guy.

    Took a peek at your charts and a few highlights.

    • First off, his Jupiter is very close to conj with your Mars in Gemini so that makes for some very strong enhanced male energy coming from you to him, you find him very attractive because of that. Should be rather intense i am guessing. Gemini makes it talky too, so when you get around him I'll bet you are sharing a lot too.

    • Also his Moon is near your Mars so that spells for some wild emotional rides at times so be prepared for that. Should be entertaining for you watching this Libra get stirred up in a playful way when he is around you.

    • He has an interesting mars/venus combo thing happening in Virgo - they are very close to conj, so his style of love and relationship should be extremely well balanced. He give and receives love in much the same way. In other words, you won't have to figure how he likes it, simply look at his style of expression and return that back to him (the male in you) and you two should be having fun in no time.

    • Your Pluto is near all of that mars/venus energy too, helping to add some spice to the mix so I can see that there must be some electricity.

    • Um, what else... Your North Node is near his Sun in Libra so he answers to your need for your life path. In other words he helps you center in on your life lessons and path just being around him.

    So your charts look good to me!

    Here is a reading.

    I am using the Queen of Wands as representing you, and the King of Swords for him.

    Now we'll start drawing cards between those two and see where it goes.

    First off, the ACE OF WANDS - and this is a great sign of intensity between you two. This is picking up on that Mars energy we see in Gemini that is enhanced by his Jupiter. So very strong masculine drive being stirred up, and we see the start of something pretty hot between you. Creative and very focused on building something beautiful between you.

    THE FOOL - Yep, I can see this is going somewhere. Love could be in the air, and this feels like it should be reciprocal. New beginnings in the Ace and a lighthearted attitude spells excitement and a willingness to take some chances at last.

    So those two cards are sitting in the middle between you two representing the core of the budding relationship. Now I am going to pull some cards leading from you into that center, and from him leading in that center and we'll explore your feelings and views toward him, and likewise from him to you.

    From you to him, Knight of Pentacles, so you see him as a very steady soul (Libra for sure), and you see him as someone trustworthy and not prone to flights of fancy. He looks steady and reliable. And you are picking up on his attraction to you.

    and, King of Cups - so you see great potential with him in love, this seems to be your vision of him and he is carrying all the hallmarks of a nice potential love affair that is deep and pure. Sounds nice.

    His feelings toward you - TWO OF CUPS

    We can probably end the reading right there! He is really, really interested in you and strongly attracted and sees a relationship starting for sure. Your energies are blending nicely and there is certainly Cupid hovering around nearby somewhere.

    Page of Pentacles - wow! So he is answering back your Knight "Stedfast and reliable personhood" with the Princess of Pages so that is a perfect match up! He sees you as an Aries with a calm and steady interior, someone he can trust and be himself around which is saying a lot for a Libra.

    BrightSmiles, this looks fantastic to me! I am getting ready to turn in however I am glad to share this little bit with you. Please let me know if you have more followup on it. You two should have a lot of fun, and the nice part is his Libra reserves will help manage the throttle on the relationship so everything should proceed at a nice, steady rate and not get off into the ditch.

    The fact that we saw those two court pentacles tells me that you both are very well matched and seem to have very much the same inner vision of relationship, and are really wanting to take things slow and steady in the hopes of building something long term and beautiful.

    That is certainly his dream, that Two of Cups from him - wow! - that tells me you can almost put this relationship on autopilot and it will still keep advancing and deepening into something very sweet and golden.

    Blessings and love


  • Oops I meant to say the Princess (Page) of Pentacles, not princess of pages! ha ha

  • Hello AstraAngel... hope all is going well! I am still seeing Libra man mentioned above in the previous message. We seem to be getting along well, however I do have one thing that is bothering me and I need to know what you see or read. He and I seem to communicate well. When something has come up that bothers me I tell him and visa versa. Tonight I called him and he didn't answer the call. Figured he was busy with his son. I text him an hour later and still no response. He and I have had the discussion about returning calls and text messages. So now my mind is all over the place wondering what is going on... Can you please do a reading and let me know what you see?

    I greatly appreciate you!


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