Reading for a Reading :3

  • I waned to practice my reading skills, so would anyone like a to do a reading exchange with me?


  • I'd be willing to exchange! 🙂 What's your question?

  • Well, I've been quite worried about a very close friend of mine lately, would you mind asking about what I should expect from him in the future?

    What can I do for you? 🙂

  • Alrighty. I'll have that for you by the end of the night. How in depth would you like me to go? haha 🙂

    I just want to know: Which guy is better suited for me, David or Ivan? I can't seem to decipher for myself which one is a better guy to pursue.

  • Whatever depth you're most comfortable with!

    I can do that, is there anything in particular you'd like to know about each of these men?

  • “Well, I've been quite worried about a very close friend of mine lately, would you mind asking about what I should expect from him in the future?”

    Hey there! : ) Here is your reading. I did my very best. Let me know if you have any follow ups or questions about it.

    1. How you feel about your friend at the moment - QUEEN OF SWORDS REVERSED, THE MOON REVERSED.

    The Queen of Swords reversed indicates that currently you may be thinking more with your heart than your head. You may be very emotionally involved in worry about your friend and their issues but this may be distorting your perception of the situation at hand. You need to use your head a little bit more to understand what is happening and read the signals more accurately. Try to understand his situation objectively and think with your head and not your heart as this may give you a better picture of the situation and help you help him evaluate what he needs to do next. You are indeed quite worried about your friend! Also, The Moon reversed indicates that you have recently experienced a time of self-deception, illusion, fears and anxiety but these negative energies are beginning to subside. Maybe your friend and their problems at the moment have brought this upon you, and you want to be rid of it. Whatever the problem is here, you clearly are being rather shaken emotionally by whatever your dear friend is going through. It is as if their problem is causing you more turmoil than it is to them! (or you are just more concerned about it).

    2. How your friend is feeling at the moment - NINE OF CUPS, FIVE OF PENTACLES REVERSED.

    Nines represent personal integrity and completion, or the final stage of development. This final stage may bring certain problems with it, and past experiences and methods of coping become important here and are an intrinsic part of the meaning attached to the nines. Thus, the Nine of Cups shows a tendency to daydream and enjoy the pleasures of life. Your friend, although going through some issues at the moment, is going though a cycle of critical transformation in their life, and are somewhat enjoying themselves. The Five of Pentacles reversed indicates an end to difficult times, particularly if your friend has recently suffered a major financial loss or job loss. Although times are bad for your friend, they have a small flame of hope inside of them. They do believe that they will eventually pull through whatever is the matter with their lives, but they acknowledge that it will require time and patience. They realize they need to face their problems straight on, and want to do it alone instead of dragging people down to help them.

    3. What has caused you to worry about your friend - EIGHT OF CUPS, KNIGHT OF CUPS REVERSED.

    The Eight of Cups is a card of change and transition. The card evokes an immediate reaction of sadness and a sense of solitude. The young man in this card has turned his back on all he has accumulated or accomplished before. He disappears by night into a barren and difficult terrain with only a cloak on his back and a staff in hand. The character in the Eight of Cups has lived and experienced life’s joys and sorrows. His journey is undertaken because of a sense of restlessness and unhappiness experienced as the result of achieving all he has desired, yet finding those things to be less fulfilling than expected. This individual has chosen to forsake the familiar and the comfortable in the pursuit of higher goals. He is embarking upon the spiritual journey because he has not found deep satisfaction in the things of the world, the things with which he is familiar. That being said, you have begun to worry more and more about your friend because they are drawing away from you a bit. Maybe drawing themselves away from everyone, and seem to isolate themselves to wallow in their sorrows perhaps. Whatever the problem is, his behavior like his has caused you to worry because this is not his usual nature. Also, your friend may have possessed qualities like the knight of cups which made him a caring, honest, and sweet young man. However, you have begun to worry because once again, this problem that he is going through is causing him to go through somewhat of an attitude adjustment.

    4. What should you expect from him in the future? - TWO OF CUPS REVERSED, THE HIGH PRIESTESS REVERSED.

    The two of cups indicates a lack of ability to form friendships or relationships, or a destruction of those bonds. That being said, I don’t think you should expect your friendship to remain the way it is (or was). Things are definitely changing, because this situation has changed something within him in somewhat of a negative way. Your friendship will most definitely change, but is hard to say whether or not it will last these drastic changes in his attitude or persona. The high priestess tells us that your friend is also will not be able to feel like themselves for a while, so this may also cause some drastic change in the friendship. It’s hard to say from these cards whether or not your friendship will be strengthened through this experience. Time will tell.

    Again, let me know if this is at all accurate. Good luck.


    Dani Bo ❤

  • I just would like to know which one is more "attracted" to me or would like to put more effort into getting to know me better. But a general thing here about which guy is more compatible with me is probably the best question to answer. 🙂

  • Okay! I will post my half of our reading trade soon.

    Hmm. This totally fits him very well, although, we've only known each other around 3 months, we've gotten very close to one another, and we talk almost every day for hours on end. I will admit I have a bit of a crush on him, but I haven't wanted to say anything for fear of ruining our relationship and friendship.

    He has major depression issues however, and lately I've just been very worried for him, and the state of our friendship. I feel a very strange, attachment to this person, and I'm really not sure why. Like I've said, we haven't known each other very long, but we often say the same thing at the same time, or I'll have a thought of him and he'll message me.

    I have no idea why I'm suddenly so worried for him, but your spread helped a lot. Thank you.

  • glad I was able to offer some insight 🙂 I look forward to seeing what advice you have for me!

  • I'm so sorry for taking so long to reply. I was busy yesterday, and I wanted to make sure I was in the right state of mind. I'm not really too familiar with reading for other people, so I hope you'll forgive me for any mistakes I've made.

    1. You. –QUEEN OF SWORDS RX– You are thinking more with your feelings than with your head. Perhaps you’re already more in love with one of the two men you have your eye on, and because of this, you’re not seeing clearly who might be a wiser choice in the long run.

    2. Hopes – NINE OF WANDS – You have recently been very tired, feeling as if you’ve been fighting and struggling. It seems to me, that maybe you’re fighting against action, and non-action, and you simply are running around in circles. What you really want, is for a much deserved break.

    3. Fears – JUSTICE RX – What you fear most right now regarding this situation, is that you will make the wrong choice, and may be treated unjustly by the person you chose. You are weary, and cautious about this situation, and as a result, you keep going in circles, unable to decide.

    4. Lover 1: David – THE SUN RX – David seems to be perhaps a bit of a day dreamer and at times unrealistic, although he has a good personality, and is very “sunny” and bright. Is he often clouded by doubt or misbelief regarding you, or maybe even himself?

    5. Hopes for David – EIGHT OF WANDS RX – Perhaps you want David to hurry up with an issue or even with the idea of a relationship? However, I’d advise you to allow him to take his time, adding too much pressure, could cause a drift between the two of you.

    6. Fears – KING OF SWORDS RX – Do you think that perhaps David isn’t much of a go-getter? Or at the other extreme, is he too much so, almost overly aggressive in his plans? Try to view the relationship with an objective point of view, which, I know, is easier said than done.

    Lover 2: Ivan – NINE OF CUPS RX – Does Ivan sometimes seem to be more concerned with himself than he is with you and your issues? Perhaps he’s disappointed with how things are going with his own, personal goals and in the process of this, is seemingly neglecting you.

    Hopes for Ivan – FIVE OF PENTACLES RX – You hope, that Ivan’s seemingly downtrodden mood or issues will literally, be reversed, and that he will remember you were there to help him, and that he will repay you, either with loyalty, or the return of his feelings.

    Fears – KING OF PENTACLES – The King of Pentacles shows a man who is surrounded by physical wealth, but what about his emotional wellbeing? Are you afraid that he will become so successful, and leave you behind?

    Advice/Outcome – SEVEN OF CUPS – With the seven of cups as the closing card, I would advise you to take some much needed “me” time, meditation, or even a nice book and some tea so that you may separate yourself from this emotionally for the time being. I get the sense, that you’ve poured so much thought and emotion into both of these men, that you’re now unsure of what to do next.

    I would advise you personally, to take a break from both of them, for a few days, and think about which one of them is a better choice, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. I would also advise you to talk to each of them about your concerns, in any relationship, communication is key.

  • Wow, thank you so much for your reading. I really appreciate it. You are right. I am interested in one guy right now more than the other, but I do feel as if my judgement is clouded. You did a wonderful reading here. I really appreciate it.

    I enjoyed exchanging! 🙂

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