So sad need a reading pls. is there a furture for us. thing im going mad!

  • name serena 21 5 1984

    his enda 19 9 1981

    is he my soulmate? will we start a relationship together or will i meet someone else?

    really need help.

    thank you

  • It is unlikely this relationship will ever move to love. Feelings here are based more on fantasy than real love. A love affair may seem romantic but any romance would be lost if the two of you married. While you are both in harmony and balanced, things go well. But when you two are thrown off balance by life and harsh reality, you can suffer terribly. Hard times would probably break you. Daily routines and dull everyday life together would spoil the exciting fantasy. You two are usually blind to your limitations and deficiencies as a couple, and it leaves you vulnerable and also deprives you of the fighting spirit necessary to improve your situation. Friendship and a love affair here are especially poor in this respect. The relationship weakens rather than strengthens you both.

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