Captain or some one else please some insights :)

  • Hi Captain,

    I just wonder if you could give me some insight for this year.

    I feel I have moved miles on from a lingering platonic relationship, which is not over yet. He didn't prove to meet me half ways in the past so I am moving on. but he keeps sending signals, as he used too always, which I am ignoring absolutely now. he is my neighbor and that is disturbing because I have to see him quite often. I am still very attracted to him and spiritually connected too.

    I am also planing to divorce my husband this year, who confess big love for me, and is doing anything to change my mind. Deep inside I don't need or love him. he knows it, but he can't accept it. Momentarily i can't do anything, but it is in the resolution of this year.

    My birthday is 03/29/72

    Happy New Year!!

  • As you might have guessed, 2012 for you is all about relationships and your home. If you can, you should move away to somewhere you can think more clearly without having your husband or neighbour around. Your relationships this year will either make up or break up completely. But you must be careful this year to do the right thing not only for yourself but for everyone. If you act too impulsively or too selfishly or too irresponsibly, you will pay a big price. You have to get clear about exactly what it will take to make you happy, (which means going off on your own to think carefully and weigh up all the pros and cons). Things and people will look very different when you are away from them.

  • Captain,

    Thank You for your advice. its hard to make changes, since other parties are involved. there is no change, even good ones, without some kind of loss. and weighing the pron and cons is not easy also.

    I am looking for divorce and this is not related to the neighbor. My divorce is planed long before knowing my neighbor. If i was happy with my marriage I wouldn't have looked at the neighbor. 🙂 My husband hasn't been permanently home for very long, and I felt no need to do the divorce papers while I don't have him around. but thought to make it this year so I don't keep him hoping that I want the marriage. Plus he came back home. I don't have sex life with him, because he has cheated while away, with other women. Now he is playing the good guy believing it can change my mind and get in my heart. he is manipulative and doesn't keep his word. he believes his own lies also. My burden from the past with him is too big to ignore. He has been abusive in the past. However, I am sure on wanting to leave the marriage, and no doubts on it, just waiting for the right moment. Still, I fear loneliness in the future. My son wouldn't be happy from this also. All I am wishing is I get financially independent soon and leave him. I am finishing my master in May, and need support until then. Then hope to get a good job and leave. but no idea where. do you see me going through this successfully ??

    The neighbor obsession will pas when I leave from here also. hope to make this happen this year.

    thank again !

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