Pls pls help need reading!

  • hi!

    i would really appreciate if someone could tell me what they see for my love life in 2012.

    will i be single or in a relationship?

    thank you sooo much

    name serena

    dob 21 5 1984

  • Good news Serena!

    As I was shuffling the cards for your reading (after choosing the Page of Cups as representing you) the LOVERS CARD flew out of the deck! It doesn't get any stronger than that! YES YES YES to love coming into your life a wonderful relationship!

    I asked WHEN? And drew the Queen of Wands, so the timing is not being revealed at this point in time, other than wands are the fastest energy in the suits so I would say very soon! Keep your hope and desire out there strong for a wonderful lover and the Universe will provide.

    Love and light


  • thank you so much astra that is great news. there has been someone in my life the past year. we are not in a relationship just kinda seeing each other so i do not know if its him or someone else the cards are saying. his dob is 19 9 1981 if that is any help.

    thanks again


  • I did another quick spread to ask this question:

    You are the Queen of Wands in this matter.

    Card A: Is it this current friend who will become a lover?


    Card B: Is it someone else?

    For A I drew the Ace of Wands and for B I drew the King of Swords.

    It is both. You are going to have two guys both crazy about you it looks like to me. Get ready.

    They are calling 2012 "THE YEAR OF THE LOVERS"...

    So you need to be prepared to have guys coming out of the woodwork for you. Fasten your seatbelt serena!!! I hope that isn't a problem for you. Be patient and take care of yourself, keep your heart turned above and the Universe will bring the lovers to you...

    love and light


  • thank you so much astra although i dont like having to make a choich between 2 people. im so crazy about guy around in my life now but things are going soooooo slow. i wish i new if he was or when going to commit to me. he says he loves me alot and is scared of loosing me but is also very scared of starting another relationship yet incase it goes wrong. he had is heart broken badly 2 yrs go after a 5 yr relationship so this is why he is scared.

    thanks again


  • Hi Serena

    Okay, no problem... I was just testing you a little to see where you are at in your expectations in life! 😉

    So we will focus on your current guy and see why matters are moving slow. It sounds like there are some hurts in his life, the word 'scared' showed up 3 times so that is significant. So he has some work to do in that area, and you are probably in a place to help him. He needs to get past his fears. Regardless of where you two go.

    I did a reading just now, (You are the Queen of Cups).

    Drew these four cards:

    The Lovers


    Ace of Wands

    Three of Cups

    and then, the FOOL

    So your relationship is in the midst of transformation (death) and until those fears are dealt with, you need to stay where you are at in the relationship. Loving one another right where you are. WIthout trying to hasten anything. No pressure. Acceptance.

    The Ace of Wands indicates that after some healing has occurred (with him mostly I get) then there is a fresh new start (Ace of Wands) and it is passionate and exciting and happy happy happy (Three of Cups). Making plans.

    Then... the Fool says you do enter a more committed phase, probably marriage or some sort of longer term commitment.

    I asked about timing for all of this and drew the Empress and the Two of Pentacles so this is going to take a while to manifest. I am getting a year before you get into that Fool love phase with him. So your advice would be to keep going as you are, love him sweetly as you are doing, help him overcome the fears of commitment by accepting him right where he is at... and keep things nice and tender between you. He really needs that from you... acceptance... and patience... let matters evolve slowly over time... and before you know it, something very nice will happen between you and you will have the commitment you long for.

    Below is a pic of the spread, sri it is a little grainy, lighting not the best.

    love, astra

  • thanks so much astra you truely are an angle. i would love to help him so much i just do not know what to say or how to help him. i do not want to scare him off. he says he loves me and is scared of loosing me but is also very scared of entering a serious relationship yet. hope i can help him out he really needs somone to talk to.

    thanks again really appreciate it. x

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