AstraAngel, my b-day today

  • AstraAngel,

    Happy New Year!! My b-day today and wondering what would be coming for me this year. Will appreciate a reading. Thanks very much.

  • Hi TellStar!

    Hey, Happy Birthday to you! THat is awesome, and I know you are going to have a most amazing and wonderful year! So... a Jan 2 Capricorn, how cool! I am Cap too... 17... us goats have to stick together.

    So, I am going to go ahead and do a 12 month reading for you... how does that sound?

    I will use the Queen of Swords as a significator for you... this will be a circle spread with Jan at 1 oclock and then clockwise around for each month. i don't usually read rev cards however I will note that here for possible significance as we will be on the lookout for patterns.

    Jan - Page of Swords - This month promises to be a busy month for you with your thought life and some rather intense communicating going on. You are reaching out to someone periodically. This is also a time where your intellectual curiosities are satisfied in some new ways. A new course of study perhaps or some research on some topic that interests you and you might be sharing those results with someone.

    Feb - Nine of Wands - February finds you rediscovering your own inner strength and resolve. It sounds like there are issues from your past that you are remembering here and it requires your continued strong stand and resolve. This works well for you and you come out at the end of February with a deeper more profound sort of self-love that is very secure. You are discovering just how beautiful you are and you like this place of inner strength.

    Mar - Page of Swords - Ah! Now we see some more communicating going on... and this seems to be a carry over from some of that chatter from Jan. This must be a person you are reaching out to, and as the Nine wands in Fen is there, it seems that who or whatever this is about requires you to remain very calm and rock steady in your communications with this person. No room for being swayed one way or the other you are definitely clear in your words here.

    April - Strength - More strength is required in April. You remain determined in some area of your life. A choice made earlier in the year is held to, you are resolute and determined as you await the results of all of that communication earlier. A continued growth spiritually and you are very confident that all will ultimately work out.

    May - The WORLD - Bang! May kicks off with some great news in some area of your life you have been contending with in the year to this point. Your determination pays off and you and that Page Sword person (I believe this to be someone you already know) is now a part of your world in a new way. This feels like a breakthrough month for you, and you are smiling and excited about these developments. You are stepping into a new realm of spiritual development here and it does seem to be in union or connection with this someone else.

    Jun - Now, these next three cards came up face up as I dealt them out (all of the others went face down) so these next three months feel like a completely new about face in some way.

    The Four of Cups. Coming out of the World experience in May seems to have you reevaluating some of your emotional ties. It could be that you are seeing your life from a new point of view in love and it requires you to sit still for a while as others are compelling you to move forward. You are resisting some advances here, you are not sure and so that requires you to wait and be patient in this month. June will be a wonderful month of self reflection and a review of where your life has taken you in love.

    July - Two of Wands - I can still see this "choice" that someone else is presenting to you carrying over into July. Now your mind seems clear about the matter and you are ready to take a new step. You are looking forward to something new. I am getting a trip or something significant and it seems to be with your partner. Kind of a "can we get away from it all and focus on us". July is a month of movement and adventure in some fun ways!

    Aug - Three of Swords - You are walking away from something that you thought was more established by now. There is a lot of writing and communicating again in August, almost like a kind of more intense measures are taken to try and convey something important to your heart. A lot of emotional release in this month and a beautiful mix of pain and pleasure. Somehow the two go hand in hand in this month and you are relieved about something important. A matter is settled and you leave one domain for another.

    Sept - The emotional house cleaning that occurs in August is answered by a new position in your life as a Queen of your world again. It is almost like you have been dealing with something - a person or situation - all year and by Sept, you are clear of it and much more settled. You are happy you have the answers you were seeking. Calm quiet energies pervade the month.

    Oct - Page of Cups - Once again a page appears and this time - it is very strong in love. We've already seen two pages and this is the third. So third times the charm I see. This entire year is marked by a lot of communicating with someone, messages and phone calls and dialog is the key word I get. This new round of talks has you happy and expectant as your love life is unfolding in some wonderful ways.

    Nov - The Devil - The search appears to be over for you. Something very nice connected to that message of love in Oct opens out into some very physical and fun ways for you. You are being tempted to indulge your love life fantasies and there is a loosening of restraint in some areas. A month of freedom as you accept the offer of the Page of Cups and say to him - and to the Universe - Why Not! It works for you.

    Dec - Then, The Eight of Wands and things are really taking off for you! The experience of the pleasure and fun in November accelerates and life has you ending the year with some sweeping changes and new directions. It is thrilling and you are looking to the Universe for more of the same! This seems to be a month of more traveling too as you and your 'companion' "take off" for some new lands to discover. Life is perfectly happy!

    How does that sound Tellstar? We can dig into more of this if you want, the years is certainly one of communications for you and you seem to be wrapping up one relationship for another. August seems to be the turning point for that. I am wishing you continued wisdom and happiness as you keep going in faith and trust at your amazing life as it unfolds this year!


    love, astra

  • Here is the spread

  • AstraAngel,

    THANK YOU!!!!!!!!! You made my day! Yes, indeed, a cappy inside out. You have the same b-day as my nephew, BTW. The reading was really awesome!!! Read it several times. I'm inspired, a bit overwhelmed, a bit scared, a bit excited to think at this age there is room for happiness. i so look forward to this new year. I must say, I feel something big coming. Those dreams, they are all part of it, true? I am all ears for anything else you could add. Thanks, again.

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