I need a dream interpreted, please

  • I recently dreamt that I was having lunch with friends and I was enjoying a salad of petals and blooms. Friends found it weird but I told them that it is perfectly nutritious and ok to eat them. What does it mean?

  • Have you ever found yourself explaining anything else that is perfectly okay for you that others didn't understand mabe? Petals and bloom, like food for the soul is what I'm getting, and are you concerned over yur health at all lately?

  • Bluecat,

    Thanks for responding so quickly. Yes, i've found myself explaining things and they didn't understand. I feel that I'm ok. My doc. told me that my tests were ok. But I worry on one thing that hasn't been tested. A friend of mine was suddenly sick of colon cancer and had chemo and surgery. Don't know how he's doing. A psychic said he's dying. I am afraid to ask. His wife's my friend. i don't want to ask. Now i am worried that I had not gone through I am supposed to have done. I'm putting it off for a reason.

  • Dear Tellstar

    Im not trained in dream interpretation, but agree with bluecat abt petals being "soulfood".Maybe your soul's progress is much faster than your friend's evolution , and that is subconsciously causing you anxiety. We all are at different levels and speed of evolving, so I think petals and bloom are refined and nice and good that you are eating it even if oithers havent caught up!

    I pulled a tarot card and it seems that you are usually very oraganized and diligent(page pentacles) and not happy about prevaricating abt this issue.

    Your friend is probably quite unwell but being an amateur reader I dont want to alarm you. 3 cups suggests, that the friend would probably want the support and love of both you and his wife.

    Peace, Love and Light

  • Suramya,

    Thank you for the reading. I agree with you as with bluecat. I am probably going faster than others. My friend husband would naturally be going much slower because of his illness. They are both out of circulation. He sent me an email on my b-day. Fro some reason I felt he wants to connect his wife closer to me because he might be leaving this place.

    Thank you.

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