More comparable?

  • Caught between two guys. I was born June 24, 1988. Current guy was born April 27, 1988. Ex was born march 4, 1977. Who am I more compatible with?

  • BHP, I am confused - I thought you were a guy on another thread, the ex?

    Comparing astrological profiles, the Cancer woman and the Taurean guy are very compatible, especially for a love affair, although only time (and the two of them working to make it work) will tell if it will proceed to marriage or something more permanent. For two such traditional people, this relationship holds a surprisingly fiery independence. Therein lies its considerable attraction. It makes the two of them take risks and leaps of faith, and pushes them to base decisions on intuitive hunches, more than either of them ever would on their own. This can feel very freeing and, if the relationship is a romantic one, it can make the flames of desire burn more brightly. These two can easily fall under the relationship's spell in love matters. Hunches, spontaneity, and first impulses are likely to be strengths here, given the relationship's focus on intuition. The Cancer woman's ethereal nature can thoroughly captivate her earthy partner and his harmony, repose, or beauty can prove irresistible to her romantic heart. But all spells eventually do wear off. What remains may or may not be enough to make the relationship endure. On the other hand, negativity, power struggles, and loss of respect rarely surface in their love affair, making it possible for it to continue, whether developing into marriage or transforming into friendship, for many years. Burning with a steady flame, this relationship usually justifies the initially sizzling love attraction.

    The Cancer woman and the Pisces guy: this is a difficult relationship for love. Though the two will share a love of decorating and making their living space comfortable and harmonious, they will be too emotionally sensitive to have a stable or enduring relationship. Together their world can be more fantasy than reality. The Pisces guy can be self-reliant and even selfish, and so fearful of others knowing the real 'him', so afraid of surrendering or loss of control that he may not be able to accept any good women or luck that comes into his life. He is very creative, talented and sexy but may also obsess over money and financial independence. The Cancer woman on the other hand thinks she has to be everyone's big sister or mother and may feel pulled to care for and nurture the vulnerable Pisces man without really being in love with him. She is an emotional person herself but hates emotionalism and tries to avoid it as much as possible, preferring common sense and rationality. She has a compulsive need for order in her life so it's no wonder she is attracted to the earthy practical Taurean man. She and the Pisces man don't think alike and thus would not make compatible life partners.

  • **** = sex*y.

  • Thank you so much captain! I was asking for a friend. You are awesome thank you!

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