New to tarot, worried.

  • Hello everyone! This is my first post here. Forgive me if this thread is something seen a lot. Don't run away after reading this sentence, but I'm 16 years old. Even though all teenagers say this, I'm extremely mature for my age, and most people end up thinking that I'm 19 or 20 before they realize how young I am. I've always felt a connection to the supernatural, and have always been some what of a "misfit" compared to the other kids/teens around me. My family is Cherokee, and most of the elders in my family have all had experiences with the paranormal.

    I have studied and researched wicca, tarot, magick, basically anything "metaphysical" there is for years now, and just now felt like I had barely scratched the surface enough to go ahead and buy a pack of cards. I got the Fantastical Creatures deck.

    For the first few days I had it, my readings were all really accurate. I somehow misplaced my cards, and found them 2 days later. I had panic attacks daily driving myself insane looking for them, it was like a part of me had gone missing when I didn't have them. I found them and of course did a reading that second. Something about it just felt... off. I did several readings after that, and they all felt the same and weren't accurate... at all... .Has this happened to anyone else? I'm worried. Any advice would be much appreciated! XOXO and blessed be.

  • Maybe that's what it is: You had your energy and mind in a panic. You'll probably need to meditate and get yourself centered.

    I used to do readings on myself when I first started with tarot cards, but I could never interpret them correctly for myself. I still really can't, but when I read them for someone I usually get good results.

    I'm sure it's nothing to worry yourself over.

    Happy New Year.

  • I agree with needing to re-center yourself. It may also be that someone else was handling them and their energy has been imprinted on the cards. Try to cleanse and re-bless them. I have been told that it helps if you sleep with them close by also. I keep mine in my nightstand in my bedroom and I never let anyone else play with them unless I am doing a reading. Then I was shuffle and have them cut the deck, otherwise no one touches them. Good luck...

  • I clear the energy after each reading by holding the deck in my left hand and knocking on it three times with the right hand. I also then clear the querent's energy from my own energy field - calling upon my angels and guides to help me in this process. I will feel a warm tingling feeling rush through my body so I know it is done.

    However, I really think this was more about your energy. Before doing any readings at all you always need to clear, ground and center yourself or else you will not get a clear reading. Once again, I do this with the help of my angels and guides and feel that warm tingle. If you do not do this and are feeling scattered, anxious, etc. that will show up in the cards and if you are going through something personally and do not clear it you will most likely project that situation into the reading of the cards as well.

  • Thank you Watergirl....I quit reading for myself because it seemed like I could influence the cards based on the situation....kind of like a pendulum. I forgot about just clearing myself and reading. I do this when I read for others but don't do such a good job for myself. :0)

  • Hey Buckerooo 🙂 Yeah, reading for yourself is tricky and can be difficult. Even with clearing and grounding, if there is any attachment to outcome whatsoever - or just any feelings of anxiety, worry, etc. - it just can't be done. I can pull cards for myself if I am just drawing daily cards or when I am not in the middle of a difficult situation or decision, but otherwise I ask somebody else!

  • And generally if you are pulling cards for yourself you have an attachment to the outcome since it is so personal. I think pulling cards for a daily thing would be good but whenever I am stressed out about something, I don't even bother reading myself. :0)

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