A new year but the same old mess ( Cappy 1/16/81

  • I have not heard from him sense I talked to him sense we got off the phone when he called at (1 31 11) 11:59 pm and we talked 36 min. according cell website. He never called back, he did not texted nor call this morning before work nor luch but no calls nor texted came from him until 3;29pm today. I looked at my call records on lineand cell phone, nothing.

    I know he's lying about calling through out the day and I turned my phone off around 2:30 something when I got mad.. When I turn it back on ohhhhhhhhh he's pisssssssssssssed but it's ok for him to play games. He's telling me Im screwing other people and I have not done anything , He's gonna drive me to walk away then I do who ever I please and rub it in his face.


    Danyelle:JAN 16 1981 Carnell OCT/14/1982

  • Is he lying or is it a technology failure

  • What does your gut telling you? I have the exact situation with a Cap man, and he said that he sent me emails and returned calls. My gut told me that he was lying. So I haven't heard from him so I figure that is divine intervention.

  • Thank you for sharing your story. I called the phone company and he had been calling. But there was a signal loss do to the holiday traffic. Before this was cleared up he something. terrible and when ever I don't pick up my phone I have to be sleeping around. half the time I don't want be abuse and not put up with that. Now nothing matters and I changed my number out haste. Getting a reading nolonger matters either at this point.

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