Help me understand my Virgo Man

  • Have been dating for 7 months and it seems that we are getting farther apart emotionally. It started with him falling for me hard while I was a little more cautious. Now I am head over heals for him and he is very cautious. We have a great time together and he likes my kids and grandkids, but if I do something that hurts his feelings he cannot let go, he remembers it for months and seems to overshadow all the good I do. I love him, not sure he loves me. I really want to be with him and marry him, but do not see that in the near future. Should I end it now or give it more time? I am DT12/9/49 he is JC9/3/54

  • Hi BeFriendly

    Each star sign is divided into 3 subsections. Each subsections provides each individuals personality traits and reveal how people born under the same star sign can be different.

    Your friends birthdate is 9-3-54 which falls under the second section. This sign is very much of a perfectionist. All Virgos are perfectionists but this one is more so. This particular one is easily disappointed when he sees things are less than perfect so I think it will be very hard for you to deal with this kind of sign. He will take his time to decide???

    You are open, upfront and sometimes brutally frank. You cannot understand or relate to people who play mind games or have hidden agendas. Virgos always backs off when he sees things not to his likings. Thats the way they are.

    Its your life choose either to be happy or constantly wondering.


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