Helpful Tip for New Year's Resolutions

  • One of the greatest lessons I have learned over the past few years regards resistance. Oftentimes, we have such great desire for something - a desired outcome of some sort - and yet in the "wishing" or "desiring" we tend to focus on the NOT having it. We focus on the lack. This can be done without even realizing it because on the surface we think we are being positive and hopeful. But underneath the words we are saying is a FEELING of the lack of this thing. So in essence we are in resistance to that which we want. When in resistance we are focsing on what we don't want and we create a vibration that attracts more of what we don't want. The first thing we must do is BE OKAY WITH WHERE WE ARE (what many of us call surrender). The next step is to train ourselves to focus on the feeling of already having what we want. This creates the vibration that will attract it to us.

    Try using the attached video with your New Year's resolutions and see how quickly you get what you want!

    Happy New Year,


  • Happy New Year watergirl18. I just watched the video and it has inspired me, THANK YOU.

    This is just what we all need to concentrate on for a New Year filled with all we desire and achieve it so effortlessly. Many blessings to you and your family. Also here is a site I have used many times to manifest my desires

    But your site is fab, because it keeps us positive in order for our desires to manifest as it is imortant to stay focused and not let the dreaded negative thoughts creep in and spoil things!

    Love and Light LL

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