How Is 2012 Going So Far For Ya???

  • How is the year so far going for yA? for me is goes from real bad worse to worse tolerable to pissed off annoyingly horrid.

    Yet i PRAY it will change ..................... but my hopes ain´t high. Pessimist? U bet i am. with the bs it has shown so far ............ u better believe it

    cwb on the years 1st sad day

  • Sometimes charming one it's a relief when things go totaly down the sh itter--really--freedom to be crazy--freedom to be irrisponsable--childish--that's it---be a child. I was a bad child up to three am listening to the doors--holy flashbacks!--I slept till afternoon. Tonight I will again stay up all hours--play guitar or maybe start an art work---throw ye a big tantrum--lay on the floor and kick and scream--untill it's funny. Happy new year! It can ALWAYS BE WORSE! Yeah, stupid saying but true. When yoyur done with your rightfull tantrum go to sleep counting little blessings--like how noice my toes work--how lovely to have a bed---what a gift a pillow! Eyes that see---hands that work and a brain that still belongs to you----happiness is work--work work. Your just tired tired tired. This too shall pass! BLESSINGS! YOU ARE LOVED!

    PS--lock the oven door!


    i have another thread up where i ask 4 u blmoon among a few i hope if ya get time in ya METIME to look at it at least n choose, which is totally up to u.

    my carrot 4 coping with a few moree hours of presence of bulleffs is hairfun. n mayb ill purchase canvases, paint n go crazy

  • Yes its been a weird start to the new year been feeling low trying to focus on the positive . Lets hope it improves more as we move ahead if it is anything like last year it will fly by ,and dont forget it is the end of the world this year on 21/12. (if you believe in that lol)

    The painting idea sounds great CWB .

  • So far I have isolated and procrastenated! Not exactly what I 'said' I would do! Oh,well, such is life! Think I'll go with Blmoon's idea and get it all outta my system. Cant help but laugh at the idea! Sounds like great therapy.....and cheap too!

    Thanks ladies 🙂

  • Ya can also write it out. make a fiction story where a certain person gets it n ya is the hero heheheheehheehh nboy im full of ideas

    well im off to do highloights went aaww wlook at how well her hair sits, not with icky greasy yucky stuff init , so nice n neat.

    i wanted to SCREAM!!!!

  • Okay more not going so well year thus far.

    Weather stinks, cold windy rainy wet yucky. ma called asking me to drive them home, as they had given their over for yearly preservation against rust, and weather being as it is. Ma asks me to stop so she can shop, and as i wanna drive the last league, my car gives out. No juice.

    i call danish version of triple aid for road help, n once back at me folks place pa n i agree they keep the car as weather tomorrow will be as it is today, maybe worse.

    as he drives me to a store i can walk home from half way i go oh shoot i forgot my money, round to his place n back ontrack. i swear i wanna crawk under the covers n declare this day here OVER!!!. But well ...................... one cant do that can one?

    I can say, monday n tuesday switched places .....................

    CRAAAABBBBBB !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!( bc we cant swear properly here )

  • I am redhot with anger, deserved anger bc i have people STEALING my credit. I wont retell it as i told in on today i wanna wack..................... all ill say is i did a huge legwork of warning a good pal of mine n peeps has tried to steal credit for my work. it shits me. i pray he knows just who warned him n tell his asskissing peeps off once n for all. i wish awknowledgement for this. i doubt ill ever get it. shits me.

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