Can someone share your interpretation on a spread?

  • Hello,

    I'm a new forum member, so I would like to take this opportunity to say hi to everyone.

    I'm also a tarot newbie and would appreciate a second opinion on a spread I did today. I did a Celtic cross spread as explained here . I didn't make a question specifically, I just let the cards 'talk':

    Position - Card:

    1: 5 Pentacles

    2: Tower

    3: 3 Pentacles

    4: 8 Pentacles

    5: 7 Wands

    6: Page Pentacles

    7: Ace Swords

    8: 9 Cups

    9: Knight Pentacles

    10: 7 Cups

    I assume, due to the high number of pentacles cards, that the message is related to something material, money, physical. I recently lost my job.. and the message may be about it.

    Would someone please share your interpretation on this spread?

    Thank you very much and happy 2012!


  • hmmmm, any input from tarot experts please? just trying to see if my interpretation 'general idea' is correct.

    thank you!

  • Hi Ruia,

    The Pentacles are earthly bound, so yes there money related and of potential life,

    I as lot just getting back into it again, will need a day or two ok.

    Happy new year.

  • Yes, this spread is mostly about the loss of your job and the situation you now find yourself in because of it. It is then speaking to you about getting clear on what you want....opening yourself up to dreaming about what you want first and THEN taking daily, persistent, determined yet patient action toward achieving that goal. Dreaming about what you want is imperative as it will set things in motion that will draw these opportunities to you.

  • Scully21, take your time, I will wait for your interpretation, thank you!

    Thank you for your interpretation watergirl18! Really appreciate it!

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