Help interpreting a reading?

    1. What you are bringing into the relationship - Page of Wands

    2. Where you are now, in relation to the other person - Four of Pentacles

    3. What you are hoping to get from the relationship - Queen of Cups

    4. What the other person is bringing into their relationship with you - King of Cups

    5. What they are getting out of it - The Hierophant

    6. What they are hoping to achieve/experience with you - Rx Ace of Cups

    7. How you see the other person -The Devil Rx

    8. How they see you -The Star

    9. How you saw him/her when you first met -Rx Hanged Man

    10. How the other person saw you on your first meeting- Three of Swords

    11. Your own anxieties/inconscious fears- Rx High Priestess

    12. The other person's anxieties/unconscious fears - Queen of Swords

    13. External influences upon you - Ace of Wands

    14. External influences upon the other person - Ace of Pentacles

    15. Where the relationship will go - Rx Four of Swords

    Thank you, as always, everyone here always is so kind and helpful regarding reading an even getting second opinions 🙂 If anyone would like a reading, please don't hesitate to ask!

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