Could Someone give me a reading please?

  • I saw my ex, who I split up with 8 months ago, yesterday. Could you do a reading to find out whether there will ever be a reconciliation romantically or as friends?

    Thank you in advance. New year, new start. It may clear my head 🙂

  • Hi Missg84

    I did this reading for you to look into this and it seems to indicate you will become reconciled romantically! (This is a "which way will it turn" spread to see which direction a relationship will go. The center card will be pointing to the answer.)

    Top card center - Significator - I selected from the deck this card to represent you - The Queen of Swords

    Left card - Representing path A - Romantic reconciliation - I drew the High Priestess

    Right card - Representing path B - Friends - I drew the Four of Pentacles

    Bottom card - Representing your partner - Drew the Knight of Wands

    Middle card (the answer) - I drew the Hierophant, pointing to the High Priestess

    This looks very strong for a romantic reconciling for a number of reasons. The Hierophant and the High Priestess really go together nicely as a couple, as they are both seeking divine truth. Her's is intuitive his is more book and knowledge centered.

    ...and the Knight is looking up to his left toward the HP so that again feels like all is pointing to the romance again.

    Below is the spread to see how it laid out.

    Love and light! And happy new year!


  • thank you very much. wow. other than seeing each other yesterday, in passing, we haven't really spoken to each other. If we do it's to ask him for work advice. any ideas how things will be more positive between us, as proper communitcation doesn't seem likely at the moment. Despite this, I still i have a good gut instinct about this relationship so I'm glad your reading backed it up.

  • missg84

    I looked into your question again, and found what I believe to be the answer for the two of you.

    I am guessing you two have really had some communication issues in the past, crossed wires that sort of thing, finally the relationship blew up.

    So, I pulled two card to represent you and him - you are the Queen of Wands (starting out) and he is the King of Swords. So he sounds like a very intellectual, mentally focused practical guy.. so now we will lay down some cards to see how to bridge the gap.

    Five of Swords - this shows the past of the relationship. Some arguments. This is the communication brokenness.

    Then the Two of Wands. What happens here is that the two of you sit down together and call a cease fire of words and reach out to each other in some new way to create a connection again. ANd that connection is the...

    Ten of Pentacles - Which is the card a shared dreams of a great life together. SO what I am getting is that when you can, sit down and just start to talk about DREAMS again for the two of you, where you would like to see your life, what you would like to accomplish together that is very significant, exciting, fun, lovely and prosperous. That will get you connected again intellectually, and that in turn causes you to become

    the Queen of Swords - now you are perfectly mated to him because you both are on the same wavelength in your dreams. So explore your visions together again. Don't worry about the relationship... just pull apart, go out for coffee and ask the question about where would you like to go, achieve and see yourself living - together. Simply speculate and see where that goes. You might be surprised at the spark that will cause the two of you...

    Let me know how it goes!

    love and light


  • So should I get back in contact with him? Or leave him for a bit? Have you got any ideas of when reconciliation will occur?

    Can you tell me why he split up with me in the first place and what does he think of me now?

    It's all very insightful and also helps me to see how other people deal with these questions. I am asking for me but do get these questions when giving readings and not always sure how to tackle them. Thank you for the insight to what's going on in my life and also the ideas of how to approach tarot. Always happy to learn new things.

    Love and light. X

  • Hi Miss G...

    Okay let's see what answers we get to this!

    I am using the Queen of Cups as a significator for you. And as I was shuffling the Eight of Pentacles dropped out so I placed that next to you. Do you have something else going on in your life that has you as an apprentice or learning a new skill or something? This could be the tarot work you are doing - I see this as a nice sign that you have a very promising future ahead in that, or whatever it is you are setting your hand to right now!

    So should I get back in contact with him?

    I drew the Two of Pentacles.

    Or leave him for a bit?

    Page of Cups

    So together this does sound like you should reach out to him, don't you think? Movement + Message emotionally, so I would say reach out to him and see where it goes. Show up on his doorstep, the two pent is physical movement and seems to indicate like a meet up or something. Invite him to Starbucks for coffee... that's where I am at the moment!

    Have you got any ideas of when reconciliation will occur?

    Oh boy... timing questions. I am still not totally comfortable with timing, however I will share what I am getting and you can add your own interpretation too!

    These three cards fell out of the deck, the five of swords, the seven of wands, and the three of wands... so swords and wands are fast energies (as compared to Cups and Pents) so I am going to say ....

    5 swords = 5 days/weeks

    7 wands = 7 hours/days

    3 wands = 3 hours/days

    Total = 15

    I drew another card to help clarify what is going on and drew the ten wands

    so that seems to confirm

    7 + 3 = 10 (wands)

    So addition seems to be the key here

    also drew the Devil which is card number 15 which further amplifies the addition, 5 + 10 = 15

    So the answer is 15.

    15 what though? Between wands and swords we have anything from hours to weeks. Now we started off with swords so I am going to say it must be 15 days/weeks... in any case it seems quick. Let's split the difference and say 15 days to 15 weeks so somewhere between about 2 to 15 weeks from now.

    Could it be 7 weeks? (I had drawn the 7 swords earlier in this process so it that seems to be saying 7 days to weeks.) I drew two cards to try and nail down are we talking days or weeks here and came up with

    Fool (rev) for days


    King Cups for weeks

    So that seems to be pointing to weeks.

    So let's say 7 weeks from now you could expect to be reconciled by pursuing this path.

    So it looks around February 20.

    ANd the Knight of Cups feels like a yes to me to all that. Whew! I just wanted to walk you through it so you can see how I am trying to approach timing, it is a challenge.

    This question:

    "Can you tell me why he split up with me in the first place and what does he think of me now?"

    I think we have already seen there are some communication issues?

    New spread - and this time the Queen of Swords is the significator

    Seven of Cups - so someone was doing some daydreaming in the relationship. There must have been some dissatisfaction leaving one of you longing for something you didn't have.

    Three of Swords - heartache. Someone was hurting in the relationship for sure. Longing for love that was not met for some reason, so that goes into daydreaming and that goes to heartbreak.

    The Magician seems to say that there was some effort made to fix things. Perhaps some counseling and a lot of effort to supply what was missing somehow.

    The Chariot shows to say that the two were making strong efforts to guide the relationship to a safe haven in love...

    and Page of Cups - shows some more communications are encouraged... you must have been communicating then a lot through the breakup?

    Another page the swords so more messages and talking and communicating... what was going on?

    And another page! The pentacle page so there was some intense discussions or someone is messaging someone intensely!

    The Ten of Wands seems to say it ended with a lot of work, too much effort and it became unsustainable in spite of the effort...

    and then the Four of Swords, its laid to rest and that seems to be where it ends.

    Ten of Swords - yep. It ended there. It is over.

    I am curious how that matches up with your experience?

    The key to all of this does seem to be all of that Page energy where someone was really trying to talk it out. or communicate. So if you can get back to that page communication phase and pick up where you left off you could steer the relationship back to a good course instead of walking away. As long as you can still communicate without negative energies interfering you have a shot. Getting back to dreams and goals together seems to be the key from that earlier reading.

    How does all that sound? I am still so new at the Tarot so let me know what you see and maybe together we can arrive at a consensus? The Universe will guide us! 🙂

    Blessings Miss G, please let me know if you have more questions and we'll see where it goes!

    love and light


  • Oh, also in answer to your question "what does he think of you now?"

    I use the King of Cups as Him...

    Drew two cards

    Ace of Swords and Six of Pentacles

    Which sounds like he sees you as someone very decisive and strong... and the Six of Pentacles says he is aware that you would like to share with him something.

    And Strength

    So he thinks of you as a very strong person

    And the Lovers

    Seems to say that he still has love feelings for you!

    So decisiveness, plus sharing, plus strength all seems to say he sees you as a very strong person who really really wants to share, reach out, connect and the Lovers seems to say he still is very attracted to you. It could be that all of that Page communicating stuff was too much for him? Was he resisting opening up? And he ran?

    And the Six of Cups says he still has some really fond nostalgic memories of where you were once and would be open to rekindling something.

    How about that?

  • Oh dear. I tried meeting up before but backed out thinking he was too busy for me. I guess it’s up to me then. Will he not do any of the initiating?

    Timing questions are hard! I just tried it and got 6 weeks but I haven’t got a clue. I usually only do it with 1 card but I will also try your way. I got page of pentacles, 5 wands and page of pentacles. Then drew out the star. What do you make of it?

    Hmm.. maybe - just concentrating on the straight readings for now, might be a good thing.

    February sounds like a possibility. We’re both teachers and we have a holiday then.

    Yes I believe there were communication issues and there was longing on my part. I don’t know whether there was longing from his part. It seemed so at first and then out of the blue he finished it. I wasn’t happy though because because I didn’t believe he wanted to be with me. .

    There was always false promises and he seemed to have emotional issues. We tried to talk on some occasions but not sure he really tried with what we discussed.

    During the break up we didn’t talk, i told him I didn’t want to speak to him again. Then I missed him. Not only as a boyfriend but as a friend ( we were friends before). I messaged him on the odd occasion and asked him for work advice, then i asked him if he wanted to meet up for coffee but felt he was just saying yes to keep the peace (He’s that type of person – he doesn’t like people thinking badly of him) so I backed out. I then left it and walked away.

    Just before Christmas my friend text him so I text him to apologise. He replied nicely, as always and used it as an opportunity to ask for his opinion on something. Then I sent him a christmas card, which i got no response to. When I saw him out a few days ago, we seemed to go in different directions. Why didn’t he want to talk to me?

    Ten of Swords - yep. It ended there. It is over. So is it over for good? Or over that time round?

    Was he resisting opening up? I believe so (which is why I say emotional issues on his part)

    I know it’s been a while since we split up and I say that I believe we are meant to be together but isn’t that what everyone says. I miss the friendship, as well as the potential if the relationship. Maybe he wasn’t in the right place for a relationship (he ran, as you said) People tell me I should move on and with a new year what do you think?

    How do you pick the significator?

    Thank you Astra.

    I find it really interesting what you have to say.

  • missg

    "Why didn’t he want to talk to me?"

    The Empress - He sees you and it all comes back and there is unfinished business between you two. You represent a very strong nurturing personality and it can be intimidating to him, as he may be working through emotional issues that you already have mastered to a greater degree and so he feels weak in your presence, This happens a lot I believe in relationships, as women are usually much more advanced spiritually and emotionally and so when you get together your light reminds him "uh oh, I have work to do!" so that makes him uncomfortable and he runs. I get the impression that you might come on really strong to him and he can't handle it.

    Four of Cups - You are missing something in love too... so it could be some area that you needed that he can't provide and that drove him to be withdrawn.

    "During the break up we didn’t talk, i told him I didn’t want to speak to him again." that surprises me with all those pages we saw. You two reached some sort of impasse it sounds like.

    Over for good? That depends on you. Do you want it to pick back up then it will. You want to move on then nothing is going to happen. Nothing depends on the other person, the ball is always in your own court. What are you seeking from life? What do YOU want to happen? What are your dreams? Where do you want to be in love? These are all areas that depend on YOU and have nothing to do with the other person. People make the mistake of thinking that relationships depend on the other person, they don't... It all depends on you.

    You say

    "I believe we are meant to be together "

    You really believe that? Really? Honestly? You really, really believe that you two are meant to be together? I mean, with all of your heart?

    Then you will.

    It is that simple. Up to you, Not him.

    "People tell me I should move on and with a new year what do you think?"

    What do I think? I think it all depends on YOU. What do you WANT to happen?

    Do you love him?

    If he showed up in 30 minutes at your door after you finish reading this.... and you hear a knock-knock on your door, and you look through that little peep hole thing, and you see him standing in the moonlight, with his face wet with tears... and you let him in and he says

    "Miss G, I miss you so much, and I am so in love with you... can we go out and talk? Can I buy you a diamond necklace? can I love you with all of my heart? Can we build a lovely life together again? Can we dream together again? I think you are the most beautiful lady in all the Universe... and when I think of you I cry... can we please try again.... I love you so much, you melt my heart....."

    How would you react? Would you feel that same way toward him? Or are you just looking to be "friends" with him again? Were you two physically intimate before? It might be hard to be "just friends" after that. I don't have a clue as to how close you two were so it is hard to pin down what you are looking for.

    It all really depends on you though. I would pray if I were you. Ask God to show you who is meant for you.

    How do you pick the significator?

    In your case I look through the deck and find the first Queen. In this case it was the Queen of Swords.

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