Love or frnds

  • i have known a guy since 3 yrs, we were good friends, after one year i developed feelings for him n told him, but he said that he just thinks of me as a frnd. I was shattered but somehow drank my pain n let us be frnds.Now I feel whether this was right, should I have left him then only because he said no to my proposal or did i do the right thing, should i continue being friends....with a guy who said no to my love , will he ever make fun of this or think that i should have left do i know whether hes keen on frndship n not just doing it because im hanging on.

  • You can still be friends but get on with your own life and be open to meeting new potential relationships. It didn't work romantically with this fella, its a shame but move on! Stop hanging on to him and I doubt if he would make fun of your feelings - why should he? Be a bit more self confident and bear him no grudge because he rejected your love.

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