• Hi Astra,

    If you have the time and you think it is fun, would you pull a few cards for me to start the New Year ? I have a lovely fire and it is pleasant and peaceful. Johan Strauss' waltzes in the background. I sent him an email today with a couple of New Year thoughts, not much.I don't expect an answer any time soon. Will drop you a note later.

    Love and Joy this evening and a New Year filled with blessings and new wonderful opportunities.


  • I would do the same for you, but I think the interpretation might be a bit barmy... It could be fun though, but you must not believe a word...! Sitting here with the music, the Christmas tree, the fire, candles... in this wonderful peace feels as if nothing could possibly be wrong in the world...

    Love and Joy


  • Hi Pivoine

    Oh that really sounds nice.... I have a candle burning next to me, thats about it... still it is a lovely evening I just came back from a trip into town to the bookstore and came back with a "voice of the trees" oracle deck which struck me as very beautiful....

    For you I drew the

    Two of Wands

    Eight of Cups

    Two of Cups

    The World

    So the sense I have is you are making a conscious choice (Two of Wands) moving into 2012 to stay focused on yourself and keeping your face turned to the light. You are making delibertate choices to remain positive and embracing your own path in spite of what has been in the past. A feeling of bright optimism is here! You are looking to the right.

    This seems to tie in with the Eight of Cups where you are turning away from some problematic relationship/emotional issues. Enough already I hear you say. You are not turning your back on love, you are simply pointed in a new direction. Knowing what I know about you, you are making a choice to distance yourself from a relationship that has been a little less than perfect. Good for you.

    Next, and this is quite amazing, the Two of Cups! A wonderful relationship blossoms directly on the heals of the other. I asked for clarification on this card and drew the King of Wands so this is definitely connected with someone coming into your life. This could be a new start with your friend, or... someone new... Page of Pentacles says you can expect some messages leading up to this unveiling of whatever is happening here, but it sounds really nice!

    I asked for further expansion of that sequence and drew the Three of Cups - wow! This is fantastic really! Something very big coming for you Pivoine! Nice and you will be so pleased and it is a celebration it is so wonderful for you! I would keep your heart tuned in to these Page Pentacle messages, it will be wonderful!

    Then... the World! Yay! Life opens up for you and becomes your oyster. With a nice big pearl of love within is what I see. Some major pieces fall into place and life becomes much clearer and softer and determined and decisive.

    This is an extraordinary development for you, and I see a major transformation coming very soon, I want to say by February. Two months (two cups).

    So, what do you think! You have me excited too, I would like those cards myself.

    And should you like to do a reading for me that would be wonderful! I would love that. I am wide open to hear whatever the Universe has coming up, good or otherwise, no matter what, I am ready for change and willing to take whatever steps are called for. I am certainly looking at my choices lately and feel that a move is soon to take place. It will be interesting to see what you get.

    I hope your evening continues to be very nice and that your fire, and the music, and the candles burn brightly for you. You have much to look forward to I see that for you!

    Love and light


  • This sounds fantastic!. Thank you Astra! Something really nice to start the year! Interesting this new love or relationship which cropping up... I don't want to dream at this point of it being a new start with my friend, since as the eight of cups tells us, I am starting to take some distance there and someone new... I find it hard to believe... And February... remember there was once the 12th of February as a significant date...? No matter, I'll keep an open mind and expect... The World !!!

    I shall do yours when I have some peace, it might take a few days, it will be fun! I have am quite busy today getting ready to go back, tomorrow is a traveling day and the rest of the week looks pretty busy.... Will be in touch.

    Love and Joy and a Bright Year ahead!


  • Hi Astra,

    I decided to give this a try and pulled a few cards tafter that Three of Cups. Here we go...

    Three of Cups - You have reached a conclusion to a problem, the resolution to a situation, an agreement to everybody’s satisfaction.

    Seven of Swords - You have decided to go your way, be independent and count on your own ingenuity alone to succeed in reaching your goals.

    Ace of Pentacles - You are beginning to see opportunities and ways of realising your dreams. You are starting to plan something new… and if you plan it carefully, it will be a success and it will ultimately bring you a good income.

    Wheel of Fortune - Change is about to take place. You have options. If you work towards your goals, remain optimistic and trust the Universe to take care of the situation, everything will all work out in the best possible way.

    Knight of Cups - You need to take action to realise your dreams, to be careful that you don’t get lost in your imagination and neglect the practical aspect, to take the necessary steps to achieve your goals, good planning is important.

    It looks great... The Sky is the limit !!! What do you think?



  • This post is deleted!

  • Pivoine,

    That is a wonderful reading thanks so much!

    All of these cards do reflect what seems to be going on for me and really gave me a boost!

    I do tend to get a little lost and spiritualize life too much I think sometimes, so that is good advice to not neglect the practical... planning... that has been a weakness in my life with me for sure. It's turning around.

    Blessings and peace... I appreciate you taking the time to do this!


  • Astra,

    Lovely! I am glad you like it.

    Love and Joy


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