Tarot readings for gambling or predicting sporting events

  • Hello, I was wondering what everyone's opinions are on Tarot readings to predict the outcome of sporting events, and if doing it with the intention of wagering money could somehow negatively effect the outcome.

    I have been learning Tarot for over two years. I enjoy Tarot very much. I believe that it has been very accurate in letting me gain insight into life matters such as relationships and discerning between different activities. However, whenever I use the cards with the intention of gambling either my interpretations have been backwards or the cards are trying to teach me not to use them for purpose of gambling with money.

    For instance in game one of the NBA finals the Lakers were signified with The Devil.

    I can't remeber how I had written up the question on the paper at the time, but I word my questions differently sometimes. Ofcourse, sometimes my focus is better than others.

    My main question is how do you feel about using Tarot cards for wagering money.

  • It does not work.. I don;t think Tarot is meant to work that way. It gives you ensight on things you do not understand but it is not made for gambling. I heard some people are using to play the stockmarket- I do not believe in that either.. but I do believe that astrology can give more answers on phases- time periods- that are more positive for certain activities then others.

  • This post is deleted!

  • This post is deleted!

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