What to do????

  • Hi,

    I need to write this down and get some advice from others. I’m too much in my own head. 

    I met this guy online in August. We exchanged #’s and have been texting. We met in person late October and I was very attracted to him and felt he was to me. Contact started out very slow but increased to almost daily.,but due to his work schedule did not see each other very often. He works a funky shift and does lots over OT.

    I really felt connected to this guy and still believe we are connected. So the problem? Last Thursday he stopped by and we exchange Christmas gifts. He got me a XO necklace. When he left, he asked if he could see me the next day as we were both off. I said yes. Friday comes and no word from him. I finally text him and he responds a couple of hours later stating he just woke up from a nap, would have some coffee and “talk in a bit”. I didn’t hear from him for 2 days. On Chistmas, I sent him a text just saying Merry Christmas. He did respond right away and said he has been sick and didn’t even go to his sisters for Christmas. He apologized for Friday and said he hoped I wasn’t too mad. Of course, being blown off like that did/does hurt my feelings. However, I made the decision to not text him about it as I wanted to discuss it in person. Things have been weird since then. Contact is sporadic. He contacted me yesterday to say he finally felt better.

    My sense is that he is scared...maybe to the point of walking away. I’m not sure if I should talk to him and let him know how I feel (about Friday and in general…that I really like him) or if I should just let him be and do whatever it is he needs to do.

    Anyone with insight/advice?! I’m thinking too much!

    Ps…we have not slept together.

  • Mayserenity,

    I immediately have the feeling that he may be married or involved with someone else. Have you tried to google him online to see what kind of information you can find about him?


  • I got that same feeling about half way through the story.

    If that isn't true then he can't be depended on. He was so sick his fingers didn't work? Ya think? You may get more insight from one of the psychics but it appears to be heart ache in the making.

    You could also see what is going on on face book and maybe other dating sites.

  • Sounds like a Cancer to me....lol

    Good advice from the others, check him out. BUT...let hime contact you.

  • OMG, I met a Cancer guy online and I swear he is behaving the same way....only problem is I did have sex with him!!!! We have a few times and he spent the night last night and today, not a word but he has been logged into the dating site....

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