Please help me interpret my Tarot Reading

  • So I asked - Will I be successful in music production, and I think the results were abysmal - twice!

    I did the five card spread:


    past present future

    reason or problem

    my results with major arcana only were:

    hanged man

    emperor tower death


    then I wanted to get a bit more in depth so I did a reading with major and minor arcana and got:

    king of swords

    hierophant oppression(10 wands) temperance

    queen of wands

    So when I did my first reading, I pretty much interpreted it as saying I would be happier if I just gave up. When I did my second reading I interpreted it as...I would be happier if I just gave up. Like I'm pursuing something that's not going to happen, and I'll be happier if I quit. Is that the only way to interpret those with respect to the question? My particular question was whether I will be successful with music, including either 'monetary' or whether or not I would just be able to release good music that people enjoy, regardless of monetary success.

    Thanks for your help!

  • Hey Somnus

    I was curious about your situation, and wanted to explore it also. I thought I would first try my own reading using your spread and see what I get, and see how it tracks with yours.

    You can see the cards in the photo below.

    My result with the Major and Minor cards are:


    5 of Pentacles - 8 of Wands - Queen of Pentacles

    Queen of Wands

    I was first struck by the fact that we both drew that Queen of Wands in the bottom card, I thought that was significant. And the Eight wands in the middle (to me) says fast progress or something happening pretty quick and soon as a development in this matter. Communications perhaps regarding your music work. And the Queen of Pentacles at right shows a rather solid position of attainment materially and seems to reflect that Queen Wands below (Reason or problem).

    So, what i am getting is that it is the Queen wands below who has chosen to be a success no matter what. Justice above seems to be saying things could go either way, the Queen Wands must decide.

    In life paths like what you are talking about, I would listen to your heart more than the cards. In other words, YOU are creating the future that you want. The cards are trying to tell you that YOU oh Queen of Wands! will be successful because you LOVE music and want to succeed at it, right? Then of course you will do great at it! The Tarot will never tell you that your dream will not come to pass... the Tarot is simply saying GO FOR IT and the Universe will support you 100%. YOU decide (Justice) what you will do in life and as long as it is something you love and are passionate about, you can only succeed! And the Pentacles are a sign that it will be materially ($$$) lucrative for you, you deserve to be compensated.

    I think the Universe knew we would meet, and so pre-arranged for you to get some lousy cards (especially in that Major Arcana spread you did) as kind of a wake up call for you.

    Think of it this way... sometimes the greatest motivation in life comes as we encounter obstacles. You want to know whether you will succeed at music and the Universe gives you some sucky cards for the Major arcana spread as a way of saying, "No! No way! You are a loser! Why don't you go for a career as a mortician instead! (Death card)" ... i think it is to stir you up to realize that YOU are the one who decides to succeed... so sometimes the cards will paint a horrible outlook to get us to strive to attain it no matter what! Do you see?

    Also, your minor spread is not that bad really. Temperance is actually a very lovely card of musical potential if you ask me... an angel pouring something back and forth while her one foot in the water and one on land. You could write a symphony around that one scene and call it "The Temperance of Angels in G major" or something. The King of Swords above is a strong cat who got his game on and refused to take a NO for an answer! The Ten Wands is not a card of failure it simply shows you are having to work hard to get to the finish line however the finish line is in sight! And the Queen below is I believe representing YOU in this matter (reason or problem) as saying, "Hey, somnus! If you become a success or a failure at music, it will be because of what YOU do and nothing else!"

    I would say GO FOR IT you have the ENTIRE UNIVERSE behind you and you are guaranteed to succeed as long as you don't give up. And can remain passionate about it. Now if your heart really isn't in it, then no amount of effort is really going to matter, however it sounds to me like you would LOVE LOVE LOVE to succeed at music in which case - YOU WILL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I hope that help! Happy New Year! Send me a postcard when you start your Music Production co. and it is a raging success!!!

    Love and light


  • Thank you very much for your help AstraAngel. My apology on not replying until now - I read your response right away, and I found it illuminating and reassuring, but I forgot to reply.

    I am making a new thread and I wouldn't mind your input if you feel so inclined 🙂

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