Help interpreting a reading?

  • Recently, I've been getting to know someone that I really like. On the surface, to me, he's always appeared to be a pretty nice guy, if you dig a little deep. He can be a little morose sometimes, but usually perks up after a day or two.

    Now, I'm usually pretty good at reading people's intentions and such, however last night, he told me something that has me rethinking my entire view on him as a person, and has me questioning if I should like him at all.

    So, I did a tarot spread to help determine a course of action. Would you please help me interpret this?

    Card 1 - The general theme of the reading.

    The Page of Pentacles - I associate this with messages, and considering this has to do with messages, I'm assuming this is just referring to the information I received that set me off so much.

    Card 2 - Past Influences

    The Eight of Cups - The choice to leave something behind. I can't really think of anything I've left behind just yet, or if this is more about him, and less about me.

    Card 3 - The Future

    Justice - That whatever decision I make, it will, (hopefully) be the right one.

    Card 4 - The reason behind the question.

    The Ace of Wands - I'm not sure how to interpret this, since usually the Ace is associated with creative energies.

    Card 5 - The Potential within the Situation

    King of Wands - Again, I'm not sure how to interpret this, and if it speaks about my potential, or his, or the relationship as a whole.

    Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

  • Bumping this up. I apologize if it's bothersome to anyone, but I'm very worried about this.

  • Hello,

    Here are my thoughts on your spread.

    Page of Pentacles. I see this card as you contemplating the information you received from this man, not from your mature deep intuition but from the naivete of youth. Instead of trusting yourself you hope the relationship will manifest as you wish.

    8 of Cups: In the past maybe you have ended a relationship that you now wish you had held on to. You may also be fearful of leaving this person you know and moving into an uncertain and lonely future.

    Justice: Are you judging the information he shared with you from a fair and unbiased position? If a friend came to you and relayed the same discussion that she had with a guy she was interested in, what advice would you give her? This card is about you and giving too much or too little credit to this man. Maybe you should weigh out the pros and cons about a relationship with this person.

    Ace of wands: This is the energy and desire to start a new relationship. This card can also represent the drive or passion of something new. You are ready for a relationship.

    King of wands: The king is a forceful leader, all about action. He is facing the ace of wands indicating the focus is on having a relationship more than who the relationship is with. It’s the idea of falling in love with love.

    There is a strong possibility that this relationship can develop as you would like if you do not rush it. Take time to get to know this man and see if you two are a good match for each other. Use your intuition. Make a wise decision, not a hasty one.

    I hope this helps.


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