What happened?????

  • I recently began dating a guy (Libra) who seemed like he really wanted to settle down. He expressed that he was looking for something long term and was pretty much tierd of not being able to find "the one". we got along very well and i thought i hit the jackpot, because to me he was everything i was looking for (funny, well oriented, respectful, fun, conversational etc). Although we were not dating for too long he introduced me to some of his family members and friends, next thing you know communication was lost. I was able to reach him at one point but was given a strange excuse on why the calls were not being returned. I don't know what happened, but i feel like i had a strong connection with him. I just wish i knew what happened.

  • Hi Froggy -

    It really is frustrating when you meet someone that excites your heart and the next thing you know they vanish in a puff of smoke. You could (if you can reach him) ask him point blank why he is not longer calling you and whether you did something to offend/upset/turn him off. He may not be truthful in his answer but at least you'll have an answer.

    But then the question is.... with that information, will it really make a difference? If he's not calling anymore, he's not interested and you won't be dating regardless of whether you get an answer or not. Believe me when I tell you that I can TOTALLY appreciate how you are feeling and the frustration of not knowing what happened but really, either way, you're probably better off just sweeping away the dust and moving on. You can't control his feelings so you're better off just pushing forward.

    Anyway... that's my thoughts. Good luck with whatever you pursue!.

  • Cudn't agree more with Goldensurfergirl !! I too wouldn't wanna waste my feelings away on someone who's being insensitive to the point of not coming out in clear!! I'm sure...having moved on from the libra...ya'd get much more better guys Froggy. Keep us posted about what course u take from now on! Best of luck n best of hope.

  • Dearest Froggy-

    I agree with the majority here - and aren't you happy you found out about this Libra's impluse to "disappear" now while you can still heal and move on relatively quickly???? I say sometimes unanswered prayers are our destiny and we don't need to always know "why"...consider yourself blessed because whatever the problem, it wasn't yours to own, leave it with him and find a new playmate (:O)} Time is on your side and remember - you can't change anyone but yourself - so have a dance, and love like you've never been hurt.

    Seeme to me you actually dodged a bullet here - what if you had become even more involed and he just took off at that point? Tradegy and hurt left in his trail - tsk!tsk! Whatever, Dude!

    I wish you many happy days ahead of you and the love you are meant to for is getting ready for you out there somewhere, so keep your senses tuned in and keep looking gorgeous.

  • Dear Froggie

    Two years ago my gemini partner (of 6 years) got involved with a libra at work and there was much cuddling at lunch, passionate meetings, txts, e mails, private webmail, cock-teasing and a lot of nasty behaviour to the respective partners. (See Gemini and Fidelity) - my experiences of that. Then the poor husband tried to commit suicide and she went into saint libra of assissi and "stayed" having got exactly what she wanted - somebody hooked and paying attention to pay the existing partner back for inattention. Do be careful - air signs can play two different people and both ends against the middle. I speak advisedly - my sister is a Libra! And I have Gemini ascendent so recognise the traits. And then they can just cut off. Usually leaving a wake of confused people behind them.

    I am so sorry this happened and I do hpe you find somebody who is worthy of you.

    Love Saggigemini23 x

  • Hi Frogy,

    U dont need him,cause he lose,u continue untill u find ur soulmate,i think we r Geminies we look very attractive from not close distance, but when the other pick us and begin talk with us they feel we are different mind, feel. way how we live. they cant take it as it,they cant understand us and feel like we are obsecure or odd thinkinig,u dont need him and he will back to u,he never win person like u or the person is gemini like u, i hope fall in love with gemini cause she is the only can undersatand feel the way that iam,thats right we are may love more someone in one day,but we still with other by way of empathy,Listen Linkin Park and be strong

  • Hi, If you care about someone you naturally want to know what happened. The reason why is because he is a coward. If he handles things this way, be glad you are away from him. I'm very serious. You don't want to know.

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