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  • I'm an actress. I need a well connected agent so I can get out and audition and have an opportunity. Can someone point me in the right direction please. Thank you in advance.

  • Hi Franky. Did you study in NY or LA?



  • Los Angeles, but I live in NY now

  • Hi Franky, and Congratulations! If you are just starting out you'll want to target smaller agencies.

    Here is a link you may find useful. Blessings and best wishes, Ahliyah

  • Hello Everyone, I work for a boutique for 5 years now. I love my job and I love what I do,but I want to own my own boutique.I have no idea how to start one,and usually when I ask my boss he just brush me off with I'll teach you everything you need to know and I'm still waiting.I am the one who generates most if not all the sales for the business,customers love me and will not shop in the store unless I'm working. Please any advice would be greatly appreciated.

  • Cadillac: Get on-line and research Small Business Development Center. Where I live they have them at some of the junior colleges. At the one close to me, they have an accountant that will help you w/taxes, payroll etc. for free. They also research for you ; qualify for a loan etc. I have a phone #903-782-0224, maybe they know of one in your area.

  • Hello Ive been with my current job for three years and im growing very tired of the drive and everyday b.s that goes along with it. Does anyone see any changes in my career?? Any answers are appreciated!!!!

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