Anyone can give me a reading please? a broken heart trying to heel

  • hII,

    1. Will you be financially dependent on your new guy? - FOUR OF CUPS REVERSED.

    From this card, I wouldn't say so. I think you won't allow yourself to make him feel as though he has to take care of you. You have enough respect for yourself to know when he's spending too much money on you. I think that he will appreciate this a lot, that you aren't just going out with him for his money. You don't be dependent. Sure, you may borrow a few dollars here and there, but not to the extreme.

    2. What's his attitude towards spending money on you? - TWO OF SWORDS

    This card usually has to do with decision making. I don't think he's decided what his limit for spending money on you is at the moment. He's still thinking about it. I don't think it worries him that much, for his is blindfolded by your affection for him. It doesn't bother him in the least, so don't worry about it. He's open to spending money on you, and hasn't really made a decision yet on how much he plans on spending.

    4. Which date will you be meeting your EX this month? - week of feb 20th - Day: February 23rd. This is how I do timing readings, although don't take my word for it. I guess we'll see, but this is my best bet. It's not this month through. All the cards I pulled for this month didn't indicate any communication. However, in february you will see him.

    Does this make sense? 🙂

  • HIIII danibo!!! what you said about the financial part was true! i dont wanna financially depend on him, but as a girl, i like the idea of my man pampering me with nice gifts once in a while. thats why i wanted u to do a reading for me on this topic. you know some guys r rich, but they r just not wiling to share with their partners. but i guess they just dont love their women that much. i do think that if a man loves you, he would be more than happy to spend money on you. i certainly am not looking for an ATM or someone to financially take care of me. anyway, i like the result of the reading. at least he's not against it.

    as far as my ex issue, i did in person tarot reading 2 weeks ago... i asked the question that if im gonna see my ex in person in Jan, and the reader pulled the card and said yes. its a lover card btw. but i didnt ask her which date will be. thats why i was curious about this question. i guess things may change. and cards only provide a direction, like a GPS. i will keep you posted on this question.

    thanks for your input!

  • well, i have a question which has nothing to do with love... its about work.. im trying to take a professional exam... im wondering if i really have to provide my transcripts from the undergraduate? i dont wanna deal with it, but its gonna be too much work as my undergraduate was earned in another country.. can you please just tell me its a Yes or No? i dont need more than that. thanks!

  • Hey there 🙂

    Do you really need to provide transcripts from your undergraduate? - TEN OF PENTACLES.

    This is a really lovely card here that shows financial stability and happiness. That being said, I think this is a yes here. If you don't put your transcript in, they might not be able to see how intelligent you really are, and those money stacks won't come your way. DO IT you will be happier later 🙂

  • ehhh, no no. it has nothing to do with that. its like i need to submit enough documents to get evaluated. so they get approved, then i will be qualified to sit for the exam... the transcripts of my undergraduate has nothing to do with this exam.. but im confused with the description of the exam,not sure if i really need to submit the transcript. cost too much money and time to get the transcripts done. i certainly dont wanna deal with the hassle. so after i provide you with more background information, do you still think its a yes that i need to go thru this stupid process? cuz it wont make me happy at all!

  • Should you waste your time and money on this process? - NINE OF SWORDS

    The Nine of Swords is about worry, anxiety and not being able to sleep because your thoughts are running at one hundred miles an hour. Reversed, the Nine of Swords indicates that you are working yourself up and becoming incredibly stressed and anxious when, really, this does not have to be a complicated issue. You have a tendency to get very worked up about how bad a situation appears, losing sight of what it is really happening and what opportunities are available to you. What is needed here is for you to stop and objectively examine the reality of the situation. Bring yourself back to earth by uncovering your fears and anxieties and working to reduce the impact of those fears and anxieties on your life. Know that it is going to be ok, no matter what.

    That being said, this card sounds like a NO. Sorry, I shouldn't have ranted like that. But yeah, this is a NO NO 🙂 haha

  • thanks, danibo! im gonna submit the docs without the transcripts,,, see how it goes. hope i will get approved to sit for the exam soon.

    ehh i have another 2 questions about jobs...

    first, will i get the card (work related) this or next month?

    second, when will i have an interview with this firm? which date probably? im not 100% positive but it should be within this month... need your insights please! thanks lots!

  • Will you get the card this or next month? - NEXT MONTH! from what I drew here, this looks like you will get the card next month, and definitely not this month.

    When will I have an interview wit this firm? which date possibly? - THE THIRTEENTH OF FEBRUARY. Feb 13th of 2012 will be your interview date, from what the cards are showing me.

    I'm being honest that timing is a really tough thing to do here with tarot. So if the dates are off, I apologize sincerely! 🙂 But this method is a pretty good method in my opinion!

  • oh hey danibo, thanks for the reading! dont be sorry. i know timing is hard!! i will keep you posted! hope you have a great weekend!

  • hi danibo! i have another two yes or no questions please!

    first one, will i and my new guy ever become gf and bf??

    second, has my ex bf's mom told my ex what i told her a couple weeks ago? if not.. will she tell him? if yes, when?


  • Will you and your new guy become official? - FOUR OF WANDS REVERSED

    The reversed 4 of Wands can indicate that a relationship is likely to become much more committed in the near future, up to and including marriage. Sounds pretty good to me! 🙂

    Has your ex boyfriend's mom told your ex what you had told her? - SEVEN OF PENTACLES REVERSED

    This guy looks pretty frustrated in the picture, because reversed, he's lost all his money. Reversed cards usually say NO, so I would guess that this is a no here. She hasn't broken your confidentiality.

  • thanks danibo! regarding no.2, i actually want his mom to tell him.... hmmm will she tell him anytime this month?

  • Sorry for the delay!

    Will she tell him anytime this month? - KING OF PENTACLES.

    This card is a maybe, maybe not. This guy moves pretty slow. When the time is right, she will tell her son what's up. But, she will do it when she wants and when she's ready. So she hasn't yet made up her mind about this yet. 🙂

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