Captain :)

  • Hi Captain! First of all, I hope you had a merry Christmas, it was the best one since childhood for me :). Well things have been progressing slowly with the same guy I last told you about. My issue now is that I feel as if he's lost interest. I may be jumping to conclusions, being that i havent asked him flat out, but it's just a feeling. He is in philadelphia right now for the holidays. Before he left last week, I hadnt seen him in two weeks! Sure he texted everyday, but c'mon! I have been initiating texts the couple of times we have made contact lately, that irks me. He has still been caring, though. He told me when he'd be back and all, so I dont know without a shadow of a doubt that whatever we're doing is completely in vain, but I am frustrated. I feel like I should tell him that I feel strung along, but I dont want to ruin anything just incase he's just ultra shy or inexperienced. We've been pretty steady for two months, you'd think he was comfortable by now, which makes me feel like he's lost interest. What is he feeling regarding he and I? Should I just tell him it's not working out? I'm lost. Your help would be greatly appreciated.

  • Oh! If you need his bday info, it's 4 sept. 82. I am 5 sept. 85. Thanks again.

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