Cancer/Leo Potential Marriage Reading?

  • My boyfriend is a Leo and I am a Cancer female. He says he sees me as the one he wants to marry. I was wondering if I could have a reading on our marriage compatibility and/or general compatibility. Thanks so much! My birth date is 6/26/93 and his is 8/17/90. Thank you and blessings.

  • This can work well for marriage. Trying to determine what each person wants or needs, and incorporating this into the relationship, is a strong theme here. Your partner can bring out your aggressive side, and you likewise can bring out his passivity. The relationship is likely to feature wide swings of mood, with the two of you expressing what you like and dislike about each other with bewildering frequency.

    Both being somewhat aggressive types, you two do not hesitate to pursue your desires - provided you can identify them. Your ability to help each other do this is the relationship's greatest strength. Your complex partner would seem capable of dominating you but curiously it is you who often winds up being the boss here - through your ability to sense, understand, and either satisfy or frustrate his wants and needs. At the same time, his heroic qualities can be inspiring for you when you are out in the world. Affectionate and loving feelings are often expressed in this relationship.

    Yet constancy and moderation are hard to achieve in a love affair here, but should be worthy goals. Your partner needs a calm and warm domestic environment in which to wind down from his high-energy life, and you should be able to provide it. Your empathy can also be put to use fathoming and soothing his dark and volcanic side. He in turn will provide the direction in the marriage or love affair, generally playing a sympathetic and protective role.

    But for its instabilities, your relationship could be a true haven for both of you. It is to your advantage then to try and stabilize it, eliminating upsetting influences as much as possible. As long as your partner is getting the love and attention he craves, all will be well. His ego can cause him to be emotionally manipulative and childish to the point where he pushes away those who love him, but he is also affectionate, creative, romantic, and generous. You yourself can be rather eccentric and even show freakish streaks of behaviour at times and your partner will have to learn to accept it. There is a bit of the wandering gypsy in you where you can jump from one thing to another, and as much as you may want or need steadiness and consistency in your life, boring routine can drive you crazy. You may cut corners or take shortcuts to avoid constancy. Permanent roots may be hard for you to put down.

    Still, forewarned is forearmed - if you know of possible problems ahead of time, you can guard against them and try to resolve them as best as possible, using your shared strengths in the relationship to balance out your weaknesses.

  • Thank you so much, TheCaptain. You have quite a gift! This reading is very accurate; he does tend to lead a "high-energy" life (he worked 53 hours last week)! We both know what we want as far as careers, and for the most part, a relationship. We're both very affectionate, too. He tends to be more "theatrical" (as he describes it) than I am, but it makes him fun to be around because sometimes I'm too serious. You're absolutely right that he craves "love and attention", but I don't mind at all because he's very affectionate and generous. Interestingly, my mom also described him as "emotionally manipulative". By the way, she and him don't get along at all. Why is this? (Her birth date is 10/28/60). I can be inconsistent, also, perhaps because of my Gemini ascendant. Again, thank you so much for your help, this was a very accurate reading!

  • Your mother and your partner should be able to be friends because they share a common aesthetic which is a love of beauty and harmony, and a mutual creative vision. However emotionally they both have a dark and deep side that few people viewing their sunny exteriors would expect. Your mother deals with demonic intensities in her private life and your partner can trigger these in many hidden ways. Because neither of them is especially big on self-understanding, their relationship risks being at the mercy of its own destructive forces. Trust and understanding will be slow to grow here. But it can be done - over time and after your partner proves as loyal, dependable, and trustworthy as your mother expects him to be for her daughter. As long as the two of them can avoid deeper emotions, they should be OK. This is not a relationship that should get too close or heavy - a light, casual friendship is best.

  • Thank you very much, TheCaptain. Best wishes! 🙂

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