Anyone Kind enough to do a reading, in desperate need

  • Hi I am 30 yr old scorpio( 11/8/81) I recently have had a rough few months in love friends and work...I feel I am at rock bottom.... is the end in site, I am I going to get out of this rut soon? Will I find love, will people from my past come back, is the last guy telling the truth? Are my friends real friends? Will I get a job soon and will it be right for me?

    Many blessings

  • I did a brief reading for you on the three areas of concern. I hope you find the information helpful.

    Please be aware that what you are going through is a major transition in your life. When all the key components of your life start coming apart, it is usually an indicator that how we are living is no longer serving us on several levels. The best way, though not always the easiest way out is to use this time as a constructive period to do inner work. Journal, meditate, give in to your artistic voice. During this critical time, your sign should say “Closed for Renovations”.

    Job: You will find work, but not right away. You currently have some source of income coming in, but be careful with your spending and budget carefully. Be mindful of job offers that come to you at this time. That is not to say that an offered job will be bad, but it may involve going into the type of position or situation that you just left. Sometimes we take a job in desperation and end up in a job that is not a good fit. Be clear in your mind of what you want, research companies to which you are applying and use your intuition if an offer is made to make the right choice in whether to accept the position or not.

    Friends: Take this time to be alone. Learn to enjoy your own company. I don’t see old friends coming back but from the reading there seems to be many new friends coming to you. Use this time for introspection on how you relate to your friends. Be mindful of who you allow into your sphere of friends. Some people are meant to remain acquaintances and others become close friends. You may want to establish new types of friendships based on a different set of values. You will find harmony with new friends based on balance and kindness. This will draw friends to you. If you approach friendships as you did in the past, you stand to relive your current circumstances with them.

    Love: Only you can make the changes you need to enter into a loving relationship. Look at love and what you want in a partner in a new light. Turn away from some of your old patterns that did not support the growth of your relationship. For now, you will not be moving forward as you would like. But the changes you develop now promise to be the start of a great relationship sometime in 2012. The relationship may be with someone you meet through new connections at your place of work – a friend of a friend type of situation.

    Hope, change and much to look forward to is in store for you.


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