Interpretation (strange reading)

  • normally I do personal (for me only) tarot readings and only ever interpret them myself but it is difficult sometimes to do this without clouding your judgment; or like some users say "seeing what you want to see" too much...

    so anyone else who can read tarot professionally your opinion as an unbiased outside influence is welcome and appreciated

    the question was originally phrased as something very vague to the effect of

    " what will the outcome of pursuing my current personal dreams/goals/ideals/aesthetic vision without regard to the cost be?"

    the deck: Archeon

    the spread: Celtic Cross 10 card

    inverted variants: yes

    Card 1 -

    Ace of Pentacles

    Card 2 - (crossing)

    2 of Cups (inverted)

    Card 3

    Four of Wands (inverted)

    Card 4 -

    Queen of Wands

    Card 5 -

    The Devil (inverted)

    Card Six -

    Herald of Pentacles (inverted)

    Card 7 -

    Seven of Cups (inverted)

    Card 8 -

    Nine of Swords

    Card 9 -

    The Empress (inverted)

    Card 10 -

    Ten of Swords (inverted)

    let me know what you interpret this as and the third party assistance would be greatly appreciated using whatever method you feel is most appropriate

    this is based upon the archeon tarot using both face side up and inverted cards even in crossing which appears as both

    you may interpret it however you wish, but I thought it was very strange at the time of the reading and I'm still trying to understand it

    thanks in advance to anyone who does for your time and patience

  • This reading as you can tell is not that good.

    The outcome is very painful; It shows you get burned down with stress. Maybe you should give up on whatever you want to accomplish because it is not bringing you any good. Besides you dont seem to be able to see things clearly.

    Please, let me tell you just let go- it will only give you more pain if you continue.

  • thanks for the input HighP09

    I will take your overview / advice into careful consideration as well, but the outcome varies greatly (even possible outcome(s) when certain ominous cards are inverted making reading cards 5 and 10 take on polar opposite meanings of what they would normally be symbolic of (negative aspects/portents) and vary greatly

    out of curiosity did you apply the inverted meaning / symbolism? or was your overview based on the traditional method of reading the spread as all non inverted cards?

    thanks again for the insight, and other professionals are welcome to also use this particular reading spread to practice their own interpretation of it based on their preferred system of 10 card divination and add further input

  • sure, I used both upright and reversed meanings. While the reversed 5 may be not as bad as a straight 5 it is still negative. As far as the 10s in my knowledge the reversed meaning is even worse than the straight one. I hope you agree that the cards not successful- no sun, no victory card. Also I use the upside down meaning of the last card always as a NO to the question.

    I think you are coming out of a very bad situation, the 10 signifies the end of a cycle. Hopefully the new cycle will be better- curious the cards do not point at it yet. Means you are not ready for the change yet. As soon as you will bring change, there will be a new cycle into your life.

    I hope you will take Tarot advice and end the painful cycle here.

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