AstraAngel, a reading please?

  • Hi AstraAngel,

    I have read the various readings you've done for others and they seem simply phenomenal! You really have a talent and you seem like such a kind, caring soul for always helping people. I've been using tarot for a couple of months and I still don't have the hang of it, but I will persevere! Anyway, I would love for you to do a reading for me please. I really want more insight on love and future relationships, thanks!

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  • Hi BrilliantDarkness!

    Happy New year to you and I know it will be a fabulous year for you in every way!!!

    Thanks for asking for a reading, I am just an empty pipe for the Universe, the readings come from above, as long as I get out of the way ha ha...

    Okay, let's take a look....

    For you I am using a significator of the Queen of Pentacles

    I am a little pressed for time right now so this is a quick reading however I want to at least get you started with something so you can begin to prepare for the fantastic things coming your way. I will just start pulling some cards and let the Universe guide us here....

    SIX OF WANDS!!! WOW!!! BD, it does NOT get any better than that! This is THE card of great and wonderful success and you have it all coming your way in 2012. And it is public too as in people are going to SEE that you sop successful and in love... This is "THE YEAR OF THE LOVERS", so you be prepared for some amazing surprise developments in your life!

    So whatever you have been desiring, whatever your dreams have been, whatever love you have longed for... multiply that by about a hundred and that is what is coming for you!

    I will circle back with you later, let me know if you have some specific questions. I can do a celtic cross to look at more details however this is such a fantastic card to pop up at the first I think the Universe simply wants to prepare you slowly as the happiness will be so wonderful for you!

    We'll let it rest there for now and I we can continue with any specific questions...

    Love and light


  • Hi AstraAngel!

    Thanks for taking the time to reply! I really appreciate it...

    Your reading definitely gives me hopes about the future. Since last year, I've been going through a type of change in myself. I've been trying to shed away old habits and ways of thinking that were bringing me down. I sort of went on a mission of self discovery to reach a point where I would completely love myself and become the type of person that I would love to be with. During the course of 2011, I have developed mentally, emotionally, and spiritually, and I can now say that I truly love and accept myself, but there are still things I need to work on though 🙂

    It's funny that my whole transformation came about because of a guy. Last year, I developed feelings for him, which just led me to confusion. I didn't understand why I was feeling like... I have never felt like this for anyone, so I was uncomfortable about it. I'm not really an over-emotional or feely person, so this was a new experience for me. These new feelings are what eventually led me to try to understand myself better.

    So I would like more insight on how this guy feels about me. Are the feelings mutual? And what are the odds of a relationship forming? How is my love life going to be overall this year?

    Once again, thanks for all your help AstraAngel!


  • Hey Astra

    I also want to know if it is worth pursuing a relationship with this guy, thanks!

  • Hi again BrilliantDarkness!

    Okay, well let's take a look.

    you are the Queen of Cups (significator)...

    1. So I would like more insight on how this guy feels about me. Are the feelings mutual?

    Eight of Swords (twice) + King of Pentacles + The Hierophant = Looks like he is not in a position to respond emotionally right now, something else may have him occupied. He seems caught up with other matters, sorting something out in his life (maybe work related?) and so the emotional possibilities with you take a back seat at the moment. Some studying out something.

    2. And what are the odds of a relationship forming?

    King of Cups + Four of Wands + Knight of Cups + King of Swords = There is a possibility in the midst of it all, his world seems very wrapped up with HIM though, because of all of these court cards.

    3. How is my love life going to be overall this year?

    Seven of Wands + Queen of Wands + Empress + Justice = This looks like you are blocked in some way in a love relationship (seven wands) , as your focus has been on developing yourself more, this seems to be delaying the love life for a while. The Empress shows you in a "nurturing" role, over some area of your life. Could still indicate this current path you are on of self-improvement is continuing on through this year. While your desire for a "love life" is there, it seems that subconsciously you are more concerned with your inner life and developing that. So love may be having to be postponed until you attain a place of readiness emotionally.

    4. I also want to know if it is worth pursuing a relationship with this guy?

    Emperor + Two of Pentacles + Knight of Swords + Page of Cups + Six Swords + Three of Cups + Chariot = I see this as a YES however it seems to come with the awareness that it comes with some patience. All of these cards together seem to be saying take it REALLY slow and gentle with him (six swords) and give him plenty of time to work on himself Emperor + Two Pentacles + Knight of Swords seems to be saying he may be facing a physical move at some point) too. I see a very nice friendship here (Page of Cups) and I would cherish that friendship as long as you can, let that development slowly and gently into something more in its own due season (then) THREE CUPS + CHARIOT says a wonderful development later!

    I hope that helps!

    It really took me a while to develop this reading out... a lot of back and forth for some reason. Could be a reflection of what you can expect with this man, a lot of kind of back and forth, communicating, following your intuition with him. Could take some time for you two to find your emotional connection, it does seem to be there under the hood somewhere though! He seems to be working though some of his own stuff... I would be gentle and patient and reserved...

    Blessings and light on your spiritual path BrilliantDarkness! Keep your hopes up there. (the STAR).


  • Hi Astra!

    I just wanted to update on this. So this whole situation concerning my feelings for this guy has brought forth many lessons for me. I've gone through so much, but I still think that there is more I have to learn from this. This has been happening for about 2 years now, and I feel like I have really grown so much! I've reached a type of epiphany about myself and my life, and I just feel great about it, there are no words to describe this! To think this all happened because I developed feelings for someone... this is definitely a life lesson of some sort.

    All I want to know now is what else does this situation have in store for me? Any advice to help me along this path? And what is the final outcome?

    Thanks Astra

    love and light!

  • Hi BrilliantDarkness...

    Okay, let's see! It sounds to me like you have a nice foundation in place for a great relationship, epiphanies are nice for that!

    Knight of Pentacles - your guy I think. A slow mover but you will not find someone more dependable that this man. He is often misunderstood as a little boring as it takes someone with great sensitivity to see "under the hood" and appreciate this man's depth of wisdom and character. He has been known to gather a little more speed once the right lady comes into view.

    Four of Swords - horizontal time. I see lots of "relaxing" times with him, and you get to enjoy the rewards of your spiritual path by entering a time of rest and happiness with him. It seems like all of the hard work was already done by you, and life is now something you savor, rather than something severe.

    Five of Wands - a lot of play time too! Your relationship is characterized by laughter and a lot of fun pretending and imagination, i see the two of you laughing your A$$ off with one another, and life become a delicious joke, a party! On guard!.... you can pretend to be the damsel in distress, and he will come and rescue you... you might need someone to play the part of the fire breathing dragon too ha ha...

    The advice I see is to continue to keep the faith, and let the Universe unwrap this for you step by step. It does appear that something is about to change FAST (ten of swords + eight of wands) and rescues the two of you from something into something very much "World watching" (three of wands). Which sounds like TRAVEL to me....

    And be prepared for a shared work of love of some sort (eight of Pentacles), which will be thoroughly captivating and rewarding. I have the feeling that the two of you "click" on so many levels and that translates into a shared labor of love.

    Of course that "work" can also translate into other things that are revealing and allow the two of you to really be yourselves with no hangups, or prudery... at all. The Devil.

    Sounds like you are due for a lot of fun. Advice might be to buy some new sunglasses, as I hear the sun can be so bright where you are going...

    love, astra

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