A Call to Action and a Return to Love and Reason 2012

  • a message from Saint Germain channeled by Alexandra Mahlimay and Dan Bennack

    I AM Saint-Germain. The December Solstice, 2011 and the New Year, 2012 will arrive with energies that are intense and sometimes chaotic. They will unfold quickly toward the March Equinox, and then continue throughout the year. Our advice for now is to expect the unexpected, but to fear nothing.

    Agitation will be common in the coming year, but you are reminded to remain calm. Conflicts, as well as negotiations will be difficult for awhile, so remember not to collapse into fear or worry. Stay connected to the feeling of joy that is present in every moment of your life, and all will be well. Embrace these energies and use them constructively. Let your wisdom and maturity guide you. Do not fight against them impulsively or react in haste.

    Rash actions will only confirm your mistaken belief that there is something wrong with the world, when fundamentally there is not. In error, you will seek to blame each other for your problems, rather than find workable solutions together. The energies that are entering your lives now are ones of expansion and liberation, not chaos and confusion, as they will appear to be. Allow them to transform into this higher expression, and you will soon see that this is so. Trust your Inner Guidance in this.

    Remember that a shift in awareness often appears destructive and chaotic to the existing order of things. This is why the stabilization and transmission of awareness requires patience, tolerance and care. You are asked to avoid excessive haste in this, and to keep your hearts open to the Love that permeates all things.

    The Wheel of Transformation

    During the December Solstice and into the New Year of 2012, major transformation will continue to take place on Earth. Each phase of transformation that you have undertaken in recent years has built on previous ones – and what you have established this past year will certainly carry forward into the next one. But now, as you go into the New Year, there will be a strong infusion of intense and expansive energies that will assist you in a global awakening of awareness. This shift is for the betterment of all, although it will not always seem this way.

    Remember that in addition to the personal goals that you have set for yourselves, your collective task at this time is to offer love and reason to a world that has forgotten how to do this. As you demonstrate your readiness to step forward, your Soul will give you opportunities to serve. Remember that you are always encouraged to live your life with Soul purpose and conviction.

    In the coming times, you will be called insistently to take a position. You can't stand to one side any more, because the energies are shifting too often and abruptly. You will need to participate in what is happening and maintain a your equilibrium in this. You will be asked to declare your position, to move ahead with courage, and to take appropriate, but not impulsive action – trusting that you will see positive results as you hold your course.

    As you move through the New Year, you and many others may feel the temptation to act impulsively, and even ruthlessly, to satisfy your needs and ambitions. And while it is true that the constraints to acting are being lifted now, you should remain calm, present, conscious, and conscientious. It is important to take one step at a time, rather than to try to do everything at once.

    The wheel of transformation is turning on Earth – and the New Year will certainly bring more of this. Yet, the December Solstice invites you to bring balanced, harmonious change into your life, and the wise use of power and authority that assists others, even as it benefits you. You are invited to use self-discipline and personal mastery to attain your goals, rather than to follow your impulses. As I said before, a shift in consciousness – just like a change in your circumstances, can come in an instant. But consolidating and stabilizing such changes does not happen so quickly. There is no need to rush.

    Patience and tolerance is the key here. It will save you time in the end, because you will not have to start all over again. Why repeat history, when you can author your own story, instead? That's why you are called to understand the limited but real possibilities available for transformation at this time, and then use intelligent action as you advance – to act in the spirit of forward movement, but use self-control and inner restraint when necessary.

    Don't get lost in activities that dissipate or waste your energies, or confuse your mind. Stay on track, and stay clear. Bring clarity into your life, when everything else is chaotic, and you can’t go wrong.

    Misery Loves Company?

    As the year winds down, you are invited to work with the energies of harmony and balance in the midst of change. Maintain your sense of equilibrium, even as you move forward into the New Year, 2012 and remember that effective action is always birthed in stillness.

    When it is time to act, you will feel this from inside. You will be guided by your Soul in this, and you will receive assistance from your spirit guides and helpers, too. You will not have to force anything. There is no need to yield to impulse or chaos, or to fall prey to apocalyptic thinking or rumors of darkness. Until then, remember that we are supporting you, and sometimes nudging you forward. Remember to smile often and to keep a resilient attitude, dear friends.

    With the intensity of the current transformations, many will fall into chaotic thinking. Yes, soon you will encounter many who will “muddy the waters” for everyone else. They will fuss, they will complain, and they will draw attention to themselves. They will find fault with everyone and everything, yet propose nothing in return. They will hold to the status quo and fail to recognize the need for change that is arising from within them. Instead, they will fear the changes they are called to make, and regard this as a descent into chaos, madness and misery.

    As the saying goes, “misery loves company” and they will certainly seek your company there. That is why you are encouraged to offer compassion when it feels appropriate to you, but to do this with a healthy dose of emotional detachment and intellectual disinterest. Avoid anything that drains you.

    Your role in the coming days is to maintain your clarity of mind and will-to-goodness, to practice tolerance, and to trust that the changes taking place are for everyone's highest good. Stay present and and move forward, without falling into the chaos that others generate. When you do this, you will offer others a point of reference that will help them find their higher ground, rather than drag you down where they are.

    So, in the turbulent and chaotic times that are coming to others, remember to maintain your inner balance, your sense of compassion, and your presence of mind. These are the best things that you can offer the world and yourself at this time.

    A Call to Action and a Return to Love and Reason

    As the December Solstice and New Year’s energies arrive, you will feel that you are starting to speed ahead again. This doesn't mean that you shouldn't pause and reflect, as you begin this transition. You should. It only means that the momentum you are gaining now, is the new freedom that is entering your life in areas where you felt constrained before.

    The coming year will ask you to find this freedom through focus and self-discipline, rather than in haste and waste; and to plan your progress in manageable steps. Do not throw away your opportunities through impulsive behavior, or by submitting to the chaos of those around you. You are here to work in a positive way with the changes that are coming. Not to fear or resist them because they ask you to do things differently.

    If you are feeling stuck and don't know how to move forward, don’t be hard on yourselves now. Just remember to find harmony and balance in the changes that are coming. This attitude toward your life will make it possible for you to use much less energy as you move ahead, and to make decisions that favor your growth in awareness without offering much resistance.

    As you move into the New Year, 2012, the changes that are coming will require a lot of your attention. Do not fear them. Simply accept what is offered, if it feels right to you. Remember that the opportunities your Soul brings you are always for your highest good. This is how the Universe works. Change is always a call to action, and a return to love and reason. Trust this, and it shall be so.

    Indeed, I AM Saint-Germain, and you are dearly loved, my friends.

    This material is offered to help free us from limitations by expanding human consciousness. It may be distributed without charge, provided this intention is honored

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