To My Friend AstraAngel :)

  • Hey Astra! Long time no see! Ive been busy with school and my video career hahaa! I mean Im not Oscar status yet but Im doing well enough to know that people enjoy my work! Havent heard from you in a while-how are you?

    Im about to enter my favorite music video director's contest! I send him some of my work but he hasnt responded but seen he has responded to some entries-but all of the members of his crew-love my work! I sent the director my work about 4 times no response. I really want to know his critiique on them. I want to know if he has seen them or not? If he has-what does he think and why hasnt he responded? Or if he hasnt-whats the best way for me to get him to see it?

  • Hey Asia118x

    It sounds like things are picking up for you, that is awesome!

    Hey I can draw some cards for you... you really want to know the truth about his reaction to your work...

    I really want to know his critiique on them. I want to know if he has seen them or not?

    King of Pentacles and 6 of Cups, that sounds very nice. In that case I would tend to guess he has seen and he likes.

    If he has-what does he think and why hasnt he responded?

    4 of Swords. Could be on vacation or somewhere that makes his response not possible. 4 swords is resting, I think he could be sitting on a response for now.

    ( I think he wants to see how creative YOU can be on reaching him or getting a meeting with him.)

    Or if he hasnt-whats the best way for me to get him to see it?

    Hmm... I think he has seen it. He wants to see how determined you are to get to him..

    9 cups, 3 pentacles... I think it is work! That's what this suggests anyway.

    Hope that helps a little!

    blessings, astra

  • Thank you Astra-helps out a lot! He seems like an awesome guy-He just launched a contest to re-edit his work and one of the prizes is a Skype session with him! I hope I win! But enough about me-whats been going on with you???? Hope all is well! Find any passion for art again?

  • I am still doing art. I can't say I jump up and down when I do it, However it meets a need in me. ALong with tarot I guess.... and I am working on this cool concept for little books... other than that I am great and thanks for asking...

  • Hello Astra,

    Its been a good while lol-been trying to get my life up and moving! Ive been really really really busy with tons of edits and shooting videos for others. Ive been stuck in a rut though because Im in the middle of turmoil at home and at work. For one many people love my work and want to work with me-many out of state but the biggest issues I have against me is the car (I dont have a car-technically I do but its the one my father took away from me-my mother says I need to ask for it back) and I can never be able to go out of state because of no money. I work all the time and go to school and constantly look after my brother. My mom is getting back with my father-and it hurts me because I feel like she doesnt have my back sometimes. I can never spend money the way I want to-Im always helping out and end up being stressed out as a result. Ive been having several offers and opportunities to do many amazing things but can never do it because of money. My job has turned extremely stressful because my boss Erica hates me and Im always working but never feel appreciated. Sometimes I feel like they think Im incompetent and that hurts.

    Can you please give me insight to what is going on in my life?

    What is the best way for me to leave and grab the opportunities ahead of me?

    Any insight on love life?

  • BUMP 🙂

  • Hi Asia

    I have been off taking a break on the forum... Still hammering away at art once in a while. Anyway, I am really thrilled that you are heading down your creative path with some wonderful doors opening your way! That is so cool, so that means you are totally in your path, groove, the fact that you are getting these developments is a great sign that all is right where it should be. and will turn out to be just what you needed. To develop your career! 🙂

    So, these other areas are probably emotional adjustments and could be exposing some area of path with others that is still being "worked on"? is the only way I can say it.

    I would say right now is that "whatever is going on in your life" is right where it should be. Keep moving ahead as you are... just stay steady and 'take little steps' as the Contact movie suggested.

    I'll look at some cards for these questions...

    What is the best way for me to leave and grab the opportunities ahead of me?

    3 of Cups. Keep growing your emotional life. Fall in love with this boy, that boy, that girl, everyone.

    Empress, nurturing love.

    6 of Swords, Your thoughts are beautiful and perfectly you.

    Any insight on love life?

    Lovers, 9 of Cups, High Priestess.

    Normally I would say expect a wonderful lover to step into your life any day now, a dream come true for you. However, because the High Priestess showed up, I am not supposed to say.

    You can still read what I wrote though! 🙂

    Nice to see you are taking off Asia118x! I know how it can be with family and all, it can be a real stress maker sometimes. Sounds like you are handling it all okay. WIsh I could help you break through that barrier though (the don't have enough money issues, that you don't need). So let me give some thought on that. I would love to see you get that break so you CAN get going on your life path...!


  • Thank you Astra! I appreciate all of this even though I read it late lol! I met this really attractive guy (Feb 3 1987)at work and he seemed to really be interested in me even though he has a girlfriend. He kissed me at a party recently but I told him I could never go that far with him because he had a girlfriend but I always would remain cool with him even though he FLIRTS ALOT but the next day crazy rumors came around that he had a threesome with me. I figured that he did it but he made told me the busboy spread the rumor around not him and we became very friendly soon after. I went on the forum today and found out that he was the one who spread the rumor and is a manipulative player! I feel horrible because I felt like he liked me but deep down I kind of felt he was a player who just saw me as a challenge.


    I feel like me being cold to him (not talking to him at all or showing any attraction) is the only way to drop him and get back at him if not what is the best way to get back at him for spreading that rumor?

    For him to have done that, what does he think of me? Does he think Im easy to manipulate?

  • Hi ya Asia!

    Hey I looked at your question and I will be HONEST I didn't see much happening here with this guy that was authentic higher sort of purpose or energies. ALL of the cards (10) fell in either ascendent or descendent which seems very much the mask we wear (personality, rising sign) and the way the outer world affects us. There was also a 9 and 10 wands with him. My take on the whole thing is that he is searching (wands) for his higher (Medium Coeli) self and is using personality masks to get by in relationships.

    As for "getting even" with him that is all reacting to outer world (dsc) illusions I wouldn't bother - unless - you wanted to film a documentary about it, now that could be fun. 🙂


  • Hello Astra!

    Long time no see. Hope everything has been well! Lots of crazy stories to tell you. Since last time we spoke. I recently got my ID (FINALLY FEELING 21) Plan on taking my road test for my license in 2 weeks and moving in with 2 friends soon. Gotta get back focused on writing-I'm planning on selling my script when me and my friends take a road trip to California in the next few months. I haven't been doing as much shooting because I need to buy a camera charger. I've been editing away though but haven't been able to put much out because I've had no internet. It's been to Hercules at my house and I've decided to take control of my life and focus on myself and bettering myself by doing what is best for me. With that being said, interesting things have been happening in the love department or at least dating department lol........

    Me and my last interest who I'm gonna call Mr.R that I spoke to you about actually ended up seeing each other when him and his girlfriend broke up. I was actually trying to be there for him as a friend at first but we both pursued dating/talking to each other first but neither one of us wanted to move fast because he recently got out of the relationship, he still needed time to heal from his ex and plus getting to know each other slowly is better than anything. We talked, hungout and redress each other a lot and I really ended up liking him a lot. Even though I told him I was a virgin, he seemed to really respect and adore that. We played around alot sexually but I never lost my virginity to him. I really had tons of fun with him and felt I could always be myself. The imperfections I think I have he finds cute. I was very patient about the situation with his ex. I never rushed him to get over his ex or asked him to drop her. He would talk to me about hr and I'll give him genuine advice about everything. Despite what everyone said, I understood him and situation and saw him for the amazing person he was despite his flaws. We started having PDA at work (we work together) which kinda put everyone in our business but I didnt care it was kind of fun lol. I met his friends and they all loved me and would compared me to me making him happier than his ex but we both tuned them out on that. I was flattered but didn't want to make the situation more awkward than anything. When his mother accidently got diagnosed with cancer he was so heartbroken and he talked and cried to me about everything. I spent the night but the next day he told me and him should stay/ keep it friendly because he had so much going on especially with his mom and ex but said he didn't wanna lose me as a friend. I was a little disappointed but cool with keeping it friendly for a while it worked but he would still flort and talk to me as if he wanted to continue seeing each other. One day after hanging out, he told me he missed me and we basically started talking again. Unfortunately, we recently stopped seeing each other after I found out about him sleeping with his ex. He apologized and cried throughout the day and was even about to quit his job after I gave him the silent treatment at work. He said I was his best friend and he should have never been thinking with his d I c k and also said that he was sincerely falling for me. He told his ex about me and said she saw how much I meant to him. Mr.R cried on my shoulder and told me I deserve the world and not someone broken like himself, and he said if anyone were to break my heart he would hurt them. Despite our attraction, we decided to remain friends and his ex wants to meet me. I was touched by this experience and don't regret it at all.

    I love him as a person but find it awkward because him and mutual friend of ours are about to be roomates. What is the best way for this roomate situation to work?

    Was Mr.R's words the last time we spoke genuine -does he care about me a lot?

    How does Mr.R feel about me?

  • Hi there Asia118x

    That all sounds great, and congrats on the ID and getting your road test, and the move sounds cool. So things are happening for you that's wonderful. Sounds like you are still working through your emotional areas, in relationships. This most recent person, probably really had your hopes on that.

    I drew 10 cards for you, and will share what I see. My style is to simply give you the words that I get from the reading, and the general energy you seem to be working with and then you can answer your own questions from that. Should be able to anyway.

    1/2) Moon and the Hierophant. Moon is emotional and reflective, and the Hierophant is searching for higher truth and is concerned with being true to yourself. So, this sums your present situation, some emotional roller coaster and uncertainty perhaps, and a search for your truth through it all, I think that is your deeper path even through these relationships. You are learning about yourself through these situations.

    3/4) Aim is the 9 of pentacles and what you have achieved so far is the Page of Cups. You have mastered taking a chance on love! What you are aiming for is the concluding success of the material life. I think that is what you are really aiming for is material success, not really a relationship.

    5/6) Past is strength, serpent, Teth. That is a gripping, holding on, tenacious energy, so that could be your recent experience with this person of interest. You may have really "held tightly" to him, and hoped for something physically stable and dependable. Ahead, is the 5 of Swords, which indicates a time where you are going to be changing your thinking about something, and this is connected to that Hierophant card, so I expect your inner "truth" about who you are and what you are about to be changing in the near future.

    7/8) Your reflective attitude about all of this is the Ace of Wands. That is a view that you are indeed beginning a new role. So something about this experience is leaving you with a "new" self, role, purpose. That is your attitude. It could be your firm belief that below this experience you are indeed finding a new "you". Your outer world is the 8 of Cups, so something around you is expansive and a door emotionally. That could be a door from someone else being offered to you, it is something about your environment that is providing a release emotionally in very expansive ways. So somehow you are gaining relief from your outer world for your emotional life it seems.

    9/10) 9 is the conclusion of the reading, and that is the Magican (beth, house) which relates to the "house" of your life you are building. And the 10 is endings and beginnings in connection to that house, and that is the Queen of Cups, which is a patterned 4 of emotional life, so there is something of an emotional pattern you are going to be ending and also beginning.

    SO, overall Asia, I see you really working on yourself is what is going on. This relationship has taught you something very important and you will be changing your mind in relationship to your "house" of life you are building. It seems that you are letting go of an emotional pattern that may not have worked for you like you had liked, and are beginning a newer, more "magical" pattern that will be much nicer for you! You are certainly longing to succeed! I hear Hollywood calling you! Ring ring... 🙂

    I hope that helps Asia! I have to run and pick up my daughter from the school bus, it was nice to hear from you and I hope you can extract your answers from this reading as this is what I got for you!

    All the best, love and lighting... 🙂


  • "I think that is what you are really aiming for is material success, not really a relationship."

    I should add that the 9 pentacles can certainly include a relationship, its just that the relationship per se is not the prime focus for you at this time.

  • Hey Astra! Ive missed you and I hope all is well with you. Ive been through alot since the last time you seen me. My last time we talked I discussed a potential relationship with a co worker. Me and that co worker have had a pretty intense relationship for 2 years now and we have a beautiful baby boy named Roman! Ive been through partying, love, hard times including homelessnes but Im still standing and going to film school now in LA. Its been hard but I still manage to smile. I was just wondering if my relationship is worth salvaging? I feel like me and my boyfriend are twin souls or at least soulmates. We have been through ALOT together but our tempers is what had been clashing alot lately. SOmetimss things have gotten physical. I love him and I dont believe he is neccesarily a bad guy. I just would love to know where his heart is and what I can do to help show him the light? His birthday is Feb 6 1988 and mine is May 6 1992

  • Hey Asia118x!~

    I guess you were wondering about him. what I looked at was the relationship. and I think from that you might be able to get some insight into what he is thinking? that is up to you.

    the runes that turned up were (reversed I put in parens) (and I am just giving you the meanings as published on wiki's rune page)

    (ride) (yew tree x2) sun birch-tree (one of the Aesir gods) giant yew-tree (3RD TIME that showed up= significant to me) gift and then ice (reading ends there).

    Okay. so everything begins with ride or journey, and that feels like the two of you, off and running! and with a baby Roman! and then

    a stand of yew trees hmm... yews are shadow trees asia, they are sort of life and death symbols, to me, ((the yew tree has healing properties and yet parts of that tree are poisonous apparently as well). SO you get the picture.

    This relationship could be sorta like beauty and the beast. The two of you were (or can be) in heaven and then it is painful and angry and what happened to heaven,, you know?

    then the Sun, so the Yew trees prefer the shade. So they would try to hide at that point (do you and he hide from the Sun? among the trees?). So, sun sounds like trying to get to the heart of something, like you try to talk it out into the light, open and clear and

    then Birch tree. which is very playful. So that will be turning dialogue into playful, and then a god rune, so that says "god or universe" will sort of thing. THat tells me that your relationship with this co-worker has divine components to it, so you will probably best to simply had it over to the Lord or whatever your higher power is. Let the stars take care of it, would be one way to say it. ANd there you are Asia118x! You are right there in Startown anyway, so that should be easy to do 🙂

    And then?

    Here we go again! Back to the Yew Tree and now it is a GIANT yew tree!

    Is it possible that something between the two of you is being hidden or suppressed, something you are needing to open out and may not be easy to do... I am searching here. the yews tell me that still waters sort of run deep between the two of you?

    then "gift" so that is grace, and that sort of goes back to the "letting the stars take care of this" idea so that whatever nice thing that (perhaps) may come around again between he and you, will certainly be sweet and nice and a GIFT to the both of you, instead of one of those relationships you have to "work at", you know?

    then isa, ice and that (for me) concluded the reading.

    So then at this point I would ask you what you have in the fridge and I would then go raid it hah. just having some chuckles with you there Asia.

    As to what is he thinking? that is a very good question, my guess would be much like you. Boy if you could go take him to a Yew Tree somewhere there in LA and stand there for a while it would probably do wonders for the three of you, and your child. Bring roman along too! Worth a try.

    OKay, did any of that help? I hope so, and I am IMPRESSED with you getting where you are now has not been easy, and yet there you are chasing your dreams still, good for you, good for you. Good friend Asia118x, you have my respect.

    best wishes go hug a palm tree for me. 🙂


  • Hey Astra!

    Yes is does help out alot! We've had alot of ups and downs in our relationship but its a passionate one nonetheless and I do believe that he loves me. Being friends with him before we dated, I just worry. Im the kind of person that is scared to give my heart out and he has done things that broke my trust at times. He's has told me about him cheating on his ex and he was still getting over her when we first got together. It hurt but I was there for him as a friend without pressuring the situation. He is a true Aquarius and can be very hard to read but I do feel our connection. I just worry that he will hurt me with cheating at times but Ive never seen him try to do anything out of the ordinary. I do trust him but that analytical side of me-drives me nuts. Do you think he has cheated on me before? And does he truly love me?

    BTW life has been ok, I recently withdrew from school to get a job and save money. I plan on going back once my schedule is balanced out. I hope all is well with you my friend! How have you been holding up?

  • hey that's great to hear

    and as for me i seem to write more than anything, mostly journal stuff

    anyway i will keep you in mind and let you know what may show up?

    i don't really do a lot of 'reading' any more, i just look at the symbols and study them... so not sure of what use that can be... anyway. you sound like you are still chasin' your stars asia... good for you the farther the better

  • Hey Astra! Sorry I haven't gotten back to you I have been busy with life lol I'm glad you are keeping up with writing-its very therapeutic. I have just starting back writing-I know my ideas are worth so much and can really change the world. Working on a thriller horror drama with some comedy tinges to it lol! I'm really excited about it! I'm definitely still chasing stars. I've just been a little baffled lately because sometimes I really feel as if I can make this stressful situation work out with my boyfriend or if I am in a relationship with an emotionally abusive narcissist lol but honestly, from your last reading this relationship truly seemed too special to just throw away. I just don't know if my boyfriend really cares anymore honestly

  • hey Asia118x

    I saw your post here the other day and have been sort of thinking of you once in a while, so finally today I looked at some cards and what i basically got was that there is some communication impasse where you are pressing him to talk to you about plans or something? and he doesn't want to or says something like "hey i don't want to talk about that now asia" or, "i thought we already talked about this..." it is something like that however you were the one it seemed putting him under some pressure to talk. And he doesn't want to. So then, You are the one who then retreats from him and withhold some nurture parent behavior. (like, go a little distant on him?) - and he then retreats also, and goes into his corner and won't come out to play with you. So it is a standoff at that point and I didn't see that pattern changing (maybe you both sulk for a while and then come back out to get closer. I will bet this is a repeating pattern in the relationship though?) Anyway, the answer there would be to stay close to him, right? He says he doesn't want to talk, and you relate to him there. See it from his point of view? "Yeah baby... i hear ya... sorry, i know i want to know where we are headed so much....

    it is just that, i have these dreams for the two of us, you and me.... and i wish so much that i could talk to you about them....

    and then you hug him, and kiss him, and let him know he can take all the time in the world...

    right? that was about it, i am not one to give advice though, what do i know...

    best to you, hope that was of some use

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