To My Friend AstraAngel :)

  • Thanks Astra 🙂

    Could I get a reading for my health-I feel Im ok but I get paranoid as if something is wrong?

  • Oh, I don't know Asia, I would take a break or something. Probably you are a little stressed or something. try to relax?

  • Thanks Astra, I will try 🙂 YOu are awesome

  • Hey Astra just met someone new a few days ago at my job-he was cute and funny-we discussed music and us working on a movie together-he gave me his number. HE seemed a little interested in me but I was wondering if he really was?

    Should I call him?

    Would he like to go on a date?

  • Wow according to this he looks interested.

    A 5 card figure, head was the 7 of cups (imagining something with you), the heart was 5 cups (adjusting emotionally) and his 'reaching out' hand was the Page Cups.

    His feet (path) was 3 pentacles so he seems to be steady materially, and is making some plans in some way related to material/home/finances.

    Letting go was the 7 wands so he is moving away from experimenting or trying on different "ideas" about himself.

    So yes it looks like love/relationship is top on the list for him right now. It looks to me like he'd be thrilled to hear from you... go for it... music too huh? sounds like fun

  • Wow he does seem interested. Unfortunatley I cannot find his number anywhere and it kinda bothering me but in a way I feel I will see him again?

    Will I see him at my job again soon?


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  • Hi Asia

    I laid out some cards for the next couple weeks, and i see you having some physical contact with him at work next Wednesday kinda matter of fact, and then Thursday... something much nicer like a lovely note, or invitation or something. Looks nice for something nice to start up for you... i am crossing my fingers for you...

    Your day tomorrow looks sorta focused on your material life things, the knight of pentacles. Sat/Sun all love thoughts and emotions are nice... Monday the wheel of fortune... and something is turning for you for sure... then 3 queens in a row, next tues/wed/thur so those days you are especially on top of your game. Very mature, classy, savvy, restrained when you need to be and always your captivating self... you are heading for something new and fun for you...

    sounds like a movie hah!~ your life IS the movie asia//////// 🙂

  • And what a movie it is lol. You should look into buying a dslr camera (start with a t2i)-they make stunning film like video. You ever plan on shooting movies Astra?

  • Hey asia

    yes I have heard you can shoot movies with those pretty amazing.

    I haven't tried to put a movie together, have shot footage with that in mind just have not got around to doing anything more... I have been playing around with a Korg keyboard more lately and a lot of that sounds very cinematic to me.

    Have you ever seen "My dinner with Andre?" - if not you should totally track that down and watch it, very cool, minimalist movie, just 2 guys in theatre talking over dinner. Andrew gregory and Wallace Shawn it was directed by Louis Malle. I think it might give you some ideas ...

    here is a card because its a tarot forum haha...

    Ace of Swords... that is the card of "a new idea"...

  • New Idea huh? And I still have yet to see my dinner with Andre-sounds like a simple but interesting idea-two guys talking over dinner can bring up many interesting conversations and instances lol. Thats awesome! I really hope to finish this script to send to the Austin Film Festival by June 1st (its so crucial)-Im just scared because Ive barely even got 20 and I need at least 90 (which I feel I can do-Ive gotten to 50 in a few days before)-maybe I should put that to use lol. It would be great to be recognized or what not. Ive just been so tired lately (I work doubles at work often and work nearly every day)

    A Korg keyboard-interesting-you love to make music (thatas great). My 11 year old brother wants to be a house DJ so I bought him an Akai Mini just to fool around with my garageband and soon Ableton Live (when he is ready-which I feel he will be).

    I start school tommorow so excited-gotta get ready major deal. So excited.

    Just wanted to keep you up to date buddy. Hope all is well with you Astra. Few questions though.....

    what does my boss Nick think of me at work?

    Do they really like my work ethic?

    And does the bartender at my job JoJo really like me (not in a datable way however)?

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  • Hey Asia118x

    Okay I drew some cards on your questions

    What does your boss think of you? Justice, you are doing a good job to him. Sounds like everything must be going along well there?

    Do they really like my work ethic? Death / 10 swords. Had to draw another card as I wasn't sure what that was saying. Well, the thoughts that come to mind are serious, no nonsense. And sharp as a tack, so they seem suitably impressed to me.

    Does JoJo really like you? Nine of Wands. This is a card of a strong self-identity so he seems to really respect you, I would expect this to be translated as good communication and yeah, I would say sure he likes you. I imagine everyone down there likes you!

    Here are some other cards for you... not to any specific questions, however I figured why not...

    The Moon

    Seven of Wands

    Two of Pentacles

    It's a flower. A red rose I am guessing.

  • Hahaa thanks astra for the random cards love it! 🙂 Thanks for everything.

    And yes you are right everyone does love me there-I just question it from time to time. I think the death card was me reforming or transforming my ways at work.

  • Hey Astra-lots of things going on, lots of things. Ive been in a sort of dark place, letting myself go as my professional life seems to be taking a turn my personal one seems to go down the drain at times. Sometimes I know its just me and my feelings and my mood swings but other times I wish I could catch a break. My mom and sister have been going through a lot lately and it has taken a toll on me. I hope this can channel my writing but then again its best to look on the postive at times.

    I havent gotten started on the reality TV show-havent spoke to that guy in a few weeks now really need to getting close to having my basics down.

    Astra-do you think Mark (reality TV show) guy-will be happy if I call him soon and tell him whats going on with the show?

    I plan on making a lyrical music video for youtube to get my name out there-its Kanye West song Mercy and I have a great feeling about it. Do you think it would garner attention?

  • Hi Asia

    Okay well that is great you are making some wonderful headway I am sure... these settings that vex our souls can only contribute to an even better artistic product as you await your Chariot.

    "do you think Mark (reality TV show) guy-will be happy if I call him soon and tell him whats going on with the show?"

    4 of Pentacles, The High Priestess, and the 7 of Swords

    This sounds very "high key" nice with that HP card there... 4 of pentacles shows something very solid creatively, I mean it has legs. The 7 of swords shows some strong back and forth creative comparing, imagining and dreams related to this project so YES looks like a great conversation. No cups, I think the High Priestess has them all hidden under her robes for fun... 🙂

    "I plan on making a lyrical music video for youtube to get my name out there-its Kanye West song Mercy and I have a great feeling about it. Do you think it would garner attention?"

    Hey that sounds fantastic Asia, way to go... you are on a roll...

    Ace of Swords, 5 of Cups and Justice

    Wow, that Ace right off the bat says YES in a big way. 5 of cups is something being adjusted emotionally so this will possess a lot of emotional power, very moving I see... and the Justice card is balancing so this is something very important for you to do, it must play a part in your overall creative "style" so that you are finding some real release in the music vid that will have you seeing yet other doors opening for you... very powerful this is an important effort! Yay this sounds so wonderful I know it will be FANTASTIC!

    love and lights


  • Hey Astra!!!!!!!! Long time no see you completely went MIA on us lol! How've you been? I know you must have loads to tell!!!!

    In case you were wondering, Ive been on a roller coaster of ups and downs and sometimes I don't know what is good or what is not. Not a lot going on to major-school is going good and the video thing is not doing to bad, the job isn't either but the home life and love-eeh not the best but I wish I can be more appreciative or positive so it wouldn't bother me as much.

  • Hey Asia

    Nice to see you out there... yeah, not a lot of changes here either... I go off in my corner once in a while, still trying to figure out why that happens. I am sure there is a reason.. there is drama in the air today!

    okay let's see what is going on with you in the cards...

    I drew these 5 cards, and then two other which will remain concealed for now...

    3 of Swords - Page of wands - Temperance - 7 of wands - High Priestess

    You got a couple of wands, and 2 major cards so story, drama, timelines, path changes are in the air with you right now. You have a dreamy wand (7) and a Page, wouldn't surprise me that you get some much anticipated messages, communications soon.

    The temperance card right in the center of all this seems to be the creative aspect, movies, blending... putting two and two together... that card in the Kabbalah is Samekh = prop... so those "props" seems to be whatever props pertain to the set design, stage, scene... very important. How are you propping your life?

    High Priestess is "camel" in Kabbalah, and means movement, commerce, and CONNECTIONS you will be getting some much needed connections very soon.

    The three of swords - usually a card of some painful past stuff, memories, can be love related. I think you are over all that. Now it is all material for your creations! You draw from all that for the creative side of your life.

    Let's see what these other 2 cards are... I have intentionally left them covered for a few hours... building a little intrigue, mystery... what are they?

    You: Hmm... I am curious...

    Him: Should I turn them over? What do you think?

    You: ...yes?

    Him: Are you sure? Could change the outcome of your life...

    Him: ...could bring a surprise, all it takes is one little thought, idea, nudge in the right direction, a twist, a thought or flip of the switch, and that can come from a card, anywhere. Anytime.

    Him: Okay, I'll turn them over. I can tell you're curious.

    You: Ten of Swords and the Empress!!!

    You: Holy smokes!

    Talk about a contrast. The Empress is not going to be tolerating ten swords around her, she is all soft and nice, sweet, gentle... she is all about nature.. and se x y nice settings. Very feminine and sweet. What would she do with ten swords?

    Maybe use them as the title of her brand new Hollywood Film Production Company. "Ten of Swords Films"!!! CEO - Asia... haha...

    ...Movies that make Trentino's films look like a Sunday School featurette.

    Role credits...

    I think there is some dialogue here, for your life, a blend of movies and love or something, I do see you very soon having some very nice, very close, dialogue with a guy, entering your life. Maybe's in the movies too? Met anyone in school, giving you the eye?

    There is a lot of drama swirling around you right now, your life is poised for something. When I read for you it is like there is this unusual mix of art and life, which can be fun, or can be unsettling. In your case it is all art I think... 🙂

    You should be very soon getting a call from someone in a position to move you forward in your career, you have the eyes of someone out there who knows you have it.

    Hey, nice to read for you again Asia... always a pleasure... !


  • Thanks Astra!

    No I really haven't met any guys giving me the eye yet. I go to online school and really wish to have a campus setting but hey whatever, at least Im going to school and doing alright in it. Ive been a hermit when it comes to people observing more so than mingling as much as I want to. Ive been disappointed a couple times in my life and just want to make sure every move is worth it. I just really don't know what my future would be like when it comes to love. There guys I like seem to only think of me as cool and don't ever show me they like me as a girlfriend. It hurts sometimes. Ive been feeling very alone lately and feel it may end up being this way for a long time unless some miracle happens. Im going to just focus on my career because that seems to be the main positive in my life because the love I want doesn't seem like its coming.