Please pray for my brother

  • Not sure where to post this but I am requesting prayers for my brother. He ruptured an aneurysm in his aortic arch on Monday. Has had 3 surgeries since and he has now been placed on heart lung bypass to stabilize him. The physicians say it is now up to him and God. He remains very critical

    I have been sending healing love and light but he could use much more healing energy than I am able to muster.

  • Prayers and Thanksgiving for Divine intervention abetterplace .

    That a huge clot did not form at the site with immediate cardiac arrest and death is a miracle.

    The aneurism seems to be a release valv. May your brother heal now the stress has been physcially relieved from his body.

    May his blood flow pure and unhindered, may peace return to his soul and body as the blessing of love fills it.

    May God place his hand upon him and lead him to quiet waters where he can rest while his physcial body heals.

    The best to you abetterplace.

    I felt connected to your experience in another posting...before looking at your icon I wondered if you were saggitarius as well. Then I saw the arrow... 🙂

    You are alone...your brother is not alone....angels abound all around.

  • Thank you for the prayer Patchlove. He died this morning but I believe he was at peace with it..

    I am so grateful that we are not alone in this sometimes lonely world.

    If you wish I posted a tread about signs of love from beyond. It will help you understand why we think he was at peace.

    Much love and light to you. ABP

  • Thank you abetterplace, and I am sorry for your loss of his presence. I will look for your posting. I have long beleieved that God embraces us at death., but for many years I allowed that knowledge to be supressed. Not so now.

    Our loved ones departing from our physical world is painful for us as we share a bond; when that bond is physically severed it causes a void, until such time as we can recieve a touch from beyond that lets us know that they are still with us.

    I miss the hugs,the warmth of the physical, but am so thankful for the spiritual blessings they have and look forward to reuniting.

    Thank you...I am glad you understood my typo to say you are not alone. I didnt realize it til I read it now that I had left it.

    Thank you for your love and light and continuing to light the world.

    Love returned.

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