Hi astra!

  • hi again!

    how are you? im good. have my surgery next friday. they are taking my gallbladder out when they reverse my ileostomy.

    is there a simple reading that will work for my surgery and recovery? if so, woud you mind doing one? thans!

  • Hey Pilotguy,

    sri I missed your request earlier, I have been working through some of my own issues and a move so I overlooked this. Hey I hope ll went okay, you are probably well on your way to full recovery!

    You will be the Knight of Swords in this reading.

    Knight of Cups + King of Cups = You must have been on fluids for a while.

    The Justice + Four of Swords + Queen of Swords

    Justice must be the doctor and he/she? must have done a good job! The Four of swords shows you resting well and the Queen of Swords is someone around you, a nurse perhaps who is nice, she doesn't talk much though. Are you still in the hospital or out?

    Outlook physically - THE FOOL = a complete mending and you are running around again acting like a fool as usual ha ha...

    take it easy pilotguy Heaven is watching over you.

    (Ace of Cups also points to some nice emotional developments in your life coming in 2012.... 🙂


  • thanks for the reading. i am doing well, you were right, my recovery is going well. im back to myself already. now i need to workon my flying career. thanks again.

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