A Request for Captain

  • 2011 was a really intense year of changes. I have seen you give some forecasts for the year ahead, and I wonder if it would be possible to get one too? Over the course of the last several months, you've given me some of the most valuable advice I've ever had. My DOB is 9/15/1990

  • Daf, I feel this new year will be brilliant for you because you will finally find the courage to express yourself in a real, honest and open way (without depending so much on other people for approval) - and damn anyone who doesn't like it! I feel you will follow a line of work that will allow you to use your special creative gifts - is it writing, perhaps? You have the ability to see the future and bring it into the present, bringing your innovative ideas to the public. You have a strongly spiritual side too that may draw you towards work of that sort. Your multifaceted energies could see you excel in a variety of fields, including metaphysics, dancing or sport, acting or producing, and business, due to your good structural sense. Trust issues in relationships should become less of a hurdle in 2012.

    Basically, next year for you will be focused on socializing and being creative. Social communication, the arts, and your verbal skills will be key at this time. It should be a friendly, happy year, and it will generally tend to exude bright and cheerful vibrations. This will be a time when you will want to check up on old friends and broaden your social circle to include some new ones. Romance and love affairs can bloom. You are inclined to live life to its fullest now, even if you have to pay the consequences later on. You are likely to be more outgoing and the bridle of responsibility will seem to be loosened a bit. You may be inclined however to scatter your energies and undertake too many things at the same time. You can safely take some time off to enjoy yourself, but resist the temptation to completely give in to having a good time; keep your goals in mind.

    Some of the attachments that began two years ago may come to light again. You will have another chance to put your plans to work. On the emotional front, you may have to deal with matters of the heart that weren’t resolved four years ago. These things just don’t go away. Sometimes we compartmentalize issues that we can’t bear to confront. It is like putting things in storage. They are still ours and we pay for the space and it is our duty to take them out when we have more time and freedom to address them. You are stronger in spirit now and you will recognize this as the year progresses. 2012 is an excellent year to expect success in all things creative. You will be much happier in 2012 if you allow yourself to relax and accept the flow of insightful ideas that will be available to you. The key word next year for you is INSPIRATION.

  • Thank you, Captain. I hope you're right. Right now my social life is very bleak because of my move, and I'm surprised that I've become significantly less outgoing than I normally am. I can't wait for those things to change and to get my confidence back.

    What would you say about my relationship? His birthday is 9/1/1990

  • You don't need to wait for a change, Daf - initiate it yourself by getting out there and mixing with others. Just 'act' confident and it will soon become real. All you have to do to be popular is to ask people about themselves - be more interested in them than in yourself and your own situation.

    Your current relationship is more like that between a teacher and student than two equals. It's not usually good for love. You are most likely the more mature of the two and can be very helpful and full of good advice for your partner. There is often a solid bond of trust and mutual understanding here, yet it is not an easy pairing emotionally, physically or spiritually. Both of you can be extrememly rough and uncompromising with each other. In reprimanding a missed signal or other error, you two are unlikely to hold back, teaching a lesson that the other partner will remember for a long time. When this relationship stops being fun, it will be time to quit.

  • I don't why I can't use the Dafphodil username anymore, but this was some of the best advice I ever had. (Looking back)

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