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  • Hi Captain,

    i have a question for you. you know all about my health issues, etc and i was wondering if everything you felt before about my recovery, success of surgery, is that a fixed point in the future? can it change? just curious how the universe works and all that. thanks. hope you had a great holiday and a great new year!

  • It can certainly change - if you begin to think in a negative fashion or behave in a negative way. We all have the free will to change our futures. That is why prediction is difficult - a reader can tell someone what they see for them on their present path but then that person can go out and make a change of direction that negates the reading. It's like looking into a telescope - you can see everything in one certain direction but if the telescope moves to another view, then things will be different.

    I personally prefer not to try to see the future, as it can change at any time. I prefer to help people with their present problems, rather than with some future that may not even occur.

  • that makes sense. i am excited for my surgery and to finally get on with life. gotta trust my dr. and believe all will be ok.

    i was watching dr who and thought about my question. i need o get back to work. lol.

    you were right again. except for my gallbladder, i am in great health. blood test was much better.

    my wife and i are doing better and i think its in part our nightmare will be over soon.

    do you see anything alarming or bad coming up?

    my dr said i should be able to run after 6 weeks....gotta train for my marathon!

  • Dr. Who rocks!

  • No I don't feel any major trouble coming your way, nothing that doesn't turn out for the best.

  • dr who was talking about fixed points in time and i thought about you.

    glad you dont see any trouble....nowi hope my successful reversal is fr the is for me.


  • i love your tardis icon. do u still see my ileo reversal working?

  • Sigh, since you keep asking, you obviously don't yet have the necessary trust.

  • trust is so hard for me. i trust my drs and you. im just scared. im sorry to keep asking, but your last response made me worry a bit. ive been hurt a lot in my life by those who claimed to care. ive come a long way because of you, buti know it will take time.

    i do believe it will work becase i have a great dr this time, plus you said it looked good.i wasnt sure if you saw something that i changed because of my free will. i pray each night that it will work, too.

    so, who is your favorite dr from dr who?

  • Of the recent doctors - David Tennant is my favourite, though Christopher Eccleston was good but he had a very short run. I don't like the most recent (youngest) doctor at all.

    And what good at all does it do your health to worry about it? It doesn't change anything or make it better. In fact, many illnesses are caused by stress and fear alone. Positivity has only beneficial results. You cannot judge any future outcomes by past ones - if you expect the past to repeat, it will. And happiness doesn't come from the absence of problems, but by facing and overcoming them.

  • i agree with you about the dr who drs. david tennant is my favorite, too.

    i had a "duh" moment today at lunch. not once during our conversations have you ever expressed doubt about my ileostomy surgery working. i think it finally clicked.

  • Yay!!! 🙂

    Tinny Dalek voice: You will NOT be exterminated! You will NOT be exterminated!

  • i was thinking about when you said i am in better shape than my dr and i think. i wasnt sure what you ment, but i think and hope it means i have fewer abdominal adhesions. i will find out soon!

  • Please, Please Please!!! have faith in the doctors. The surgeons deal with adhesion's all the time. You will drive yourself and your care givers nutty if you can't relax and let the healing begin. You must relax to let the pain medications work, you must relax to get the rest you need to heal. A great deal of healing is done with a good positive outlook and a planned full recovery

    Please don't take this wrong the lysis of adhesion's, reversal of an ileostomy and removal of a gallbladder are fairly routine surgeries to a general surgeon. I know it is not routine to you as it is never routine for the patient. If you have done your homework as I believe you have then you are in good hands. Let them do the work. It is really out of your hands anyway. Worry does not predict good outcomes it predicts an over anxious patient and family. Does your physician know you are this worried, can you ask him for a tranquilizer..

    Sending you love and healing light ABP

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