Can using a pendulum too much damage your energy field?

  • Hello,

    I have recently bought my first pendulum. It's moonstone, with a slightly pointed end and a small ball on the end of the chain, if that makes any difference to my question.

    The second day I aquired it, I left it out in the sun for the whole day, in order to cleanze it.

    After that, I used it quite a bit, and worked very well for me, and seemed very responsive to my questions. It would move really fast, and in great big swings.

    After that, I put it away but I probably spent a good three hours just checking it out on the very first day. I noticed the next day that I felt tired, and when I tried my pendulum again, it barely swung at all. It's been about five days now, and I've been very cautious on how much I use it. But it still continues to barely swing at all, and I still feel slightly tired.

    In the book I had on pendulums, I was told that it didn't matter how much you use it. Now I'm not so sure. And I've been reading on the internet about them potentially damaging energy fields. I really hope this is not the case. My questions are: Do you think that this is possible? And if so, how could a damaged energy field effect me, and how can I fix it?

    I've heard that it is best not to use tarot cards a lot at first, because it might damage your energy.

    I was told by a psychic, that I shouldn't use tarot cards more than once a week, and only on the same day. I've only been focusing on pendulums at this point, but I'm worried that this might be the case with them too.

    Thanks in advance.

  • Ginny --- I cannot believe no one has given you their opinion yet. Then let me be the first:

    In all my years with the Pendulum and Tarot...but especially the Pendulum....I have never read or heard anything about it damaging someone's "energy field"! The pendulum is taping in to your own subconscious which is connected like a web to the universe and certainly beyond the veil that divides the bodily people from Spirit...and, yes...a universal energy field! Which is how psychics tap into the future. But using it will not damage your own. You can use it all you want but.....know that earth bound spirits of a lower vibration can enter into play and make a temporary negative impact. ....ASK your pendulum personally, before each reading session, if it needs cleansing, protection (prayer or blessings of protection) which could be what is happening or happened to you. I am hopeful that by now you and your 'Pendy' are better. Next, I will post is something I just wrote earlier today for some people using the Pendulum. But for now I want to tell you that the best cleansing is a combination of three things.....

    1. A soaking and swishing around in salt water. Once you swish it a bit..let it soak for 10- 30 mins or more. Rinse with clear water if any metal is involved, ie. the chain or brass pendulum.

    2. Let it sun bathe a while if its a good day.

    3. Syy a protecting prayaer asking for only total protection from any negative influences by surrounding you and your pendulum in a white light of love and peace and truth.

    It's also a good idea, as you probably know, not to let anyone else handle it. Store it away in a small pouch or box of some type. I prefer a black pouch as I store my cards in a black cloth.

    Before each reading session..again.....ASK it if it needs cleansing...if it feels strong enough to answer your questions today and if that response is still a weak little yes then tell it to show you....prove it is strong enough by strong responses and literally you will watch the force grow immediately if its fine.

    From what you said about bold responses from you early on....then you are six sensory connected already and have saved yourself the long periods of time it takes some people to achieve success with the pendulum. It worked that way for me, too...but with a background of years of study with and of Spirit. When I use "Spirit" I mean all forms collective consciousness....I had immediate strong responses as well.

    One last comment.....the only thing that may waiver is when you ask questions about the future. Often times....those questions can be answered correctly but you can never take anything about the future to the bank. The reason is FREE WILL. If another person is will can change things...even things that were that person's intention can change. We have no control over someone elses' impact on a situation. It is good to check frequently on something that was foretold to be sure things are still going as you were told. Sometimes...even at the last can change.

    I hope I have been helpful. We all go on what we have studied and what we have experienced so others may not agree with me. I will come back with what I wrote earlier as I said but by the time I finished with this it was almost all retold. I will do it just in case something was not hit upon.

    Good luck to you, my friend....

    Love, Light and Peace...

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