A reading about my brother please?

  • Hello Everyone,

    So, this reading isn't very serious or urgent, just the curiosity of myself and my mother (it was she who asked me to post this) - so please take care of the more urgent and critical questions first before attending this one.

    My mother was just wondering if anyone sees when my brother Arti (dob Oct. 14th, 1986) will meet the girl that he'll eventually settle down with? And what she's like?

    Thank you in advance.



  • Until your brother resolves the old buried anger, angst, and other issues he has with relationships, he will not find a life partner. He is a very sweet and charming guy, but he can become very intense and even nasty sometimes to his lovers. Was his father or mother an aggressive parent? Some old childhood issue has instilled anger and resentment in him that must be released. Your brother has a deep need for better relationships but he can get so wrapped up in himself that it's hard for other people to get close and break through the barriers he erects around himself. Until he works through his issues, his relationships will always be a cycle of offenses and apologies, splits and reconciliations, feuds and truces. Any lover who is weaker than him will crumble under this unstable relationship cycle. He needs a partner who is strong. clear, direct, open, confident, and who welcomes challenge and confrontation.

  • Hello Captain,

    Thank you for your reading. Do you see a way that I can help him as a sister?

  • He needs to learn how to release his anger in a non-harmful way, by talking about his childhood and growing up. Try to get him to open up to you.

  • Thank you so much Captain! I know that it will be a bit uncomfortable for him and he will probably be a bit defensive, but I will do my best for his benefit.

  • Good luck!

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