Am I on the correct career path? please help!

  • I will give a little background before I get to my question.

    I started working at my company on April 4, 2009. I worked as a receptionist for about 2 months & I was moved up to accounting. I spent a little over a year in that position but I wasn’t happy. I was offered the position that I am currently in. At first, it was great. I was given a $1.50 raise & I was very happy. I was able to pay my bills with out worry & I had a great attitude. However, things stared to change. My raise was taken away, & my boss was denied when he tried to get my raise back. He was also denied when he tried to give me a “spot bonus” (it was for a task that I was assigned that they were struggling with in years past). I do still like my job & I feel like I need to stick with it. But I recently found out that everyone in the group I work in & have seniority on, started out making $3 more an hour & received raises about a month after they started. One of my supervisors is to retire with in the year & I want to apply for his position when the time comes. My boss has mentioned that I would be a preferred candidate.

    I was wondering if I am making the right decision to stay or if all of this is a way to tell me to start looking for an n new path (career wise). Can someone do a reading for me? I feel a bit lost.

    Birthday: 11/02/1981

    Thank you in advance!


  • This post is deleted!

  • I havn't done a reading for you because I think you know the answer for yourself. follow your gut feelings and intuition, the things you're thinking about you are thinking about for a reason so use your inner guide its there to help you.

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